The Forth Position


There are essentially four positions one can take when discovering the Truth:


1/. Become a spectator and remain a spectator. Browse browse browse endless hours of youtube videos. Adopting a messiah complex that someone else, some hero out there is going to sort the problem out for us. (Alex Jones, Icke, Putin, Allah, Jesus, God, whoever/whatever)


2/. Make a stand, but fall for the trap of the controlled oppositions, with half-Truth (Illuminati); constantly addressing the endless problems and never the route cause. For example looking at the finite details of the hows of 9/11 and never the WHO.


3/. Make a stand, but think one can fight this system politically. Through demos, boycott & sanctions, political meetings, writing to one’s local MP and even voting. And fall for all the political correctness. Politics is another trap. Politics has never served humanity and never will. Politics at its best can only ever address temporary issues.


4/. Look at the root cause (International Jewry and the supernatural force behind them) and do all one can to spread the word and resist this force.


Sadly this last position is rarely taken up by most who stumble across the Truth. Hence why we are making such painfully slow process. Until the majority of those that seek the Truth get into this forth position; we will never have freedom and justice in this world.


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