Mass Mind Control


Telltale signs of social engineering, conditioning – mind control. Unfortunately this represents 98% of the population. 

The only hope is that we too were in this mind controlled trance and we somehow snapped ourselves out of it. It’s all degrees of mind control. As shown on this list, there are many people who claim to be awake, clued up to the general picture; yet still cannot release themselves from much of their conditioning.

  • All religious people – all of them.
  • Obsessive sports fans, especially football fans.
  • Global warming environMENTAList.
  • Neurotic anal vegans and raw-fooders (the ones obsessed with food – foodies).
  • Feminists espousing what they have been programmed to repeat
  • Half-Truthers who believe and repeat the evil NAZI holocaust theme. And long term Truthers who trust the likes of Alex Jones and Icke, etc.
  • Activists/demonstrators who repeat the mantra that “It’s not the Jews, it’s just the zionists.” and all we need to do to sort the Palestinians problem out is boycott and sanctions.
  • Those that think (repeat) that multiculturalism is healthy for society.
  • Those that go along with sexual deviances, as natural healthy ways for society to function.
  • Those that have fallen for the abuse of the natural body by plastering themselves with body art – multiple piercings and tattoos. Thinking they are hip and going against the system, but are merely repeating the conditioning of an anti-nature theme.
  • Materialists – obsessed with consuming things. And will sell their souls in order to gain any level of pleasure seeking and appease their insecurities.
  • Those engaged in blood sports – killing for fun.
  • Those who buy newspapers and gain their information from the MSM.
  • Those who support and participate in the medical industry – the vaccines, pill popping, and take pharmaceutical drugs as normal behaviour.
  • Those working within the vivisection industry.
  • Those who believe that the government, local council and police etc are there to serve them for the goodness of society.
  • Those who believe the education system – the schools and universities are to improve people and society.
  • The new-agers and love n light brigades who regurgitate what they have have been conditioned to repeat through their new age gurus.
  • The obsessive hobbyists who care more about their particular pastime and interests above important social and worldly issues.
  • Those who think that we all need to pay taxes in order to contribute towards society.
  • Likewise those who think we have to pay for things, such as utility bills, insurance, public transport, and think we need money to keep a sane society running.
  • Those who steadfast believe in the holohoax (jewish holocaust) – without having done a scrap of independent research.
  • Those who think that there are green shoots in the economy and that we’re just going through a rough patch and somehow things will organically pick up sooner or later.
  • Those who believe that some people in society who have uniforms, badges, etc (with presumed authority), actually do have authority over them; even though they haven’t given consent for these people to have authority over them.
  • Those who unquestionably believe the main stream media on the holocaust, moon landings, 9/11, 7/7 London bombings, Sandy Hook, ISIS beheadings, etc.

infinitum ……………



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  1. Greta

     /  September 24, 2014

    “Neurotic anal vegans and raw-fooders (the ones obsessed with food – foodies).” What is wrong with eating healthy and refusing to eat animals? If you had the knowledge about raw food/vegan food, you would respect these people and would not add them to this insulting list. Those who are obsessed with food are obese people. Eating meat and diary is wrong. Look what happens to millions of animals because of those “normal” eaters. Eating meat affects your spirit. So before judging and stigmatizing us, do some research and start eating healthy. You are preaching about the truth, freedom and justice….but you failed with your ignorance here. Please, remove that insulting ”anal” at least. Truly disappointed with you “‘Mr digger for truth”.

    • Point taken Greta. I apologise I should have been more specific. I have been a veggie for 30+ years and predominantly eat only plant-based foods. I also ‘try’ to eat live/raw food myself.

      However, many vegans and raw-fooders are a fuckin pain in the neck. Many are anal. Many are completely and utterly obsessed with food/s. Hence I call them “foodies”. You can hardly get their head out of the fridge. From the minute you meet up with them it’s food, food, food, food. They never stop rambling on about products, recipes, super-foods, fasting, sprouting, raw food meet ups, vegan restaurants and then more food, food, food and more food.

      You cannot deny this. Or you are blind in your partiality.

