The Archonic Servers

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  1. I really like John Lash’s insights. If we take his term “aliens” to mean the parasitical, psychotic Jews, it forms a more realistic and logical story. The Jews are aliens in every sense of the word, they have no homeland of their own… and they are self created through deliberate anti-nature inbreeding and the resultant genetic insanity.

    Thanks for these posts and great to hear from you again.

    • Interesting point Wanda. Personally I don’t really care what labels we put on this supernatural force. Be Archons, satanic, or demonic forces. Whatever. It’s just a dark force an ‘it’. Until we reach that level, I don’t think we really have a full understanding of this agenda.

      Thanks for contributing.

  2. PK

     /  August 23, 2014

    Digger, please give yourself the literary gift of a life time, and find The Urantia Book online or at a bookstore. It is an epochal revelation, the fifth, and find the paper called ” The Lucifer Rebellion” This is the true planetary history of our world. The Archon meme is another new jew age goy religion ploy. God is Sovereign, therefore, omnipotent and no other so-called dark force, evil genius, cabalistic fight between goodness, truth, and beauty, and evil, error, and ugliness, actually exists other than because of the rebellion that occured 200,000 years ago by a few non-omnipotent creatures against the Creator. Until this book gets more attention and is taken more seriously, since it is like a spiritual life personal flotation device being thrown to us from real celestial beings, not archons, then I believe the world is in ominous peril. Search for The Nodites, and discover where the Jews got their racial and national supremism from. Find out who Melchizedek really was, how he “chose” Abraham, and that the Covenant was about freely believing in the one God and salvation is a free gift from God. God giving the jews the land of israel is all nonsense. Read how the jews, after getting out of from slavery of Nebacannezer half a millennium before Christ, re-wrote their national and racial history and were determined if they were to survive, then they would have to convert the gentiles, in order to control the gentile nations–a totally lost cause, when Melchezidek set them up to receive the Promised Son (Jesus), and then freely take his message to the peoples of the rest of the world. Instead they change the true covenant into an egotistical land deal for the chosen; a Baal style materialism with no divine guiding hand actually backing it up. Urgent information is at hand. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!!!

    • Thank you PK. Appreciate your sharing.

      Please send any links and further information.

      Thank you for contributing.

  3. PK

     /  August 24, 2014

    Dig in Digger. Life is a divine gift, receive it well.
    53. The Lucifer Rebellion – Manovandet Melchizedek
    54. Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion – Mighty Messenger
    55. The Spheres of Light and Life – Mighty Messenger
    56. Universal Unity – Mighty Messenger and Machiventa Melchizedek

