Attack on the Fens



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Local people from the Fen area of Britain which encompasses parts of beautiful Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk have been racially cleansed from the area, by floods of newcomers. Jobs and homes priority goes to foreign nationals and Fenlanders are stigmatised – but how did this come about and for how long was it planned?

Before WWII when Britain and Germany shared intelligence about Soviet expansion intentions, Hitler was seen as a real good guy.

Hitler raised the living wages of all his people but especially those on the bottom of the pay scale, for the land workers farmhands and agricultural labourers, he instigated a super free holiday on the coast for all workers, he asked for the building of a cheap but reliable peoples car or ‘folkswagen ‘ and he gave them all free health care with real care not the allopathic stuff we get, and he put the unemployed to work on building proper motorways for the people to travel.

This was the first time the world had ever seen full employment and Germany prospered,  but UK land workers were envious of the German pay scales, and in the Fens the English agricultural area there was much envy and when Hitler threw out the bankers and the bankers brought Churchill to power to call a war on Germany, many British farm workers still supported Hitler.

Winston Churchill got wind of this, and the fact that the Queens estate at Sandringham Norfolk in particular had a lot of German supporters, there was gossip that the farm workers were signalling with night time bonfires torches and tractor tyre marks in the earth to German planes and Churchill even planned to bomb his own British farmworkers.

When Harold Wilson was labour Prime minister a plan was implemented which meant the ancient town of Kings Lynn would be redeveloped, this was carried out also during the Conservative government, this saw huge amounts of this ancient town destroyed and sub-standard 60s developments built instead, much of this was achieved by the funny handshake crowd.

This meant that tourists would come by train to Cambridge the next stop Ely, but not the next one which was Kings Lynn because there was almost nothing left to see, the modernisers had ruined the town, Britain’s top architect Alec Cliften taylor refused to visit Kings Lynn and described the town as, “wanton vandalism and  more damage being done by planners than by the Luftwaffe.

Winston Churchill’s bodyguard Det. Walter Thompson, said “Churchill felt more at risk of assassination from his own people than his enemy” and told Churchill he had relations in Norfolk and that Churchill should hide out the war there. Churchill flew into a rage and told Thompson he would have his revenge on those Norfolk traitors.

The publicity machine says that Churchill spent the war in London, but this was in fact one of his doubles, after refusing to go to Norfolk, Churchill decided to use the  huge bunker under Vange Hall in Essex, at the wars end Vange Hall was demolished into the bunker, it was said there were enough empty Brandy and Wisky bottles to build Blackpool tower.

A village church field was found towards  the wars end to have a huge swastica cut into the grass by a tractor during the night, the culprits were never caught, but in recent times much anti Churchill graffiti has been uncovered including some at Ely cathedral in the Fens.

Immediately after the war the Norfolk landowner Sir Andrew Fountaine stood as an MP on a ticket to give his  land workers economic parity with their German counterparts, the Labour candidate just squeezed in by a very narrow margin, but vote counters said Fountaine actually won by a fair number of votes.

The Referendum Party was set up by banker and asset robber James Goldsmith, to spoil the Conservative vote and allow in Israeli asset Tony Blair who had promised a war on Iraq, one of the seats acquired by New labour was the Kings Lynn seat  and this was taken by new labour MP George Turner, and Just as Tony Blair allowed into Britain many Russian mafia billionaires, George Turner was one of those whom Mafia figures Viktor Solmokov and Ivan Lukaszewski said were ‘on their payroll’

This meant George Turner allowed swathes of ex Soviet bloc peoples to flood the Norfolk area, among which were many Russian criminals on fake Polish passports.

So if you wonder why Boston in lincs is now listed as a Russian town, and other places as such as Holbeach and Spalding Polish; it was revenge on the area for supporting Hitler. The strange thing is that parts of Shropshire were far more supportive of Hitler yet were never punished.



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