The various ways in which people will respond to this example of incremental invasion of our freedoms:

1/. Those that will not even notice that something is bizarre or wrong. Totally comatised by the system and engrossed in their self-interests. Complete happy little slave in their somaised world.

2/. Those that will feel a bit strange, but won’t really bat an eyelid. They won’t register that something odd is going on. They are equally caught up in the matrix mindset.

3/. Those that will feel somewhat uneasy about the situation, but will dismiss it as soon as the policeman leaves the bus. They’ll forget the incident and won’t even mention it to people.

4/. Those that will understand that this situation is another notch towards a big brother state. They may not necessarily be aware of the agenda, but their intuition will tell hem something is wrong. They will not resist whatsoever. They may happen to mention it to a friend if the topic of discussion crops up. But that’s about it.

5/. Those that will be pissed off with this behaviour. They will moan to themselves and friends. They may have a rant on a forum or blog. They may or may not be aware of the agenda.

6/. Those who know what is going on, but will conform to this behaviour with ease. They will reluctantly do exactly what they are told and asked, through fear. They will not question this so-called authority. Yet when they get out of that situation they will be all talk. How terrible it is and how their rights are being impeded. Yet won’t dare do a thing to resist this watered-down tyranny.

7/. Those that will question the authority of these goons. Like the guy in this video. They are aware of this infringement of Common Law and rights as a wo/man. Yet they won’t follow it through. That will be that and just another example of injustice.

8/. Those that will quest the police officer and also video this fraud, like this guy did. They will also post it up on Youtube and make an example of these traitors for prosperity.

9/. Those that will take this further. They will do exactly what this guy did. Yet follow it through to the conclusion. They will contact the police department who have instigated this action along with the bus company. They may follow up with an letter of complaint or write an article.

10/. I’ll leave this one to your imagination.


We will be provided endless opportunities like this in the very near future. How are we going respond to these incremental acts of tyranny? Are we going to just shrug our shoulders, tut to ourselves, mumble a few disgruntle words underneath our breath? Or are we going to make a stand?

This is all a spiritual opportunity. It’s all a choice. It always has been. Buckle down to fear of big brother, or stand up for our God-given rights?


What are you personally going do when a situation like this arises? 


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     /  September 11, 2014

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