      I wanna shake them out of their anal self-absorbed, food trance. There are far more important issues going on in the world, like WW3 than their non-stop neurotic food tendencies.

      Most of them are good, kind, compassionate people. And had we these type of people in the world, we would be in a far better world. No WW3. But we’re not. But they have to snap out of their self-obssessiveness about their eating habits.

      Of course it’s not all raw food vegans; but I have met so many of them Greta, which give those of us who adhere to a plant-based diet an anal-retentive image.

      All said with respect to you and the essence of plant-based diets.

    • cartiermccloud

       /  August 30, 2015

      You make a point, Greta but your blanket statement that eating meat and dairy is wrong only points out your own brainwashing. How do you think mankind survived before the advent of agriculture?? Remember, the animal “rights”/environmentalists are jew funded and controlled in order to disrupt our true relationship with nature.

      Take a lesson from the Indian who wasted nothing of the animal he killed so he and his tribe could live:

      The buffalo gave us everything we needed. Without it we were nothing. Our tipis were made of his skin. His hide was our bed, our blanket, our winter coat. It was our drum, throbbing through the night, alive, holy. Out of his skin we made our water bags. His flesh strengthened us, became flesh of our flesh. Not the smallest part of it was wasted. His stomach, a red-hot stone dropped into it, became our soup kettle. His horns were our spoons, the bones our knives, our women’s awls and needles. Out of his sinews we made our bowstrings and thread. His ribs were fashioned into sleds for our children, his hoofs became rattles. His mighty skull, with the pipe leaning against it, was our sacred altar. The name of the greatest of all Sioux was Tatanka Iyotake–Sitting Bull. When you killed off the buffalo you also killed the Indian–the real, natural, “wild” Indian (Fire, 130).

      • 100% agree CM!

        I have lived predominantly on a plant-based diet for 30 years. However, I now eat fish (a pescotarian like Hitler). I am lucky I have had no major illnesses, but I have consumed animal produce over these 30 years, such as butter, etc. Having been deeply involved in the animal rights movement for almost 30 years, I would meet you half way on saying it is a jewish set up. I would say it is infiltrated and controlled more than ever now. But the anti-vivisection individuals are genuine. Yes CM, we do indeed need animal produce.

        Thank you for commenting.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  August 30, 2015

        Oh dear, I said “dairy is wring” instead of “wrong.” Can you slip in and fix it? Sometimes I sound like an idiot, I don’t want to spell like one. Hahaha!

        You know, I think some articles should be done on the extent the jews control the “environmental” movement. It’s one thing to take care of the planet but far too many are swept up in the “any progress is bad” concept and many of them wish us back to the Stone Age. Well, what are you looking at?? Get cracking! :))

        And thank you for your gracious reply to my ranting. I’ll always meet you half way, part way or all the way, your site is more than an anchor for me.

        I used to know a lady at my last job who was a vegetarian but ate eggs and dairy. Eggs are 100% perfect nutrition and all other proteins are measured against it; besides, they are a gift from the chicken;)

      • Fixed. But look at my dodgy typos, grammar throughout my site.

        I have touched on the environmental stuff, but only snippets here n there. Don’t have much time these days for essays. Have much on my plate these days. Am stepping back from blogging/writing for the time being.

        Yea, pure eggs, from chickens raised in a natural, healthy and cruelty-free environment are sound. Veganism is ‘another’ scam.

        Thanks for your kind words.

        Getting kicked out of the pub now – gotta go. Night.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  August 30, 2015

        Thanks, Digs. Guess I’m stuck with it. Haha! My plate is loaded, too. I’m working on and researching for a series of drought articles as I live in it. I’m also learning Hebrew so I can read the Talmud in the original, but I also plan on attending some of their Temples so I can find out what they’re really telling their tribe about us Gentiles.

        Well, time for a little pub crawling; I’ll raise a few to you. Cheers, Digs.

      • Interesting. Be curious to see how that pans out.

        As for me in the pub – I’m not online at home, so have to use WiFi in internet cafes, pubs, etc. I’m not a drinker.

      • cartiermccloud

         /  August 30, 2015

        You can have my gun, but you’ll pry my bottle from my cold, dead lips. Hahaha! I like a little wine with dinner and a cocktail when on a date, but that’s about it.

