The Five Enemies of Planet Earth


Five sectors of society who are helping to bring in tyranny; and destroy nature and our very existence.


1/. The Instigators

Those who are architecting this madness. Actually designing the destruction of the planet. Well, to be more accurate, the managers of this destruction. Because I personally believe there is an external element in all of this, doing the real architectural work; with a game plan of complete destruction of our existence.

I now go along with the theme of Archon involvement. But I cannot prove that, and can’t argue my corner and probably never will. But I believe those predator humans who are physically making the day-to-day decisions on the destruction of the planet, are driven from this outside predator element.

I see the main managers of this agenda predominantly being International Jewry, the elite Jews in society. Or in a nutshell judaism as the main conduit for the mechanics of this operation. Of course with involvement from Gentiles at higher levels.

I am now at stage where I kind of ‘accept’ (if that’s the word) there is this force; and that there always has been and always will be – providing we allow it.

Therefore my main focus of attention is what are we the inhabitants, the victims, going to do about it?

I am now at a place where I see our real enemy being those amongst us. We are our own worse enemy.

Any finger pointing in this insanity and destruction should be directed to us as a collective. We have to take full responsibly in this destruction.

So here is a break down of the following four enemies of Planet Earth – those who live amongst us.




2/. The Sleepwalkers

Apart from elderly people who do not have easy available access to the internet and alternative meet ups. I now say there is no excuse for not waking up to the blatant tyranny around us. No excuses whatever. I’ve heard them all. “Well they’ve been under a chemical attack to dumb them down.” And – haven’t we all. They chose to eat their junk food and allowed themselves to be duped into taking vaccines, and medication. Nobody but themselves to blame.

They chose to remain watching TV and tantalise themselves with the movies, newspapers, trivia magazines and tripe literature.

Most of these idiots have easy access to the internet with all the information available for alternative views and knowledge. Some sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours a day or more. No excuse for this level of ignorance. They as individuals chose to step away from mother nature.

Also most of these people have had at least one opportunity to snap out of their selfish slumber, via a friend or relative passing them alternative information – the Truth. And anyway, where is their sense of curiosity? Surely spending endless hours a week on the internet, one would stumble across some aspects of the Truth. We all have been given endless opportunities.

But no, they make their daily CHOICE. It is all a choice.



3/. The Spectators

There is no more time now for sensitivity and being overly understanding with these pathetic creatures. I’m talking about those ‘in the know’, those that know all about this agenda and have done for years, even decades. And do sweet FA about it.

I’ve had it with them. I’ve no more patience left. I’ve done all the pep talks and motivational suggestions. Why the fuck should we have to keep asking these people to pick up a bucket of water and help put out this blazing fire anyway? It should be automatic, it should be instinctive. No, they have chosen their Soma. They’re prepared to browse browse browse, but zero action. They won’t lift a finger to help themselves or their families. Fear and laziness prevails. Anything and absolutely anything big brother throws at them, they will conform to. All the ‘authorities’ have to do to these people is say “BOO” and they will jump immediately into line. Pathetic.

But why should they do something to save their skins, when someone else is going to do it for them(?) David Icke, Alex Jones, Jesus, Allah, Putin, whoever, whatever – but some knight in shining armour is going to save the day for these people. The Messianic Complex trumps inertia every time. Or it’ll just somehow magically pan out ok in the end. It’ll somehow just go away like a nasty cold ….if we just procrastinate. Again – a lifestyle choice.



4/. The Duped

Those within the Truth movement that whistle the tunes that International jewry want them to whistle. We’ve probably all been there, espousing the NWO/Illuminati rhetoric. But I’m talking about long-term Truthers and activists. Ohh it makes you cringe when you hear these half-Truthers, many with such good intent come out with such clangers – “We’re living in a NAZI fascist dictatorship.” “What we need is democracy.” “It’s not the Jews, it’s the zionist elite globalist banksters.” And on and on they repeat these slogans and soundbites.

The amount of idiots I’ve heard at these rallies repeat that the solution to sort out the Palestinian problem is boycott and sanctions. Are you kidding me!? When this mafia designed and govern this whole money monopoly game in the first place. What will these people not repeat(?)

