It’s official – there is no God!


   Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God

I would suggest there are hundreds and hundreds of priests who have woken up to this God-worship scam, yet are too fearful to leave their cosy little protective ‘career’ inside their God club (cognitive dissonance).

I’m sure there’s good forces out there – maybe angels, maybe good spirits, whatever the label. As there are dark predator forces – demons, entities, whatever one wishes to label them as. But definitely no benevolent big daddy in the sky looking out for us. How childish and naive was I to ever fall for this humungous hoax.

So what about terms like Devine and Source and The Universe. Well Devine to me smacks of Godly fatherly image. Source – well it’s all subjective really. A source of intelligent energy, or consciousness coming from the planet – perhaps?? Caring and looking out for us? – nope, ain’t buying that one either these days. The Universe – well, again as far as a gnostic interpretation of Mother Earth; as a breathing element, like a living intelligent conscious organism – that’s certainly more feasible to me.

But is this intelligent force looking out for us as individuals? – absolutely no way. I would suggest this Universal energy Source cares about protecting itself. As any intelligent organism does. Mother Nature preserving her long term interests, no matter what damage and chaos we (her hosts) temporarily cause her. She will win in the end. And if that means allowing us to destroy ourselves in the process – so be it. That’s nature.

Mother Earth does not give a hoot about looking after your pathetic 9-5 job, or if you get that interview or not. She doesn’t give a damn about whether your operation is a success or not (any more than your imaginary God father cares). Because she is only concerned about the bigger picture – the survival of her atmosphere, environment, her very existence.

So that’s it. We’re on our own with this one. Perhaps some of us may be able to tap into some benevolent spirit out there. Who knows? God knows? Perhaps that is the extent of good and evil. I would suggest that the real good and evil, is very simplistically …………all down to us. Through our actions and non-actions.


Well then what about spiritual reading?

I still think it’s a positive thing to do…..despite not believing in an all-mighty big daddy in the sky watching over us. Or a God within. I personally find the Eastern scriptures uplifting, energising and provide spiritual sustenance. There is magic within these books. Because we are in an energetic minefield, a battlefield of dark n light energies. So these books resonate with a positive light energy. But it ain’t no benevolent God.

I find it quite incredible when I watch these videos of Islamic countries being blown apart, where the villagers turn up to a scene, where children have been brutally murdered; and they all scream out “Allahu Akbar  Allahu Akbar” What the fuck is that about? God is great!!?? Wot – for destroying an innocent child’s life? Recking havoc on the families’ who lost the child and experienced this bedlam. God is great hey.



Or Christians when they try to justify this madness, simply come out with the soundbite “Well, God works in mysterious ways. God has his will, his bigger plan.” Oh right, well that’s all right then. He destroys us, yet he loves us. Therefore we should love him back………………And this is not mind control?

This is nothing more than a mind control virus. That is what religion is. With billions of people willing to repeat this mind control and then install the programming onto their children. All because it provides a comfort blanket.


But why should we try and take this comfort blanket away from people, if it gives them some sort of relieve?

Because it is not the Truth. It is not reality. It is an illusion. Therefore it is dangerous to society. By only providing a band aid at the most in every difficult situation in life. It puts society/mankind in a passive position. It never encourages us to dig deeper, to dare to look at the root cause of evil/darkness in the world. Because it’s all in God’s hands.

When the reality is, it ain’t in God’s hands, it’s potentially in our hands. Working collectively as a team, we could sort any of these disasters out at a root cause, if we dropped the God meme and focused on why we have this never-ending carnage in the world. And it wouldn’t be that difficult if we all pooled together. It really wouldn’t be.

But we don’t pool together and never will when we have the “My God” mindset. My religion, my club, my mind control cult. Separatism. And of course that is the game plan. That’s how the beast works. Divide n rule. We all focus on IAMism and our self interest and specialised mind control and nothing ever gets addressed. And the agenda marches on.

The intent in this post is not to be antagonistic, or controversial just to create a stimulus. But it is to help us think and re-think. To be honest and open about ideas and how we look at the world and our spirituality. As well as to admit, I got it wrong, and I was misled. And this is whole aspect of a blog as a development process. To share and to express one thoughts – and try help Truth in the process.

At one time, as expressed in some of my earlier essays, I went along with the theme that this agenda is a spiritual opportunity. Which I still say. But I was deluded into thinking in terms of a structured test provided by a Divine force. Wot utter bollocks :-). This would mean a benevolent father (or whatever) would have to have set up this testing ground – to help us spiritually develop.

