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  1. Quantum physics is just a theory. There is nothing proved in it… even that short video says that. It is easing the way toward the new world religion… the one world religion that ties them all together.

    • Yes Wanda, I agree with you on QP. However, I do believe this notion regarding a dream reality. I know the likes of Icke and co are espousing this too. However, I am bias with what I have read in the Vedas/B’Gita and other spiritual books. It makes total sense to me. What would I now. I accept the likes of me will never be able to prove this. I can’t argue my ground Wanda. I just have to say I believe this ‘theory’. I accept that’s not good enough for most people.

      Thanks for contributing.

  2. I feel the same way, don’t get me wrong. It is something we sense to be true. The difference between you and i is we are able to entertain such theories as these and not be taken to love and light land. And perhaps i am still dazed by getting completely clobbered on a Kratum forum yesterday by a horde of with their heads straight up their asses. They were mocking and derisive and haughty and condescending because i suggested ignoring evil is not wise. Here’s a sampling:

    -Yes, but bringing other people’s positive attitudes down is worse than pretending.

    -Meaning obviously your attitude is nothing but unwarranted bullshit you are unloading onto everyone else, and people do not generally want that. You jump onto someone else’s post (uhm, it’s not a post, it’s a forum) to tell them how obviously miserable you are, and that they should be, too.

    -No one is in a stupor. The optimistic attitude is not burying your head in the sand. It is a choice to not allow it to turn you into a miserable, cold person.

    -Ehh. I can’t bring myself to kick her from the group. She obviously needs more human contact. But I will not let her spread her little fever of anger and negativity around my members. There is too much suffering to allow them to be bombarded with more. Vent about your problems, don’t tell people to not be happy.

    -Its just great that people are so caught up in their negativity that they want to create a world of angry mob thinking to make a change! When through knowledge and power accompanied by compassion is how real differences are made!

    -You can’t have a positive attitude and also be realistic. I love this group but the negative ninnies are trying to depress us and it needs to stop. If you can’t say anything nice……..

    -I stopped reading the dipshit Wanda’s comments when she brought up vaccines. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anti-vaxxers are always so hostile too. I’m guessing it’s from their body teeming with diseases. Fucking moron.

    -LOLOL You people are fucking insane! Fuck off this group and join Inforwars you paranoid deluded asshats!

    On and on and on. I left for a couple hours to do an internet search for how anger is a perfectly normal reaction to being attacked. All i kept getting was pap about managing your anger, how anger is a killer but forgiveness can save your life, Psalms 138:7, Christianity posts, posts on meditation, free yourself from anger, etc., etc., pages and pages and pages.

    And that’s a pretty good indication of how deep the brainwashing goes. I also tried the search terms Anger will save your life in the wild. Anger is a complex human emotion, Anger is good… then i finally had to bag it.

    But i wrote out a response to those twits… and returned. I saw they had continued their feeding frenzy and the monitor of the forum wrote: I am leaving this up. World’s Dumbest Trolling.

    Right… but she took the entire post down within minutes of my response… to wit:

    Anger motivates… anger will save your life. Positive thinking is passive… to think otherwise is a good indication you are under mind control.

    Those of us with the guts to put ourselves out there and share the truth as we understand it thus far are routinely abused by strangers who feel entitled to call us names as if they are on some moral high ground because they don’t allow “negativity” into their thoughts. Yet, as far as i can tell… there’s negativity all around us… and it’s overcoming us. Refusing to think about it because it’s a downer, is the same thing as allowing it… it is helping it. Which makes you part of the problem. Psychopaths like nothing better than your passive compliance and acceptance.

    I see you have no problem getting angry with me… yet are oddly unmoved that children are having their lives shortened and future stolen every second of each day. That reflects on the smallness of your worldview and shallowness of your well… not mine.

    Thanks Digger, you do a great job.

    • Thank you Wanda for your support and straightforward common sense – as usual.

      However, in this case I feel AA was being perfectly reasonable and respectful towards me. We just were at slightly different angles. I am impatient at times with apathetic people and I need to watch myself. I have a lot of respect for AA and her writing. AA is def not of the love n light brigade. It was soon smoothed out.

      But I hear you with these love n light brigade groups – so frustrating. And when it boils down to it, as you have proved with their comments, it’s them who are so aggressive. Yet they can’t face reality.

      I too recognise anger as a perfectly natural/organic process. However, one has to watch it. I feel anger is more of a spark plug, to get us engaged. It motivates us in emergencies. Obviously it has to be watched though. I favour righteous indignation.

      Thanks again for your interesting post.


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