DFT ‘finally’ reaches half a million


Apologies for my belated posts and delay in getting back to the ‘sane’ commenters. I have been involved in something call life – surviving.

Since being away diggerfortruth has reached over half a million hits. Slowly, slowly.

Ohhh just look at the madness out there. And just look at how everyone is accepting this madness – the normalisation of madness.

I can’t say how regularly I will be posting now. I’m battling with just trying to keep my head above water. But I plan to keep doing my best and fighting on. Amongst the mass insanity, the apathy and mind control out there – there are signs of positivity. That is what we need to cling to. There is an awakening happening. We just need to keep DOING not talking or moaning. We also need to focus on the root cause and not the plethora of symptoms. It’s only through DOING are we going to win this battle. As I see it; and have expressed for a long time, we need do two essential things: PROPAGATE the Truth and RESIST the tyranny as much as we can. And put up with the hassle that goes with it. We are in a fight; so of course we are going to get bruised and knocked about – this is perfectly normal. We have to be brave and rise up. No time for rhetoric and procrastination.

A big thanks to all those Truth warriors who have helped and are currently helping to get the big T exposed.


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  1. Digger

    And a bigger thank you to YOU!! Plugging on just getting the truth out there and waking people up that are capable of being woken………..wow, is all i can say.

    If even 10% of the population were as devoted to the truth, (and sometimes unpopular or unconventional truth at that), as you, then TPTB would be totally exposed and neutralized.
    Game over for the ruthless bastards that have bankrupted us, both morally and financially, in fomenting wars for profit or to benefit Israel. Or for their many scams to rip us off or control us. These lying bastards couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    All the best for the next half mil!!

    From Ron in Oz

  2. Huge congratulations from me too! You have achieved a tremendous amount by putting DFT together, it’s awesome. If only the idiot sheeple would look at any of it. Keep plugging away – and thank you from me.

  3. Bob Mcdonald

     /  December 21, 2014

    Digger I love you Brother ,this Site is so Fracking Awsome never knew how much I needed to hear the truth , I think of you when I call my Dog hey Digger his name no disrespect intended of course .
    I can tell where you are coming from and again you are exactly right in saying we need to hang in there ,because Yes there are many Great things Going on and I am Totally confident that we are winning ! Yes Because Humanity is Definitely waking up whether we or they like it or Not it will continue to happen .all because we have moved from the Age of Pisces {Iron Age } to the Age of Aquarius and the AIr Age or Age of Enlightenment , we are now in that age it is the Golden age ,and Humanity will wait 25,970 years for it to happen again . Remember the Song Age of Aquarius ? this is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius in 1968 ? We entered that New Age December 2013 the So Called end of the Mayan Calender , and these are the esoteric secrets kept from us . I never Knew who I was until I studied this for me it was mind Blowing after 5 years of serious truth hunting . If ever you get a chance look for Santos Bonacci ‘Know Thyself’ it is so good ! Peace Man Great Work , keep it up !
    Comgrats on the half mill

    • Thanks Bob. I looked into Santo’s material. But now don’t touch it. I don’t think he is a disinfo agent, but he’s not on target. Much misinformation imho.

      Thanks for your kind words. Have done most of my blogging without internet at home; in my car cold, in the early hours of the morning freeloading the WiFi off of pubs and cafes. Not easy.


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