Just imagine


just imagine our world

how things could really be

potentially heaven on earth

no more worry – fear based existence

no more divisions

no more slavery for usury

no more unnecessary cruelty

just imagine

but can we imagine?

is it possible for us to even imagine such a reality?

are we too far conditioned – too far gone – too far corrupted?

but we have no other choice

we just have to imagine

use of imagery, using our imagination

isn’t that what’s its there for?

perhaps that’s it – that is indeed their biggest fear

all that suppression of right brain intuitive thinking

and even beyond thinking

knocking the imagination out of us when we’re just wee things

dreaming, wondering off into fantasy

the potential of IMAGINATION

that’s what they’re really scared of

that we dare to even imagine

things radically different

radically different

that we begin to manifest our world

that we imagine what is truly worth and right

that we imagine a world of unity and peace

that we imagine our world of empowerment free from these tyrants’s control

that we just dare to manifest our reality

it time for us to do some serious dreaming

pragmatic imagination

the power of imagination – to invent, to fantasise, 

the power of imagination – to brainstorm, to plan, to organise

the power of imagination – to manifest, to create, to bring into being

the power of imagination – realities  and practicalities

thought to conception

imagery to reality

enslavement to freedom 

just imagine



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  1. vanessa

     /  February 18, 2015

    I- magic (imagine). … why ‘they’ have forced outcome based education on us at 4 years old, kept in school and made to exist only in the left brain – just an the age when both our right and left brains are operating equanimously until 16yrs of age. Before school age we can imagine (magic) all sorts of wonderfulness.
    If we all can operate our brains equally we can i-magic (imagine) all the things listed and magic a better safer magical existence for all life on earth.


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