        I didn’t know that about you. The fact that you have to pack up and go to a wifi café sitting for hours answering our sometimes absurd comments speaks volumes about your dedication to the truth. I am in awe and salute you.

        Thought you were going home.

  2. Billy

     /  September 28, 2014

    Ninety Eight % of humanity. And then the 1 to 2% of those remaining are Jews. Dang it! That leaves a fraction of a percent of humanity that are not either lemmings or Jews. Not the best of odds. We better get going on that 98%!
    Most folks are in deep denial. Here we are in 2014 with the internet and so much information available to educate ourselves with. No excuse to say that we did not know what was and is going on. Never ending wars in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Ukraine. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mali, and others. False flag events every month. All the while Jewish central banks continue to operate with impunity financing both sides of all wars and taxing the everyman into obscurity. Nothing makes sense, nothing follows any logic. Yet the masses find refuge in all the diversions that you list above. Perhaps they know. But like an abused child, try to pretend it will go away and tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe the Russians believed that in 1917 while 80 million of them were murdered by the Bolshevik Jews.

    • Phew, to have a sane person comment. There are very few of you around. Everything you say is spot on Billy. You are right, there is no excuse these days for this level of wilful ignorance with easy access to the Truth.

      Thank you for your contribution.

    • cartiermccloud

       /  August 30, 2015

      Brilliant, Billy.

  3. daveinozz

     /  October 2, 2014

    Went up my local s/market a few weeks back and grabbed a pot borax and headed out through the bottle shop where there was a new bloke working that I had not seen before, in just a passing comment I said you wouldn’t believe it was rumoured a couple of years back that they were going to take borax off the market because TPTB didn’t want people having access to cheap boron [98% make up of borax], I told him why and that there was a site on the net called the…the boron conspiracy….and said he would check it out, well that was five weeks ago and he just cannot get enough, I’ve got him on….. Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told….and numerous other sites and videos including, David Duke, etc etc, he’s Mum is into it too, he only works 2 nights but when he goes home his Mum says has that bloke been in again, anxious for the next instalment, finally a fertile pair of minds unlike my family who are totally brainwashed by the idiot box and every thing it puts out……what can you do ….

    • Great work Davie. Drip, drip, drip – slowly does it. Too much and you’ll put out the fire. Well done.

      Yes, sad when those we are closest to are fast asleep.

      Thanks for contributing.

  4. Billy

     /  October 7, 2014

    Today a very ignorant co-worker of mine asked me if I thought that the USA should send ground troops to fight ISIS/ ISIL. I told him that he did not want my views. But he persisted. (Unfortunately for the time being I derive my mammon from a private military contracting company. I am literally surrounded by mindless ex-military types that get their “news” from FOX.) It gets harder with each passing day to go to work and work alongside a herd of indoctrinated sheep that never question anything. So I told him that ISIS/ISIL are nothing but bogeymen put in place like all “terrorists” to attempt to justify wars that serve the interests of lying governments masters. He looked at me like I was from Mars and proclaimed “oh you are one of those conspiracy theorists.” I said think a minute. Last year the USA government did all they could to topple Assad in Syria but the people would not support a war. So they covertly used proxies trained by the CIA/ MOSSAD to attempt to over throw Assad. Now one year later these paid proxies are suddenly the threat? Who are they trying to protect? Assad? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Just think. Well, he looked at me and said “Well I’d buy that.” I’m not sure I want to live in a world like that” I said well you do.
    He won’t get it. They never do. I almost got fired at my last “job” for discussing the tyranny of 9/11, Israel and the tribe that ruins everything. When you work in a place like I do you are surrounded by the dumbest of the dumb, the most deeply indoctrinated fools ever to walk the earth. I spent over 10 years in the military oblivious to reality just like all of them. My specialized skill sets are highly compensated by contractors that feed off the USA government largess. I wrestle with being a part of the problem. A part of the tyrannical mindless Jew freight train that works endlessly against humanity. Perhaps my writings here and elsewhere are attempts to atone.

    • Pheeewww Billy, this hit me hard.

