Mass Unconsciousness



In Buddhism, one of their tenets is ‘righteous living’. I think it is increasingly becoming difficult to adhere to this tenet the more the beast gets a grip on society. When we view some of these police injustice videos, we have to acknowledge that these people are not in their right minds. They have allowed themselves to become mind controlled. They are clearly not coming from a place of consciousness. Spiritually void individuals. Lost souls. To state the obvious, without these small cogs, this filthy system would not be able to operate. So it is essential we focus our attention on all these individual small cogs.

All these industries, careers and practices listed below are not in alignment with nature, or our true spiritual connection. All these people who adhere to any of these industries have been mind controlled to some degree. Sadly most people who claim to be ‘awake’ willingly indulge and associate themselves with these practices.

Therefore it is crucial that we watch ourselves. That we try hard to clean up and pure up. That we take the brave step and move away from these practices and careers. We have to – for the sake of our souls.

We also have to present this touchy Truth to our brothers and sisters around us. They have to know that their means of living and lifestyle is destroying us all. It is our responsibility to try to tap into these people and and try to deprogram them.


We will never heal unless we embrace consciousness. 


All these people will say the classic line “I’m just doing my job.” PATHETIC EXCUSE!! And no excuse these days for assisting the beast in these capacities. We all have to make some compromises sometimes. We all have to survive. But actively participating in these industries is creating the destruction of the planet and our freedoms.

This is how I see this whole agenda now. A battle and race between consciousness vs this predator force. Those who chose to become watered-down predators serving this predator force, or those who try their best to get in alignment with nature and resonate towards consciousness. Between these two opposing forces there are only gradients. And it’s all choice. Daily choices we make.



Some examples of non-righteous living

These are not set out in order of importance. There are some exceptions to these practices, such as teachers who are teaching trades, languages, self-development areas, etc. Also if we indulge in the odd glass of wine from time to time, this is not necessarily an act of unconsciousness.

How many of us reading this are involved in these careers? However many of us have spouses and close friends and relatives which are involved in these industries?

I believe in the next couple of years, if not already, it will be a case that the only way we will be able to feed ourselves and put a roof over our heads will be to serve the beast. And as we can see already, those who serve the beast the most, will be rewarded the most.

It will all be a tough test of our moral fibre, and how much cognitive dissonance will sneak in.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is – are we part of the problem, or part of the solution?

The real enemy – are those amongst us


1/. Religious disciplines and cults

Nobody should have a relationship between you and Source. No controlling rules, regulations, mandates, etc. Religion is nothing more than mind control to control the masses. It is a destructive force which always creates the deadly social decease of separatism.

2/. Police and community support officers acting out of oath, unlawful and unethically. Including associated careers (admin staff etc).

3/. The arms industry and associated parties

4/. Bailiffs/debt collection agencies

5/. Parking wardens including admin staff and those installing meters and road markings

6/. Medical industry – all those who are assisting eugenics and malpractice.

7/. Vivisection industry

8/. Blood sports and meat industries

9/. Industrial chemical industries

10/. Pornographers and pushers of the sex industry and sexual perversions

11/. Recreational drug industry

12/. Alcohol industry

13/. Those installing meters in people’s homes (smart meter or equivalent)

14/. Gambling industry

15/. Pharmaceutical industry

16/. Main stream media and distributors of this propaganda

17/. Mainstream education/academics

18/. Junk food industries and GM/de-natured foods

19/. Law societies (working within unlawful statutes, bills, acts and legislation)

20/. IT industry assisting in data collection and new gadgets to enslave us all

21/. Local council officials and staff

22/. CCTV operators and installers and staff

23/. Banking and money loan industries

24/. BBC/TV licensing units 

25/. Advertisement and PR industries (pushing destructive unnatural material onto us)

26/. Mainstream animal charities and veterinary surgeries – working for profit only, with minimum compassion and care. Using vaccinations on animals.

27/. Mainstream charities – wear most of the money does not go towards the charities and they have no intent to carry out reasonable, responsible research into cancer for example.

