Treat Jews equally


In the exact same way they treat the Palestinians and everyone else

Essay by John Kaminski

The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals. The time has come for all the non Jewish people of the world to respond to Jews’ barbaric and psychopathological behavior in kind, that is to say, to treat Jews the same way Jews treat everyone else — with ruthless efficiency, to terminate them all where they stand with extreme prejudice, which is the same way Jews treat the rest of the world.

To put it in a simpler way, the Jewish holy book, called the Talmud, insists Jews may kill non Jews with no penalty, which they do by the thousands every single day. It’s time to reverse this directive, and eliminate all penalties for the killing of Jews by non Jews. Only in this way can the world escape the tyranny of a prison planet ruled by the Jews.

This harsh realization only reflects what is happening in the real world, as Jews, through their demented control of money, media and politics throughout the world, are basically in the process of strangling the life out of all those who are not Jewish. Jews have already gained control of all the world’s governments, educational institutions, public media, medical facilities, police agencies and military forces. Only a concerted effort by all those who are not Jews to eliminate Jews from the planet will prevent human civilization from being turned into a giant prison camp, which today it practically already is, thanks to the Department of Homeland Security and other totalitarian agencies run by Jews for Jews.

This extremely necessary practice applies not only to Jews themselves but also to those non Jews who aid Jews in their homicidal mania, and applies particularly to United States officials who through bribery and coercion assist the Jews in their destruction of existing governmental structures and the elimination of freedom and self determination for each and every person on this planet.

The current massacres of innocent people in Gaza, the false flag operations in Ukraine that have left the world teetering on the brink of World War 3, the unleashing of diseased undocumented aliens throughout the United States, and the deliberate release of the Ebola virus throughout the world prove beyond doubt that the Jews have declared themselves to be criminal pariahs on every level and in all circumstances who need to be prevented from every activity they undertake because of the clear and present danger and profound harm they cause to all the non Jews of the world.

The fact that through their control of media and creation of demented, insanity producing entertainment that has infected the entire population with a variety of self-destructive behaviors proves that Jews cannot be talked out of their harmful strategies, and their warped viewpoints and subtle techniques have shown beyond doubt that they cannot be reasoned with from the perspective of any kind of perception of compassionate human understanding.

Just ask the dead children of Gaza and their grieving parents if they would agree with this, and then ask members of the U.S. Congress who have near-unanimously approved of the Jewish mass murder of innocent Palestinians how they would like to be executed for voting the way they did.

Israel has outkilled Hamas 1410 to 59 in its latest invasion, according to the Huffington Post, all because of three Israeli teenagers who were probably killed by an Israeli to precipitate this latest slaughter. And every elected official in America applauds this kind of mass murder in order to keep their corrupt jobs.

The ruse that Hamas has antagonized Israel with its harmless firecracker missiles is just more evidence that it is a group created by Israel and still controlled by Israel for the purpose of providing a continuing excuse for the barbarian Israeli Jews to continue their extermination of the powerless and trapped Palestinians.

The fact that Jews entirely control the law enforcement apparatuses of most countries makes the undertaking of trying to eliminate them from the human equation an extremely hazardous task, and yet, failure to do so will result — and in fact has resulted — in the mental, social, political and physical castration of anyone who fails to see the effect Jewish pathological behaviors have inflicted upon the world.

False sciences, poison medicines, corrupt politicians, bogus economic strategies and deliberately perverse entertainment perverting our youth and poisoning our babies are just a few of the sadistic legacies warped Jews used to poison the minds of people everywhere.

The fact that Jews have totally captured all the major political structures of the United States through their time-tested formula of bribery, blackmail and murder means that all Americans who do not oppose this sabotage of Constitutional protections by the Jewish undermining of the U.S. government are now themselves liable to the same penalties that are certain to accrue to the Jews once the world figures out what they have done to take control of, plunder and enslave every country and every person on this planet.

Failure to follow this course of action will result in the loss of all your property, your freedom and your life in the very near future, much sooner than you can possibly imagine.

The fact that you have waited this long to take action against a concerted force that has plotted against your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors for hundreds of years means that the odds of your regaining the free society you always hoped to live in are very long indeed.

But the alternative choice of doing nothing and letting the present growing tyranny take its course means that you have no future at all, only a denatured and impotent passing of days in which you will have absolutely no say at all about how you will live your life, and no right to protest how short that remaining life will likely be.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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  1. how can you think Hamas was created by israel?

    • I didn’t write this article. John Kaminski did. Although I do also think Hamas was created/usurped by israel. that’s what jews do; they control both sides of the football team.

    • It is a well know fact that Hamas was created by Isarel.
      In fact every problem in the planet is started by jews. It’s that simple.
      Remove jews from power and the world will be a new one.

      • Indeed. However, we Gentiles need a good ol clean up though. It’s all our fault for being so ill-disciplined and spiritually void.

        Taking jewish control out of the equation would certainly be a good start; but this beast, this demonic (Archonic/satanic) force would just use another religion/mindset as its conduit for evil. It already does in a watered-down way.

        Thanks for contributing.

  2. melgibstein

     /  August 24, 2014

    The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals.

    Goyim doesnt mean animals, goyim means ethnicity (the pure ethnicity that God made). They do however refer to us as animals in their holy book The Talmud proving they do not believe in the Bible because the Bible does not refer anything to”the Jews” except that they are the synagogue of Satan and not Gods sheep. Does that mean we are animals too? I think not. Everything Jews say and do is contrary to God and the people created by God in his image. Jews pervert the truth while creating a lie so you will never return to the truth.

    You seem to understand the Jews holy book is the Talmud, so what then is the Holy Bible? To many it is the now perverted truth. You cant claim Jews follow the Mosaic Laws and the Talmud laws at the same time. One is contrary to the other. Find what is contrary to Jews and you have found the doorway to the truth.

    • Good comment Melgibstein. I agree the bible is only a franchise of judaism as is Islam. Although I know some decent Christians and Muslims.

  3. allison

     /  March 5, 2015

    I totally agree and wish this had happened a long time ago


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