Bleached Arseholes

Sorry for the crudity. But just like the media uses shock headlines to grab our attention; this is my intent. I want to slap those comatised sleepers and even Truthers into realising WTF is going on. And to what extent this talmudic poison has infected society.

A pal recently informed me that there are instructional videos out there teaching girls how to bleach there arseholes. How-to-bleach-their-arseholes. Or is it assholes to American readers. This is not a joke. This is in fact very serious. I am not trying to trivialise the Truth. I am devoted to the Truth. The point in this brief post, is to highlight the normalisation of the insanity. That people/society have accepted this level of depravity. We could all give our own examples. It doesn’t really matter what they are; it’s more how they are creeping in at an alarming rate……………..AND WE ARE ALL TACITLY ACCEPTING THEM.

It is always this duality. This double bubble of 1/. the actual event or attack actually happening and 2/. that people are just accepting this.

As we often say with all of this agenda….. it’s all our fault. Every aspect of this attack on Gentile living, is our own fault.

The sad thing is that most people will watch this video (including most who are Jew-wise) and will just tut tut it and move on to next piece of drama on the internet. AND THE JEWS KNOW THS. They know we have already accepted this level of depravity. They put this filth out there…………..because they know that the ground/conditions/environment is fertile for this filth; that they can get away with it. And they are obviously right. We are ready for this. Primed for the next level coming down the talmudic sewer pipe.

So what is the next level? Are these children in this video below going to be half naked, with sexual displays and sex toys, talking about sex and even anal sex? Are we as a society going to tut tut through that – AND JUST MOVE ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF DEPRAVITY(?)

Where is our ethical/moral line? It’s not when are we going to make a stand, but what is it going to take? What is the catalyst going to be?

We have now menorahs openly displayed in most parts of our cities, supported by the Chabad Lubervich organisations. The oppressive force bringing this Babylonian values into our lives. Are they mocking us, are they teasing us? These are anti-CHRISTmas people displaying their symbology. Who cares?? Who actually cares?

P-L-E-A-S-E do your bit; make you sure you are able to look back in the next few years, knowing you did not just passively stand by and accept this talmudic disease to creep into all of our lives.

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  1. Oh yes, that’s ‘pretty’ gross! And of course, the parents of these girls will be delighted they look so cute and got a big fat pay-off. Dumb and dumber.

  2. freedomveg

     /  December 19, 2014

    so sickening acting as if doing something just while promoting padophilia, little girls calling themselves woman etc…. 😥 :/ makes me wanna…..ukw

    • To think how society has ‘progressed’. Can you imagine if this was shown to people in the 1930s. The whole county would close down in rioting. Now we just smirk as if it’s funny or even cute……indeed sickening. As i repeatedly point out —— IT WIL GET WORSE ………IF WE ALLOW IT AND IF WE DO NOTHING.

      Thank you again for commenting.

  3. Holey christ… if you are someone who uses those hand gestures and attitudes and spouts those ideologies, know that you are under the control of a very strong spell… a spell of mind control… your mind. And, they are letting you know it right in that little video, all the girls have plastic and crooked crowns or wizard hats. It is hocus pocus… watch us turn humanity into obedient puppets we can implant any meme into… any meme at all… and they will mindlessly repeat it. Now we’ve got the girls against the boys, and not in the way nature intended. That was fairly dread-full to watch, thank you Digger for the share.

    • Sadly you have had to thank me for showing this video Wanda. Sadly we have to see this trash. And as I mentioned, it’s going to be tenfold worse this …….IF WE ALLOW IT.

      Thank you for contributing.


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