“We have got to move on from just being surveyors of this judaic damage; 

and evolve into becoming architects of our future.”

~ Digger

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  1. Intelligence, heart and spirit lead us to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA3SvbjcuYU

  2. pg56

     /  June 2, 2014

    Digger, this is Patty. I’ll be posting under the name pg56 from now on because this is the only name I have a password to so I can log in properly.

    Become the architect of your own future. Been thinking about the same idea myself lately but even those who are jew-wise refuse to do this and I mean specifically regarding the words we choose to use. People readily accept the jew language such as the words anti-semitism or anti-defamation league. They repeat these words and then endlessly explain how erroneous these phrases are. BUT THEY NEVER STOP USING THEM!

    When you let the jew give you your language, you are already defeated. I never use the term anti-semite. I say anti-jew whether I’m talking to people or writing a letter to the editor. I always say jewish defamation league. I try to be conscious of every word in order to cleanse myself of jew language which turns language into lies.

    Get the jew out of your head folks. Don’t let them control your thoughts which begins with controlling your language.

  3. mega ditto’s
    The second missed point is the fact that readers have selective memory. After reading the book, many will only hark back to the killing in Deir Yassin – the real story of which is still not agreed upon – and the ethnic cleansing of Lydda and part of the Galilee; they won’t understand the reasons, the desperation, the lack of arms, the threats of another Holocaust, nor will they know that these actions were an integral component of a zero-sum-game that had taken place during the 1948 war of Jewish independence. Had these events not come to pass, Jewish Jerusalem would not have survived, the Jewish State would not have been viable, and Ari Shavit would not have had the good life he revels in today.
    But the most disheartening aspect of the book is its implicit conclusions.

    clearly the language suffers from an elastic definition for Israel…

  4. Digger, you are inline with my thinking lately about using imagination creatively. Wow I really dig this! Seriously…

    Before I go to sleep at night, I imagine a world free from jewdom–peaceful, caring, working for the common good of man, similar to Nazi Germany. But I make it even better by seeing myself touching someone’s shoulder saying “yes, we did it!”, rejoicing in the grand success that the internet’s dissemination of information worked its wonders and how people rose up and won with few casualties, we are the majority to the minority 2% after all. I see it as a win all around, freeing the conscientious Jews from the scary ones as well.

    By simply turning the Jewtube off and using one’s imagination free from negativity we can change this world!

    PS.. Neville Goddard was taught by a Jewish mystic on the use of the imagination to create your world and has many talks on Youtube and written articles. It runs counter to the Christianity taught in churches but makes more sense to me the more I practice his instruction.


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