      Wot to say!!?? Mixed feelings. Initially and immediately I empathise with you. I have worked on building sites on and off for 30 years of my slave existence. And it’s tough trying to get through on any level with these people. I’ve always been different. Being a vegetarian, not reading ‘The Sun’ newspaper, not liking football, etc. I have often been ostracised. Then when I got into the Truth stuff – it was game over for me working alongside some of these non-thinking repeaters.

      But then again, as you say – you are part of the problem. We all are to an extent. What do you do? I would try hard and get out of anything which serves the beast. Even if someone delivers toilet paper to the military, they are indirectly contributing towards others suffering. Innocent lives being destroyed. Easy for me to say Billy. But one thing we have to fully grasp…..that is we only have our soul. That is THE most precious possession we have – because it is all we have.

      We cannot sell our soul just so we can keep up our career. Please do all you can Billy to get out of this dark career and the ignorant people whom resonate with this career. They are draining you spiritually. You will eventually land on your feet. And you will meet the right souls along your journey. You will be more at peace with yourself. Do it asap – before it’s too late.

      With respect.

  5. Hi Digger

    Another gem from you!!! Thanks…
    I don’t identify with anything on that list, though as you say, it goes on ad infinitum so it is really just a case of my foibles and failings, though existing are as yet unlisted.
    Just one thought though…. You mention religion. I am not religious at all so I am not saying this because I am a believer but…some of points you list seem to be attributable to the decline in organised religion. These are 1/materialism 2/Those that go along with sexual deviances, as natural healthy ways for society to function.3/ Tattoos and other piercings
    4/Feminists espousing what they have been programmed to repeat 5/Those engaged in blood sports – killing for fun. Added to that the decline in general civility and manners stemming from a lack of internal restraint.

    Yeah I know that religion is a programming but I do think that things were better when society at least paid lip service to a common creed that at some level promoted ‘do unto others’ and ‘forgive those that trespass against us’ etc…..basic precepts to encourage the idea of reciprocity between people. One virtue that seems to have been made redundant of late is kindness. No doubt Hollywood has had something to do with that. The basic glue of society gone because the tribe wants us to tear ourselves apart.

    cheers Ron

    • Thank you Ron for this sound comment.

      Yes, I understand why you and many would suggest that the discipline within religion is a healthy aspect. But somehow I do not attribute this directly to religion. I feel that it was society in general which had more civility and self restraint and not the religious ideology foisted upon people. I now feel that both Islam and Christianity are both franchises of Judaism; and all of the Abrahamic religions stem from the root of Babylon.

      I accept your point though that religion today has been utterly polluted, compared to the qualitative essence within religion…….as you say ‘do on to others’. However, ‘forgive those that trespass against us’ is a fine example why I have a problem with Christianity. It’s more of ‘turn the other cheek’ attitude, which I deplore. We are being trampled all over; and had we had less of this forgiveness attitude (which is also within the new-age movement of ‘do not judge’); we would not be in such a mess. I feel Christianity is a mind control programme to condition us into being passive to this massive attack on humanity.

      I agree with you that kindness is void in todays’ harsh environment/culture. But I feel religion will not correct this. For the risk of sounding new-agish (I detest new-ageism); the only way society will correct itself, and the ultimate solution will be through an organic development of consciousness. Hence compassion (which is the root of kindness) and empathy, etc will flow. But not in a fluffy, softy softy way. Consciousness and Truth can be very brutal and direct. Only consciousness will bring about change.

      How will this happen? Things will have to get so bad, before there is is a global wake up. Despite the cruelness and depravity out there. There are signs of consciousness sneaking through. As the mass awakening happens; so consciousness will bleed through to the surface. It is happening, and it will happen en mass. That I can be certain of!

      Thank you for contributing.

  6. The religion spell needs to be broken… i think Satan in the bible is just mankind. There is nothing in the bible outside the evil Jehovah’s say so that proves Satan is or does evil. In Hebrew satan mean opposition. They derisively term us gentiles, when in fact we are gentle humanity. I came across this site while researching 3500 years of inbreeding:

    And tremendous thanks for the Borox information Billy.


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