28/. General business malpractice – i.e. dental practices who are simply fleecing vulnerable needy people in who are in pain. Any deliberate fraudulent business practices where people suffer at any level.

29/. Entertainment industry – particularly those who are knowingly pushing agendas (social engineering).

30/. Think tanks and secret societies

31/. Ticket inspectors

…….and many more careers which are assisting this beast.


The most Important thing we need to do in life is to protect our souls.



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  1. Billy

     /  September 7, 2014

    I just viewed a movie entitled “The Unbelievers”. I am now at the realization that movies from Hollywood are not made for Entertainment or art as a main purpose. I believe that everyone of them is made also to indoctrinate and control people’s thought processes, opinions and ideas. This film supposedly is about 2 scientists going around and debating religion and science. But of course they only seem to “debate” Christianity and Muslim beliefs. Not one whisper of a debate with Jews. They were in New York…….so close to the Hasidic Jew central. But……nothing. So the purpose of this film is very clear. Divide and conquer. First create religions to separate the Goyim, then create doubts in those groups to further divide and weaken them. Just about any movie you will ever see, if dissected can easily be seen for what it is. A tool for indoctrinating the Goyim into divided weakened groups.

    • You have made an accurate observation Billy. I’m not sure if you’ve stumbled across the term ‘Predictive Programming’. Well ALL movies, TV, adverts, even education to some degree is PP. Very crudely explained (if you haven’t heard of PP before), it sets a subliminal meme of events and situation which the jews want to pursue for their NWO agenda. And as I’m sure you know the Jews own Hollywood and the entire film/TV industry. So they literally programme us with their TV ‘programmes’ and film propaganda through subliminal messages. Desensitising us; prepping us in advance for the real thing.

      Have you noticed Billy how ALL the films now coming out of Hollywood are dark themed. Showing darkened skies, and carnage and immense fear of a predator force. Perhaps incorporating some deadly global virus. Not very happy happy. Not at all uplifting and connected with nature and true spirituality.

      And of course as you mentioned divide n rule themes too.

      But I’ve noticed how they are using PP in our news too. For example here in Britain they are exposing lots of peadophilia cases. My guess is they want the comatised public to subliminally accept this behaviour as the new normal. Again, so people will be desensitised to it. With most people worrying more about paying the bills at the end of the month. I’m guessing there are many reasons why they do things. The peadophilia theme is also about problem-reaction-solution too, to make everyone paranoid and untrusting of each other, in order to bring in more CCTV and legislation.

      But also they are pushing this beheading theme here in Britain. Lots of ‘supposed’ beheadings as part of the PP conditioning. Probably they’re all hoaxes. But whether they are hoaxes or not, they want this evil barbaric meme out their in the public’s psyche to not only create fear, but normalise barbarism.

      That’s why it is essential we dump the TV, stop going to the movies and stop reading/absorbing their demonic material.

      Thanks for contributing.

  2. Billy

     /  September 9, 2014

    Ah yes…. predictive programming. I know it well. The movie “The Matrix” almost surprises me as to coming too close to letting the cat out of the bag. But Jews know that Goyim are simply too ignorant, indoctrinated and asleep to be suspicious as a whole about any such things. Problem, reaction….solution. 9/11, 7/7 were great examples of that. I rarely ever watch TV. But when I do I almost have to laugh. Everything I see is so crystal clear to me as absolute indoctrination. Every ad, every show, every “news” cast. Total and complete mind shaping control. Once you see it, you can’t not see it.

    I really dig your blog. Digger. In an ocean of deceit, lies, fear porn, disinfo and complete nonsense, I know I can come here and get a truth fix and continue to try to make sense of this world. Thank you.

  3. Daniel

     /  September 10, 2014

    Wow! I am so glad I have found your blog… you are a rare and fine gem, one who sees and clarifies the Dark, brilliantly shining the way for those who are lost. Thank you.

  4. freedomveg

     /  September 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on freedomveg and commented:

  5. freedomveg

     /  September 14, 2014

    you are like a drink of fresh cool water after a day of hard work and heat


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