Think about this……..would you as a kind caring parent put your beloved children through a lifetime of endless strain and suffering, in order to give them a harsh examination(?) Why set this up in the first place? It makes no sense whatsoever. If you are God – who can create anything, absolutely anything on the planet; why would you not just make your products perfect in the first place? Why inject suffering at all into the equation? That s just cruel. In fact that is sick.

I dare anyone ‘in their right minds’ with detached objective logic, to view these images below; and then tell me that there is a benevolent, compassionate, caring, fatherly God out there looking after us. Go on, I dare you. If you still think there is – then you are damaged! Mind controlled and affected and infested by the God virus; and you better just snuggle up under your comfort blanket.













There is not a God, there never has been – it is official!




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  1. The “Archbishop” is a JEW. NO surprise. Same old same old from the Jews and their filthy Protocols.

  2. Ricsi

     /  September 23, 2014

    Bloody hell,that is one hard post mate .

  3. Digger, you have put the wrong photo for the current archbishop. The former arch bishop of Canterbury, for which you have displayed his photo and is called Rowan Williams, is a great guy who believes in God. Btw, I am a Muslim (i.e. briton of Pakistani descent), I also agree with the ‘aj’ who alludes that atheism is promoted by Jews and the Illuminati. Remember that the latter had the primary objective of undermining religion and they seem to be on track with this in Europe.

    • Whoops, thank you Junis.

      As for atheism being promoted by Jews. I hear you. I have thought about this for years. However, I now see this simply as controlling both sides of the debate. They are in control of the atheism dominant memes, but I still ‘think’ that both Christianity and Islam are Babylonian-created concepts for mass mind control and control of the Goyim. Divide n rule, etc.

      I cannot prove this. And obviously cannot prove my ‘theory’ on there not being a God. It is just where I am right now.

      One can be deeply spiritual, without having a believe in God – that’s where my aim is.

      Thank you for contributing.

  4. Billy

     /  September 29, 2014

    Great blog article Digger. I find myself thinking in similar ways very often. I have pretty much abandoned religion for the most part. Yet I wonder. I think about things like how could so many people fall for it? Just think about how many people in the world and throughout history have faith in some form. No proof, just faith. Yet these same people when offered tons of actual proof of the Jewish control of the world seem to turn a blind eye and demand concrete, irrefutable, stand up in a court of law, peer reviewed “proof”. (Even then they would be lost and undecided) Yet they would ridicule a human that worshiped the Sun as being a mindless savage. To me that makes more sense because the Sun is the source of all life on the planet. But I digress.

    I also wonder about the Jews. Do they really believe in a God? They claim to be the chosen ones and the only ones worthy of God. How about the extreme Orthodox and Hasidic Jews? They appear to be the ones that wrote the Protocols and have been “clever” and evil enough to dupe 98% of humanity, thus assuming control of the world. I wonder what they actually believe? Surely they are too cynical, demanding and all knowing to worship a spirit in the sky……right??

    If there is a God and he has let International Jews run rampant for all these hundreds (thousands?) of years, killing, lying, stealing, murdering, controlling and destroying the very essence of humanity…….what kind of God is that? Why would God let 1% of us ruin it for the remaining 99%? Why would a God design a world where every organism alive has to kill and eat other organisms to live? That’s pretty messed up shit.

    Perhaps if I write God a letter he will fix some stuff:

    Dear God,

    I have a few requests.

    1. No more wars, starvation, “terror”, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, floods or disease, etc.

    2. Lets make dirt the new preferred gourmet food. All you can eat, free and we can poop it out and recycle it back to the earth.

    3. Please improve the IQs and common sense of the overwhelming masses of really stupid people.

    4. Make the International Jews a tribe of very sweet loving people. In fact I request that this particular tribe be held to set a standard for niceness that the best Grandma on earth could never achieve.

    5. All places on Earth are 70 degrees, with a perfect balance of humidity. Kind of like Hawaii.

    6. When we die, let us go on to a new world to see our lost ones and reunite. Kind of like jump back and fourth from here to there every 80 years or so.

    Thanks God,


    • Religion – we’ve all fallen for it at some point. We all want that safety blanket to keep us protected and cozy from this cruel, uncompassionate world.

      My take on it now (for the time being anyway) Billy is along these lines in these audios.

      As for the jewish G-D; it is demonic/satanic/Archonic. So they are indeed chosen… this dark force.

      7/. Ensure that karma really does exist.

      Thanks again Billy for your sound-minded contribution.


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