Here is a brief look at some of of the reasons why some people cannot be impartial with the Truth.



Money. The dirty grease that greases this dirty system. This is the entity which lubricates this filthy agenda.

People who have become accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle, begin to think this is normal and expect it; and worse still, try to cling hold of this nice comfortable lifestyle. Almost becoming one of their biggest fears – to lose it all. Attachment.

So cognitive dissonance sneaks into their mindset, and allows them to conveniently ignore logic and facts which may interfere in their nice comfortable existence. I’m all right Jack attitude. I’m not affected – yet, so I’ll not only ignore the Truth, but I’ll play the game and support this dirty system which feeds me with my luxuries.

And that is why even those who claim to be Truth-seekers and Truth-tellers can have a bias outlook – because they have financial interests to look after as their priority. Their half-Truth information is ludicrously contorted to suit their overall narrative. The real Truth just doesn’t bring in the money. Especially if they are working for ‘popular alternative’ news channels. If they actually told accurate Truth, they would not get their commission. Tis that simple.

There is nothing wrong with having a subtle ‘donations’ button on a website. But to be always begging for money and worse still, charge for the Truth; has got to be the lowest of the low. These people are not about the real Truth. They are in this movement for their own self interests. Top tip: avoid these characters like the plague. You will never get to the real Truth with these parasites.




(i) I AMism. I am a Jew, therefore as a Jew I believe xyz. I AM a Muslim, therefore I believe what Islam tells me to believe. I AM a Christian, therefore I believe what my version of Christianity tells me believe. I AM a Hare Krishna, therefore I have a set of beliefs that the HK movement teaches. Ad infinitum.

Forget logic, forget reason. Just what the tribe mentality (groupthink) tells these people to believe. They have to stick to the rules and parameter beliefs within their little box. Again cognitive dissonance jumps into the equation. Box-Truthers I call these people.

And we then have to try and converse in a sane open manner with all these varying constrained belief systems. Trying to use logic, reason and common sense to get through to these people is near on impossible.

(ii) However there is a watered-down form of tribalism too. This is when people who are living within a religious structure or belief system, do not necessarily have strong opinions about their religion/tribe’s beliefs. Yet, because of the community (tribal) social pressures; they feel they have to support their tribe – and what their tribe espouses. It does not matter if they secretly do not believe in what they repeat. Just so long as they remain comfortable within the tribe and do not rock the boat.




This area tends to blend into all aspects of these categories. However it is worth highlighting in itself. The social disease of repeatitis.

Fear of change. Habit. Conditioned response. Apathy and laziness. Mind control. It is easy to repeat and stay amongst the flock, than dare to think differently and put up with the hassle of being ostracised. The more one steps out of groupthink, the more heat one takes. It really is as simplistic as that. Repeatitis is everywhere, in every aspect of society. Repeat, repeat, repeat for the easy life.




Good ol Ego. This character has been around for eons. Always tripping us up, always getting us into mischief. Yet we just can’t seem to let this character out of our lives.

When that moment comes when we realise we are wrong; we always have a choice: We can say “OMG, how wrong was I. I am so so sorry.” And try our best to make amends. But the other choice is to stick with ego and dig our heels in and try to play mind acrobats with our bias theories, in order not to hurt our ego.

This is what people do when they realise they have been lied to and they also realise they have repeated these lies. It hurts them so much. They feel so let down by those they have trusted all their lives (their inner child trusting elders), they just cannot deal with this reality, so they continue the keep the lies alive. The Holocaust did happen, man did go to the moon, 19 Islamic fundamentalist did do 9/11. And on and on the lies are repeated.

This is especially true if one’s whole identity (kudos) is entrenched in their belief systems. For example they may have worked on exclusive projects for the holocaust museums. Or having served within a military career. Devoting their lives to this role. It would take a very humble honest individual indeed to acknowledge they had been fooled most of their career. As well as perpetrated this lie and made a decent living and status off of this lie.



To resonate with the Truth, means to resonate with wisdom, honesty, non-bias realities, being humble and only having altruistic interests.



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  1. Bob Mcdonald

     /  August 23, 2014

    The posts here always get you thinking , and that I guess is what its about , there are lots of people who claim to be truthers or similar but the reality is like you say as long as it doesn’t affect my little number on the side. … I would gladly give up everything I own except for my music maybe ? to have the whole of humanity in a better position ,or even tohave to grobble for food and supplies would be worth it, in fact any sacrifice of personal comforts including the evil money I would gladly do ,we continually judge ourselves by how much money or possessions we have but the fact remains that we are all equal , and it seems the less you have the more humane you tend to be . great post thanks !


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