These duped half-Truthers are seriously dangerous to the Truth. They are anchors, stopping Truth in its tracks. All by design.



5/. The Collaborators

These traitors are probably more abhorrent, more disgusting than the 1/. The Instigators.


All those individuals who have made a career out of directly assisting the beast, are nothing more than secondary psychotic predators, doing the dirty deed on behalf of higher level psychotic predators


To name a few: police and judges acting out of their oaths, bailiffs/debt collectors, ticket wardens, tax inspectors, legislation (mafia rules) enforcement at any level. [Please see essay below ‘Mass Unconscious’ for a listing of some of these traitors to humanity.]

In some instances, some of these traitors are actually aware of this agenda. They know what’s going on. But they still opt for their short term Pavlovian rewards. The words MYOPIC and SELFISHNESS scream out at us.

And of course you will get the snitchers in society. Ordinary members of society who inadvertently collaborate with the beast by snitching on their brothers and sisters who do not play the game. They will even snitch on family members in order for some sort of perk (self gain).

Again I’m not at all sympathetic or understanding towards any of these useful idiots. They have had heaps of opportunities. Most of them are intelligent people, all with access to the computer. No excuse at this level for not knowing or not caring about the bigger picture. They have made their lifestyle choice. Myopic self interests prevail. They have opted to sell out. Traitors.



In a nutshell – the sleepwalkers, the duped, the spectators, the snitchers and collaborators living amongst us, are collectively the real enemy. 



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  1. Spot on, Digger.

  2. Billy

     /  September 19, 2014

    I sure wish this was mandatory reading for all humanity. It took me maybe 5 minutes to read and digest your wise words. Five minutes. The walking dead spend 5 minutes watching Kosher Kommercials for every 20 minutes watching Kosher TV. It just kills me. How did it ever come to this??

    • This is the sad situation we find ourselves in Billy.

      This simple little post was deliberately set out to be exactly that – simple. It is written in a non-academic way, to be approachable for all to digest. It is the brutal harsh Truth laid out in straight-forward language. And I was able to write it from having observed over a decade now what is going on out there and within the Truth movement itself. Sad but true.

      No doubt you and anyone reading it can pick up my frustration and obvious impatience with people :-). But that’s my honest Truth, that is where I’m at right now.

      Thank you again Billy for contributing.

  3. Billy

     /  September 19, 2014

    I have often wondered how a true genius must feel. Knowing much about the world and being able to perceive things effortlessly that his or her fellow man simply cannot see or ever know. Must be a lonely existence to be surrounded by a sea dim witted humanity. Now I can relate. Over the last 3 years I have finally woken from my slumber to see the world for what it really is. Now that I see it, I can’t not see it. To try to relate with the masses who refuse to see and know is making me a lonely soul. I literally can count on one hand the people that I know personally who actually see the Jew controlled and polluted world for what it is. It makes me want to scream. How can people be so child like and ignorant? It is beyond me.

    • Well I definitely can’t claim to be a genius myself – quite dopey in fact sometimes. Not really in the real world, in this insane existence.

      But I can relate to your experience of feeling lonely with your knowledge. I feel less so these days as many of my friends are now jew-wise. But before they really woke up it was hard. Stick with it Billy and try and have tenacity with those around you, it may take a good year before they finally get it. I often say “You don’t get it until you get it.”

      There will be a day when you will have a group of you who are all jew-wise. The awakening IS happening, but it’s just painfully slow. But it will quicken – exponentially. It’s just that when one is jew-wise and sufficiently awake to the bigger picture, we want everyone else to ‘get it’ with us, but it doesn’t happen that way. It’s a slow process. And we become impatient with others. But the more consciousness seeps through into the collective psyche, the more Truth (real Truth) will surface. It’s a race and these big boys know it. Consciousness vs this Archon-ic agenda. The great battle.

      Personally Billy my big issue is with ‘those that know and will not do’. (those who are knowledgable on the Truth and remain passive)

      Thanks again for contributing.


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