a mere hefty boot


“Whenever you hear people talk in defeatist terms about how much power the Jews have over us and how disempowered we are. 

Always remind them and remind yourself; that yes, the Jewish wall may still appear to be mighty and strong – but it is finally beginning to crumble. 

The foundations are weakening, the render is falling off and the pointing is corroding daily. There are even gaps here n there in this once mighty wall. It won’t take long before it weakens so much, that a mere hefty boot and it will topple.  

It’s just up us, how much effort we put in, as for how soon this will happen.

No matter how gritty things appear out there – we are getting stronger and more confident daily – whilst they are weakening on every level. This is our new meme; and this is the only rhetoric we need to reinforce amongst ourselves.”

~ Digger


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  1. I believe you are right. I have a post up at my blog which shows us exactly how to bring that wall down. It is about odious debt, and how we have lost our sovereignty through financial enslavement. If you don’t mind me leaving the link – http://revoltofthebarbarians.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/odious-debt-or-how-to-fix-a-manufactured-crisis/

  2. aj

     /  June 3, 2014

    Amen, Digger.


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