    — Part III — The History of Urantia

    Ppr. Title – Author

    57. The Origin of Urantia – Life Carrier
    58. Life Establishment on Urantia – Life Carrier
    59. The Marine-life Era on Urantia – Life Carrier
    60. Urantia During the Early Land-Life Era – Life Carrier
    61. The Mammalian Era on Urantia – Life Carrier
    62. The Dawn Races of Early Man – Life Carrier
    63. The First Human Family – Life Carrier
    64. The Evolutionary Races of Color – Life Carrier
    65. The Overcontrol of Evolution – Life Carrier
    66. The Planetary Prince of Urantia – Melchizedek
    67. The Planetary Rebellion – Melchizedek
    68. The Dawn of Civilization – Melchizedek
    69. Primitive Human Institutions – Melchizedek
    70. The Evolution of Human Government – Melchizedek
    71. Development of the State – Melchizedek
    72. Government on a Neighboring Planet – Melchizedek
    73. The Garden of Eden – Solonia
    74. Adam and Eve – Solonia
    75. The Default of Adam and Eve – Solonia
    76. The Second Garden – Solonia
    77. The Midway Creatures – Archangel
    78. The Violet Race After the Days of Adam – Archangel
    79. Andite Expansion in the Orient – Archangel
    80. Andite Expansion in the Occident – Archangel
    81. Development of Modern Civilization – Archangel
    82. The Evolution of Marriage – Chief of Seraphim
    83. The Marriage Institution – Chief of Seraphim
    84. Marriage and Family Life – Chief of Seraphim
    85. The Origins of Worship – Brilliant Evening Star
    86. Early Evolution of Religion – Brilliant Evening Star
    87. The Ghost Cults – Brilliant Evening Star
    88. Fetishes, Charms, and Magic – Brilliant Evening Star
    89. Sin, Sacrifice, and Atonement – Brilliant Evening Star
    90. Shamanism — Medicine Men and Priests – Melchizedek
    91. The Evolution of Prayer – Chief of Midwayers
    92. The Later Evolution of Religion – Melchizedek
    93. Machiventa Melchizedek – Melchizedek
    94. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Orient – Melchizedek
    95. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levant – Melchizedek
    96. Yahweh — God of the Hebrews – Melchizedek
    97. Evolution of the God Concept among the Hebrews – Melchizedek
    98. The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occident – Melchizedek
    99. The Social Problems of Religion – Melchizedek
    100. Religion in Human Experience – Melchizedek
    101. The Real Nature of Religion – Melchizedek
    102. The Foundations of Religious Faith – Melchizedek
    103. The Reality of Religious Experience – Melchizedek
    104. Growth of the Trinity Concept – Melchizedek
    105. Deity and Reality – Melchizedek
    106. Universe Levels of Reality – Melchizedek
    107. Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters – Solitary Messenger
    108. Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters – Solitary Messenger
    109. Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures – Solitary Messenger
    110. Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals – Solitary Messenger
    111. The Adjuster and the Soul – Solitary Messenger
    112. Personality Survival – Solitary Messenger
    113. Seraphic Guardians of Destiny – Chief of Seraphim
    114. Seraphic Planetary Government – Chief of Seraphim
    115. The Supreme Being – Mighty Messenger
    116. The Almighty Supreme – Mighty Messenger
    117. God the Supreme – Mighty Messenger
    118. Supreme and Ultimate — Time and Space – Mighty Messenger
    119. The Bestowals of Christ Michael – Chief of Evening Stars
    — Part IV — The Life and Teachings of Jesus

    Ppr. Title – Author

    120. The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia – Mantutia Melchizedek
    121. The Times of Michael’s Bestowal – Midwayer Commission
    122. Birth and Infancy of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    123. The Early Childhood of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    124. The Later Childhood of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    125. Jesus at Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    126. The Two Crucial Years – Midwayer Commission
    127. The Adolescent Years – Midwayer Commission
    128. Jesus’ Early Manhood – Midwayer Commission
    129. The Later Adult Life of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    130. On the Way to Rome – Midwayer Commission
    131. The World’s Religions – Midwayer Commission
    132. The Sojourn at Rome – Midwayer Commission
    133. The Return From Rome – Midwayer Commission
    134. The Transition Years – Midwayer Commission
    135. John the Baptist – Midwayer Commission
    136. Baptism and the Forty Days – Midwayer Commission
    137. Tarrying Time in Galilee – Midwayer Commission
    138. Training the Kingdom’s Messengers – Midwayer Commission
    139. The Twelve Apostles – Midwayer Commission
    140. The Ordination of the Twelve – Midwayer Commission
    141. Beginning the Public Work – Midwayer Commission
    142. The Passover at Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    143. Going Through Samaria – Midwayer Commission
    144. At Gilboa and in the Decapolis – Midwayer Commission
    145. Four Eventful Days at Capernaum – Midwayer Commission
    146. First Preaching Tour of Galilee – Midwayer Commission
    147. The Interlude Visit to Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    148. Training Evangelists at Bethsaida – Midwayer Commission
    149. The Second Preaching Tour – Midwayer Commission
    150. The Third Preaching Tour – Midwayer Commission
    151. Tarrying and Teaching by the Seaside – Midwayer Commission
    152. Events Leading up to the Capernaum Crisis – Midwayer Commission
    153. The Crisis at Capernaum – Midwayer Commission
    154. Last Days at Capernaum – Midwayer Commission
    155. Fleeing Through Northern Galilee – Midwayer Commission
    156. The Sojourn at Tyre and Sidon – Midwayer Commission
    157. At Caesarea Philippi – Midwayer Commission
    158. The Mount of Transfiguration – Midwayer Commission
    159. The Decapolis Tour – Midwayer Commission
    160. Rodan of Alexandria – Midwayer Commission
    161. Further Discussions With Rodan – Midwayer Commission
    162. At the Feast of Tabernacles – Midwayer Commission
    163. Ordination of the Seventy at Magadan – Midwayer Commission
    164. At the Feast of Dedication – Midwayer Commission
    165. The Perean Mission Begins – Midwayer Commission
    166. Last Visit to Northern Perea – Midwayer Commission
    167. The Visit to Philadelphia – Midwayer Commission
    168. The Resurrection of Lazarus – Midwayer Commission
    169. Last Teaching at Pella – Midwayer Commission
    170. The Kingdom of Heaven – Midwayer Commission
    171. On the Way to Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    172. Going Into Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    173. Monday in Jerusalem – Midwayer Commission
    174. Tuesday Morning in the Temple – Midwayer Commission
    175. The Last Temple Discourse – Midwayer Commission
    176. Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet – Midwayer Commission
    177. Wednesday, the Rest Day – Midwayer Commission
    178. Last Day at the Camp – Midwayer Commission
    179. The Last Supper – Midwayer Commission
    180. The Farewell Discourse – Midwayer Commission
    181. Final Admonitions and Warnings – Midwayer Commission
    182. In Gethsemane – Midwayer Commission
    183. The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    184. Before the Sanhedrin Court – Midwayer Commission
    185. The Trial Before Pilate – Midwayer Commission
    186. Just Before the Crucifixion – Midwayer Commission
    187. The Crucifixion – Midwayer Commission
    188. The Time of the Tomb – Midwayer Commission
    189. The Resurrection – Midwayer Commission
    190. Morontia Appearances of Jesus – Midwayer Commission
    191. Appearances to the Apostles and Other Leaders – Midwayer Commission
    192. Appearances in Galilee – Midwayer Commission
    193. Final Appearances and Ascension – Midwayer Commission
    194. Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth – Midwayer Commission
    195. After Pentecost – Midwayer Commission
    196. The Faith of Jesus – Midwayer Commission

