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If you ever get a chance to listen to the BBC’s Radio 4 just out of interest, please do. It is the most blatant disgusting pile of crap you could ever be subjected to. I know all the other media outlets across the westernised world are the same. I accept they are equally blatant and obvious to those of us ‘in the know’. But Radio 4 really is the the height of distaste. It is so so sneaky. It dares to be your best friend, whilst poisoning you. Of course that’s how the deception works, how the illusion it is kept alive.

But it is so sad to see so many intelligent people fall for this trick. All across Britain the comfortably off middle classes lap up their favourite radio 4 broadcasts, with their favourite friendly posh speaking presenters.

Somehow these listeners seem to think that because they are listening to a perceived ‘intelligent’ sounding radio broadcast, that somehow they too are intelligent. It’s the snob appeal. It doesn’t matter that these listeners are not using a scrap of their intuitive wisdom, that they are being systematically brain washed, mind controlled, propagandised, manipulated and put into a groupthink trance.

It is incredible how these R4 listeners proudly regurgitate what they have been conditioned to regurgitate. Global warming threat, vaccinations are good for us, the system serves the people, the holohoax narrative, green shoots in the economy, Al Queda terrorists…………….

These constant themes to suit the JWO agenda are subtly and sometimes blatantly placed in every aspect of R4. In their plays, their news, their women’s hour section, the art section, the science reviews and especially the comedy section. Every aspect is engineered to act as mind control for their judaic agenda. All fitting in neatly with Agenda 21 and therefore The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

And then the repeaters repeat this nonsense.

The question is: What will these repeaters not repeat?

Not one individual, original, alternative thought from any of the regular listeners of this station. No one. Yet all of them expouse their impregnated opinions thinking they are having original concepts. That they are knowledgeable, informed, objective thinkers. Ohhhh God.

I have noticed that the most obvious form of mind control with Radio 4 is very early in the morning. Around about 5/6 am. I think this is to do with our levels of susceptibility at this time of the day. We can absorb more in a delta state, without too much reasoning. The programming throughout the rest of the day is more subtle, but consistent. But this first period of the day is bang bang bang. It is almost in your face propaganda. It’s why the news comes on at 10pm, because this is when most people are winding down; again in this delta brainwave mode. Convenient time to implant programming.

If you haven’t yet listened to R4 early in the morning, please do so for shock purposes. Please note how they always have articulate, posh speaking presenters. This is deliberate. It is the same in many of the controlled alternative demonstrations and media outlets. Always a posh speaker. This is to subconsciously install in us that people of a certain breeding and class are the ones we should look up to for guidance. That these better people are not only better, but wiser and our worthy piers.

Yet nothing could be further from the Truth. These posh talking-heads and so-called experts are pure poison to society and are endemic parasites to be shunned by us all.

HEALTH WARNING – After listening to these broadcast on R4 you may experience a queasy abdominal discomfort. You may be compelled to vomit. Please ensure you have your sick bag ready.

Link to BBC Radio 4

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 3, 2014

    Hi Digger.

    I’m five hours behind London. I’ve called up their schedule and I’ll give a listen to their fifteen minute News Briefing or Midnight News. That should do it.

    Perhaps this has something to do with your assertions.

    • Hope it’s not an anti-climax for you Matthew. I’m not necessarily saying the propaganda is any more than CNN, whatever. But it’s just the haughty smugness of Radio 4 is sickening. Pretending to be your best friend, whilst poisoning you. I’m not sure if you will understand where I’m coming from by listening to just 15 minutes, it accumulatively sneaks up on people and weaves into people’s lives. I know Radio 4 addicts. They rush home to listen to their afternoon play, or comedy hour, or woman’s hour whatever. The subliminals are sneaky.

      Thanks for link and commenting.

  2. Billy

     /  September 4, 2014

    I truly am disgusted by all media. Especially so called “alternative media”. All lies. All indoctrinating, nauseating, lying, sleazy, absolute 100% garbage. Recently CNN stopped allowing comments on most of their stories. I was bombing them with Protocols of Zion, ISIS is a MOSSAD/ CIA creation, Greater Israel, divide and conquer…..etc. After just a few moments of that the comments would close. Eventually all of my comments (even with new “registrations”) were held pending review. The amount of people posting similar bombs has seemed to me to be growing exponentially. So CNNs reaction is to close comments. Can’t have any TRUTH getting in the way of a planned indoctrination piece.

    • Thanks Billy, we resonate entirely with your disgust in the media. Well, can we call it media? The state it is in now, it is just a propaganda tool for International Jewry. Likewise we can no longer say we have a government. It is just a mafia office full of lackeys for IJ.

      Well done for bombing them with the Truth. This sure is a tough battle. And probably one of our most challenging tasks individually and collectively.

      As you have probably noticed, I have real issues with people who know about this Truth and will not do a damn thing to get the Truth out, nor resist. So well done for doing your bit.

      Keep fighting, keep propagating, keep resisting Billy.


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