Wotsit all about?


“This is what this battle is really about. It’s not about money, politics, nor power. It is about harvesting our fear, controlling and manipulating our energy. It is ultimately about gaining our souls. We are in a desperate race between consciousness awakening vs this demonic (Satanic/Archon-ic) onslaught on humanity.” 

~ Digger


It’s about choice – collaborator or activist

It’s about buckling down, selling out one’s soul, or standing up and facing one’s fears

It’s about conforming or outright rejecting

It’s about just fighting for one’s own corner, team (religion or group), or fighting for the bigger picture, for humanity, for all

It’s about half-heartedly spitting back at the system when it’s leaning down on you – when it’s too late; or doing it in style, with courage, with dignity, with spirit 

It’s about reacting to whatever ‘they’ throw at us, or responding with foresight

It’s about having some levels of self worth

It’s about standing up for what is right, for justice for all

It’s about protecting and defending one’s inalienable rights to have relative comfort, peace, privacy and freedom

It’s about recognising that nobody on this planet has authority over us ……..unless we submit or consent to to their authority over us

It’s about taking a true spiritual position

It’s about braving up

It’s about succumbing to selfish comfortableness for the short term benefits, or making scarifies and inconvenience for long term interests of us all

It’s about making scarifies, having hassle and inconvenience on behalf of the Truth and for others

It’s about cleaning up

It’s about honouring our forefathers who fought for our freedoms

It’s about respecting and loving Mother earth

It’s about the love for the little ones

It’s about accepting responsibility for our roles in this mess and continued responsibility ………..what did I do this week to stop this tyranny?

It’s about having self discipline

It’s about prioritising our self interests vs altruism 

It’s about putting our petty unimportant differences aside and fighting in unison

It’s about maturity vs immaturity

It’s about confronting evil, or playing the passive card


But most of all it is recognising that this is all a choice. Which side of the line do we stand? About recognising this is our spiritual opportunity. That we most definitely are not the body, we are the soul. 

What did we do with our opportunity?


What did you do?


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