“This judaified world is predominantly made up of:

1/. Self-serving repeater IDIOTS

2/. Self-serving sellout TRAITORS

3/. Self-serving, ill-disciplined COWARDS

What these three groups all have in common; is their priority of short term sensory comforts

and myopic SELF INTERESTS.”

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  1. Bob McDonald

     /  December 21, 2014

    Just what I was trying to tell the Police they are Idiots , Traitors , and self serving Cowards , one cop said quote ” I am Happy to go through life Blind or with the Blinkers on what a disgrace to his uniform hey , then they got Backup the Inspector of Police came funny he looked like a Jew and sure acted like one . It’s live Free or Die for Me

    • Hope you coping out there Bob. We need to keep openly expressing the word TRAITOR/S.

      Thanks for commenting.


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