Evil in the world


“I believe there is evil in this world. 


But I now believe there is no actual evil ‘out there’; as far as an entity, on a satanic/demonic level. I just think there is a predator force which does what it does, just because it is a predator force. There is no evil intent behind it. Like a lion devours its prey. The lion is not coming from a place of malice, because it is just doing what it does, because it is simply feeding in order to gain energy

Likewise with this predator force; let’s say it/they are Archons, or whatever label we want; this IT is simply feeding off of our energy, especially our fear energy. I believe it is that simple. There is no cruelty by design. It isn’t about cruelty, or evil, or melevolence. It just is. Just the nature of the beast. Devouring our energies, and souls. 

So if we were to accept this theory – this means that good and evil can only manifest from us. No outside force whatsoever. 

We are the potential evil, or the potential good.

Evil for our tacit consent, or good for making a stand.

Evil for our acquiescence/compliance, or good for saying “NO”.

Evil for our assistance to the beast, or good for being a dissonant.

It’s all down to us. Our daily choice. What we all choose to focus our attention on. The choice of focusing on our self interests, keeping our heads down low for an easy life; or making the effort to stand up to tyranny and put up with the inconvenience. Our spiritual choice.”

~ Digger

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  1. Audacious Angel

     /  September 4, 2014

    I don’t agree with this post, Digger. If you have ever read any of my blog posts, I tried my hardest in changing myself (still ongoing) and making a stand. It almost crippled me, my relationships with others, and even killed me. Love is all we need. Archons or antichrist or demons. Yes, we are the problem. That’s what I try to get across in most of my posts. To say that I am evil for complying is just plain wrong. God knows our hearts, whether you choose to believe in an otherworldly entity, or not. I do. I will not change my mind about this, even if the ‘God’ theory is made up. Something is definitely real. it has changed me…and for the better. Do not lose sight of what we are here to do. This ‘fight for justice’ is only causing more and more divide. Can’t you see?

  2. There is no injustice, only cause and effect in a universe of polarities. No property can exist without its opposite in our horizon/universe of conciousness.
    As a nordic pagan, I have a pantheon of Gods, who contrary to what many believe, are just avatars of various natural phenomena and properties. Outside of this pantheon of deities, outside my horizon of conciousness, where all elements become one and its impossible to distinguish, we find the “Allfather”, the source of all things. He/she/it is unity, and beyond all properties.
    Any deity that we humans, have assigned properties to, can not be the source itself, but is simply one of our myriad of tribal Gods.

    Well anyway, thats my opinion on the matter..

  3. Audacious Angel

     /  September 5, 2014

    We are the potential evil, or the potential good.

    Evil for our tacit consent, or good for making a stand.

    Evil for our acquiescence/compliance, or good for saying “NO”.

    Evil for our assistance to the beast, or good for being a dissonant.

    So are you saying that most people are evil? Seriously, if we think in this way it only causes divide. Yes, there are probably a lot of souls too afraid to open their eyes to the bigger picture, but to call them evil is driven from pride. We are all fucked in the big scheme of things. ALL OF US. I can admit this, you can, it’s getting everyone else to see that is a dark side within them, the one that can make the heartless choices to hurt others. Now, if we can cause change there, in the heart, we’re onto something good. How can we do that? We need help through prayer and sacrifice. We can be in the world but not be of it.

    • Thank you AA,

      I appreciate your feedback and also that I may later realise that I may be wrong on this.

      But at present, as I see it, people can be of good heart doing wonderful altruistic deeds, yet not lift a finger towards confronting evil in the world. I’m not actually saying people are in fact evil.

      I am just suggesting they are consenting to evil, tainted by it, supporting it, by allowing the months, seasons and years to go by never doing anything other than browse heaps and heaps of this drama. This is toxic apathy. Yes it is fear, but it is also laziness. Someone else is going to sort things out for them. We are not suggesting one should be a braveheart and do anything dynamic, or radical, or dangerous. But just something. Small acts which accumulatively add up.

      As you know, we can’t keep apportioning blame on ‘the government’, ‘the Jews’, the local council, whatever. Because it is us, we the people who allow all of these sections of society by our tacit consent. We collectively are creating all of this mess; and I am expressing that we collectively are complicit with this evil. We have to take responsibility as a collective; and individuals in what role did I play? There really isn’t much grey area now.

