Under the Knife


I am sure there are a lot of people who when watching this video, can sympathise with Stan. Because they either have gone through similar treatment from the medical mafia, or have directly experienced this butchery done to loved ones. These mind controlled maniacs are all looked up to in society – and rewarded. These ‘specialists’ and medical ‘experts’ all have relatively comfortable lifestyles……whilst those around them suffer.


And to think of the hundreds of thousands of excellent natural health practitioners who are financially struggling. People who are perfectly capable of dealing with the root cause/s of many of these illness.


I used to say that that we can go to these allopathic doctors at least for a diagnosis. Then once you have the diagnosis, treat it with natural health. But now, I don’t even trust their diagnosis. I don’t even feel comfortable with their diagnosis tools, as I believe they are detrimental to health. I feel they aggravate the problem.


Just look at how they compartmentalise health and the body. Third floor for kidneys and ground floor for joint problems and top floor for cancer. Fucking madness, when we know the body works holistically as an orchestra. Anyway it isn’t about the endless symptoms/ailments/conditions; it is about cellular health and our environments, food, energy, physical, emotions. Lifestyle and spiritual essence of our souls. The whole package. Arrrghhh and these professional academics cannot see this!!


My/our empathy goes out to all those people who have gone through this, or a similar medical nightmare. All we can do is expose this compartmentalised insanity. All we can do is try our best to get the Truth out there.

Our distant collective healing goes out to Stan and all you medical victims.



Normalisation of non-compassion



The purpose of this article and many more like this, is to send it out there into our collective psyche, as predictive programming. Just like all these paedophilia news articles which are foisted out there. So we simple ‘just get used to this’. Normal. Perfectly normal behaviour for society and for our future. We all just get on with our lives. More of the normalised non-compassion. More of the acceptance of austerity. More of ‘just-walk-by’ selfishness of others who are not suffering. All of it dovetailing neatly into The Protocols of The learned Elders of Zion


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A Chosen Representative

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20th Century Hoax


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Male Circumcision Alters the Brains of Its Victims, 



Those males that don’t have foreskins have brains that are not maturing the way nature intended . . .

Men without foreskins cannot bond to women and will not sacrifice themselves for women the way that men with foreskins will do. Period. Men with foreskins with bond with women from the vaginal secretions triggering a reaction within the sensory apparatus of the male foreskin that triggers a growth pattern within the male mind that will not exist without it. These men will bond with women in a way that men without foreskins will not.



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Paycheque whore Cameron

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Please get your sick bag out prior to watching this. God I/we could tear every single sentence apart coming from this puppet.

“When I think of the Jewish community, I think of a community which has been unbelievable brilliant at integrating with our country and making an enormous contribution to it.” ~ David Cameron

Yes, like:

  • mass multiculturalism, whilst keeping a watertight homogeneous society themselves
  • pornography industry
  • alcohol industry
  • chemtrails
  • drugs on the streets
  • vaccinations
  • people being turfed out of their homes – due to jewish usury
  • bailiffs having their family processions stolen from bailiffs – due to jewish usury
  • general apathy and depression; including the youth
  • sick, degenerative society
  • and on and on and on we could go

We can really appreciate this enormous contribution David.



Quick review of the book HATEMAIL by Solo Alzenbery (not sure what origin he is from??)

Recently I was lent a copy of this book HATEMAIL (written in big bold red print on top of a black background). My word, it is quite incredible the hubris of these people. The book is presented to unknowing non-Jew-wise public as endless examples of anti-semitism in picture postcard form from around the world.

The forward from this book is quite unbelievable.  Both that they have the chutzpah to describe the quantity of anti-semitism as unwarranted irrational hatred of Jews; but also how most ignorant people will swallow this self-pity.

The author conveniently equates these postcards to the modern day vitriolic hatred increasingly expressed as e-mails, texts and blogs (such as this). He divides the postcards into various categories such as:

  • Main stereotypes and Canards
  • Islamic Anti-semitism
  • Postcards from France, Germany, Great Britain, etc
  • Nazi-Era Postcards
  • Postcards of resorts and hotels which used to ban jews from their premises.

All these titles are highlighting the ubiquitous finger-pointing at the Jewish character. And this is reinforced by the author pointing out that these pictorial slurs on Jews and jewishness are from millions of ordinary/regular people, from all corners of the globe, stretching across many generations.

Well, well, well – what a coincidence. All of these people, from all walks of life, just happen to recognise similar characteristics of Jewish behaviour and are expressing it. Highlighting the jewish money scams, their deception and their general anti-Gentile, anti-nature character. Global recognition and dislike of the jew. Now isn’t that strange.

Let us see if we can observe a common denominator here. Let us see if we can ask a glaringly obvious question …………


WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY????????????????


There are a lot of psych-analysts in the Jewish community. Perhaps they can help us with this conundrum. Perhaps they may be able to self-reflect (ha) and give us an answer about this strange phenomena (coincidence).  Of course it will be nothing to do with the character of these poor victims; oh no, in every case it will be be the irrational, arbitrary, unwarranted hatred from delusional hate-filled Gentiles. More unjustified persecutions from host nations they have resided in.

I would try and get a copy of this book without having to buy it directly from source, so as not to put more money in these people’s pockets. Perhaps order it through a library, or second hand book store. But it really is a fascinating pictorial observation of ordinary peoples’ organic response to the nature of Jewish traits.



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Tug of Truth


The battle we have on our hands is quite simple to explain – a tug of war between International jewry and those of us who are Jew-wise. With a mass group of hypnotised sheople being pulled in-between. 

International jewry is desperately trying to hang on to this mass, by keeping them under their talmudic spell; and those of us who know the game and are doing everything within our capabilities to assist the Truth. Both opposing sides are trying to win over the minds of this middle ground mass. One advantage we have, is that once people have snapped out of their coma, they will never go back to their matrix mindset.

And this is the eternal battle – battle of the mass minds.

The bulk of the these people in the middle ground are the tools and lifeline for International Jewry to parasite off. And all these people (at present) in their mind-controlled state are the biggest hinderance to peace; but at the same time, our biggest potential to peace.

It is this fight for the minds of these middle-grounders: our family, our long-term friends, our dear colleagues, our kind neighbours and all the ‘normal’ members of this sick society who have allowed themselves to become mind controlled. Allowed themselves to be used as their own worst enemy on behalf of these Babylonian cult members. You couldn’t write this in a fictional book, it would be so unbelievable. But sadly this is the harsh Truth.




“The Truth frequently seems unreasonable; the Truth frequently is depressing; the Truth sometimes seems to be evil; but it has this eternal advantage – it is the Truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.”

~ Henry Ford (from The International Jew)


Henry Ford’s book The International Jew [excellent, easy read]