Truth Flash


We apologise for the interruption to this evenings programme with this emergency news flash. 

We have some very important breaking news which needs immediate broadcast. 

The attack on the New York twin towers on 9/11 was not carried out by Islamic fundamentalist after all; but instead Jewish fundamentalists. It was to instigate a war in Iraq.


Therefore the Iraqi war was another big cruel scam. Killing over 2 million people on behalf of elite Jewish banking families.


The black slave trade was not instigated and orchestrated by Caucasian people – but by International Jewry. The Jews run the media and academia, so they’ve blamed this abhorrent episode in history on the European nations, in order to get non-whites to hate whites, whilst putting an artificial guilt trip on the European whites for something they hardly had anything to do with.


The so-called Jewish holocaust never happened! Sorry, that too was another big global hoax which has been shoved down your throats 24/7 for the last half a century. The camps were merely containment/work camps to try and contain the criminal Jewish community who were crippling and degrading Germany society. Hitler in fact was one of good guys who was merely trying to protect his people and land. Everything you have learnt about WW1 and WW2 has all been utter lies, more inverted Truth. More of the conditioning by Jewish-owned news outlets such as us.


All major hospitals and government run health care centres are really just eugenic centres, as part of a slow kill programme under Agenda 21 which are in alignment with an ancient Jewish doctrine known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. So ya betta not have any more of those deadly vaccines or magic pills from these brainwashed idiots in white coats.


The recent bombings and news reports such as Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, the Woolwich beheading, etc – they too were all hoaxes. More of the illusion, propaganda, lies, deception – perpetrated by kosher news outlets from us lot. All to keep up the endless wars and keep divisions and the perpetual fear. War on terra. Sorry.


It was International Jewry who assassinated JFK and his brother, along with Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, John Lennon, Malcombe X, etc. Probably Bruce Lee and many many more come to think of it.


Money in essence does not actually exist; it has no real intrinsic value in itself. It has only artificial value held up our conditioned collective belief system. It is all part of the perception, the mass illusion. Money is just a control system, as money deliberately has debt built into it, in order to enslave us. Please learn about usury. We shall be exposing the scam of usury in future broadcasts.


Medical research is a another scam too. All just a guise to design our deaths and control us (military use, poisons, etc). So all those trillions of innocent animals who have suffered in vivisection labs has been futile, as far as medical research. It was all part the demonic force to feed of off fear.


And man never went to the moon by the way. Another scam.


Also you can’t trust Press TV, RT or Al Jazera either. They’re only half Truth outlets, owned by the same force which owns this propaganda broadcasting station. All part of the Jewish global conspiracy to keep us in the dark and keep up the confusion.


The logistics of your world is run by an elite clandestine criminal mafia known as International Jewry. They run (or ruin) every aspect of your life. The media, the academia, the law society, the pornography industry, the alcohol industry, the military complex and most industries.


The law as we know it, is not actually law. It has been usurped by these elite Jewish families. It has morphed into the legal world. Law and legal are diametrically opposed. The legal world is all about unlawful and deceptive legislation: acts, bills and statutes. It is all hinged on maritime/admiralty/contract law (shipping laws) through the scam of ‘the person’ via our birth certificates.


You are being systematically sprayed from the skies like bugs in order to slow kill you and control your mind. Look up you idiots at the unprecedented amounts of unusual lines in the skies. These are chemtrails, not water vapour contrails you comatised fools. You are being poisoned by your government which is run by demonically-driven psychotic elite Jews.


And all those smart meters you’ve accepted, are also designed to slow kill you and numb your mind.


Everything in life is free. Because we have already paid for things and services through our ‘bond’ (secret trust fund) which was created when we were registered as babies, via a berthing certificate and ‘the person’ formed. The Person is a fictional entity which has accumulated vast amounts of wealth, which we are in total ignorance of. We are conditioned from birth to believe we have to pay for things which are ours anyway, which we have created. Therefore all these utility companies have been double-dipping us all our lives – all a scam. So, because they’re all built on deception, therefore unlawful; from now on, we do not have to pay another utility bill or council tax charge.


Political correctness is a clever mind control system to get us to self police ourselves. Keep each other in check so we dare not state the obvious and dare not complain about our demise.


Phycology is another crafty scam to get those of us who are awakening to this tyrannical society, to suppress our natural righteous indignation and defuse our organic response to the insanity which is going on out there. Phycology is another Jewish scam to get us to only ever address the problems of this agenda and never look at the root cause [another diversion tactic].