      You mention divisions, well I feel we are being organically/spiritually divided by those who will make a stand against evil and those who stand by in fear and apathy and assist the beast. I have been incredibly patient with people who know all about this agenda who are in fear. I have done all the motivational ‘heartbased’ approach – it doesn’t work! All you get is endless excuses excuses excuses and how they aim get around to doing something some time down the line. Always the back burner attitude. “I tell you next time, next time I’ll do xyz.” they say with great enthusiasm. Words are cheap. Yet next time comes and they do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing but bend down to big brother. They diligently pay every fine, abide by every health n safety rule, and jump in fear whenever big brother says “Boo” to them. I’ve/we’ve had it with these cowards. They are dangerous members of society.

      What the saddest thing of all is, these people all have so much potential. They are intelligent, skilled, articulate and have heaps of energy. All the atributes to get out there and stop this evil in its tracks. But no. What do they do…….sit at home and moan and watch hundreds of hours of youtube videos on the destruction of the world. Whilst complaining about how nobody does anything. Incredible! These people don’t need a hug – they need a sharp slap around the face to snap them out of their apathy. We are in a state of emergency. We desperately desperately need people to pick up a bucket of water to help put out this fire. I’ve had it with the kind words, motivational pep talks, the gentltly gently approach. I’m worn out with their apathy. There is a sense of urgency now. How bad does things have to get before these people act!? These people are complicit in evil and I see it as simple as that.

      I do respect your opinion, I may have got this wrong. And I think you are an excellent writer by the way.

      Perhaps AA for now, we may just have to agree to disagree on this one issue 🙂

      All said with respect.

      • Audacious Angel

         /  September 5, 2014

        Hi Digger. I completely understand where you are coming from. I cry heaps and I love that I can process my emotions in this way. I can cry anger, frustration, guilt, and even suicidal thoughts. I will not give in. I am in no way supporting the New Age love and light movement. It’s bullshit and dangerous. True change has to come from praying for the supernatural gifts that are not of this world. Love is not of this world. Look at people and the darkness. I am truly and honestly state that i feel such peace at the moment. I still feel incredibly sad, but I’m also so grateful that I haven’t lost those I love.

        Yes, people are apathetic. There probably will always people who never want to grow a backbone, but at least we have. We are the change. We are both on different paths. Don’t lose sight of the love that is in your heart. This is so powerful. I’m not a scientist and I can’t prove this, but the kind acts toward one another are how we can change and motivate others. Be present to others, listen, be compassionate, hug, and give of our time and energy. This is what I want to focus on at this moment in time.

        If one day I die for my cause, I die, but at least I die with a purer heart than what the world and its people wanted to carve out of me. I feel your passion. I feel your frustration. I’m so sorry if my response was offensive. I do not mean to come across as aggressive.

      • Thank you again AA.

        You def’ are coming from a genuine place. One can see you are an authentic, loving person – and without braids in your hair 😉

        I also know you are one of our fighters. You probably are in a better state of mind and peace than I am at present – I’ll come around one day.

        Can’t help being feisty and have to work on my impatience.

        Your response was understandable and you don’t have to apologise me dear; twas not aggressive.

        We have more in common than we would believe.

        It’s all an illusion anyway 🙂

        Luv Digs

      • Audacious Angel

         /  September 5, 2014

        I can’t always give money away, but when a homeless person asks me for money, I try not to resist. I can put myself in their shoes and would not wish this for anyone. It’s crazy that the council has so many empty properties and there are people shivering sleeping in cardboard boxes. It’s fucked up. I just wish people would act from the heart, no matter what their consequences with their job. Jobcentre plus staff for instance. Man the cruelty that goes on there is simply uncanny. Why don’t they just stand with a gun to someone’s face and blow their brains out. Heartless wankers.

        Sorry, I get carried away when I think about the sadness. Yesterday, I received a plain old leaflet form my landlord containing the same old bullshit. Information about sanctions, advice about debt, same old shit. I cried as it was all completely false dogma.

        Trying to be genuine in a false world is hard, but we can do it.

      • Hey no need to apologise. We all feel your frustration. This people have no empathy. We’ve all been de-empathised. I could add the Jobcentre plus people to the list on my latest piece ‘Mass Unconsciousness’

        We all are sharing a private tear these days. Please don’t feel alone. We can almost tangible feel the angst, the global pain. What gives us hope is that there people like you who care and doing your bit.

        luv n respect

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