    • Thank you PK, phew a lot of reading. Don’t know if i can be bothered :-). Gut feeling/intuition tells me not to go here. can’t explain, doesn’t feel right (at the moment). Without haven’t looked at this material, i should not judge; but I feel it’s more of jumping into a box/identity?? Maybe I’m wrong.

      However, thank you anyway.

      • Good and evil is only a subjective perception from ones own perspective. Without evil there can be no good, as evil defines good and good defines evil. One is dependent on the other.
        The jew is a predator, and as such he needs to be contained. He is opposite the rest of us, and thus cant live among us without wrecking havoc on our societies.
        But godpeople in the center of the universe are probably not the creators of all this.
        Johan Gottfried von Herder described the peoples of the world as Gods mind. And knowing my own mind, I am well aware of a pretty dark place that needs to be contained.
        As above – so below. 😊

      • Interesting ribbing. Kinda agree with you. We are all the potential evil and the potential goodness – tis all a choice. Hence my constant nagging to all the Truthers who let the weeks, months, seasons and years drift and do nothing. Doing nothing, playing the passive card, is playing the evil card. I do not apologise for my harshness.

        Thank you for contributing.

  4. aj

     /  August 30, 2014

    Fascinating stuff, Digger. Not sure I’m buying but a seductive thesis. It certainly wasn’t religion that drove Genghis Khan. Also, I’m still fascinated by the Jews clear and intense hatred of Christ.

    • Hear you aj. hence why I did not leave any comments on this post.

      Also, why I heard David Icke promotes John Lash in his latest book – which is sold in Waterstones in Britain……a kosher-owned shop.

      However, I find John Lash’s delivery and concepts approachable. I’m drifting away from the God concept more n more these days.

      Why the jews loathe JC – God know :-)??? Destroy all religion to bring in their NWO one-world-religion??

      I’m at a place now, that I don’t want to get into too much theory and speculation. That’s why I resonate with the Freeman principles/movement. It is directly affecting corrupt local councils, unlawful policing, and attacking their legislation. We are hurting them. It is tangible and real.

      Thank you for contributing.


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