Every single media outlet (such as this pile of crap) is controlled by the elite Jews. They are all accumulatively mind controlling you. You have all been systematically programmed and conditioned by us lot. And you naive morons keep believing our lies – ha.


And the pornography you’ve all accepted, has been deliberately manufactured in order to split up the family, degrade society, create another addiction, therefore maniple and weakening our minds. Its another sweet poison, another covert weapon of mass destruction; to ruin us and eat away at our minds and souls. Keep taking the soma, that’s a good little goy.


All academia is now also usurped by this same controlling psychotic force. All government run schools, colleges, universities, home-study courses and evening education centres ……..the lot. All part of the mass mind control. Which you apathetic lazy idiots have swallowed. You’re own fault, nobody else to blame. You naively allowed yourselves to be scammed by the scammers.


And your mortgages are another mass scam. You twits who think you own your own homes – you don’t! Just look at the deeds you were tricked into signing. You don’t even own a brick. It’s all owned by these immensely wealthy Jewish banking families. You just maintain the property and pay your morge-age [death-grip] every month. You mugs.


Same for your children by the way. They own them too! You gullible repeaters fell for the same scam as your parents did, by registering (handing over ownership) your children. Your little ones legally belong to the government – which belong to International Jewry. They are officially wards of the state. Hence they can snatch them back off you any time they want. Same for anything you register: your car, your boat, your gun, any property you have registered – it’s all theirs, for keeps.


And the IT you have been conditioned to be obsessed and addicted by, is all about data collection and big brother control. Plus more of the slow kill through Electro Magnetic Pollution.


Voting and governments are a another global scam. Because all parties are owned and controlled by International Jewry. That’s why they’re called parties, because they’re all party to this scam. God you lot are friggin gullible. When are you going to wake up?


There is only abundance in the universe. Scarcity is another scam to keep us in perpetual fear and slavery. Just more control.


Nobody has authority over you!! This is just more of the conditioning. How can anyone have authority of a sovereign being? You only give authority to anyone through your free will. It must never be enforced or brought about through duplicity. Therefore all forms of government authority is really only perceived authority, therefore fraudulent, and representative of a tyrannical dictatorship.


All these perceived authorities are private corporations belonging to these same elite Jewish banking families. All police forces (which were once a public service), are now private companies. All police men and women are are employees of privately owned entities. They are all just actors playing (acting out) the roles of police officers of the sea under maritime laws, wearing black occult costumes. All working unlawfully under the guise of law, working within administrative legislation. They have no more authority over you than your local supermarket has. They are all just private security guards working for a mafia gang, using brutal force. Hence the police force.


All law does not stem from man made mandates such as: the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, The Constitution, whatever. Or even Common law. It comes a place of common sense; from a natural intuition of what is obviously right and wrong. Under an age old maxim of ‘Do-no-harm’. Law is that simple. The scam is to make it really complicated for the average goy slave – in order to disempower you.


You are not the body, this too is part of the mass mind control. You are a beautiful immortal soul having an experience as part of your spiritual development. Your body is just your vehicle to cary the soul.


In general terms, all religions are a form of mind control, to help maintain social divisions and controls. One can only seek the Truth from within. We do not need any middle men to make a connection with the Divine Universal Power.


Nothing in the universe, in your world, is matter. Everything is motion. Just a bundle of atoms spinning at various speeds, which is just electro-magnetic energy. So absolutely everything in our life is nothing more than packets of energy. Nothing in life is actually real. The only thing which is real and constant is the stillness within you.


Therefore we manifest every aspect of our lives, individually and collectively, as we project our thoughts (energy). Everything that we perceive as happening events and matter, is just our collective thoughts. We create our own reality (energy). Our experience, this thing we call life is just an illusion (energy).


You dosey lot had better start waking up sharpish.


So, once again, we apologise for the interruption to your evenings’ viewing. Now we will return to your scheduled programme – Strictly come dancing.




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  1. Not only do these jew demons own us and use us, they treat us like their farm animals to breed us and brainwash us to suit them, then cull us off through their contrived wars, all paid for by us stupid sheep. The jew trickery ensures they don’t get their hands dirty, we idiot goys will kill each other because of the poisonous hatred to our brothers and neighbours they instil in us.

    Great article Digger, always to the point.

    • Thank you SG ….you filthy a-Semite 😉

      Yes, indeed, they get us to do their dirty work. We must indeed take partial responsibility for being so gullible.

      Thank you for contributing.


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