The Harvesters


Paying taxes has nothing whatsoever to do with funding ‘the government’! 


Likewise, it has nothing whatsoever to do with funding the criminals behind the government. Because this is not how things operate. Why would they need funding if they create money, control the markets and own the banks? Think about it – they pretty much own the world. They do not need your money – for the reasons we are led to believe. Both those who are asleep and those who are awake are duped into thinking they need to scoop up tax revenue to pay for wars and xyz. This is more of the illusion. More perception, more duplicity by the kings of deception.


The real reasons they tax us is essentially twofold:


1/. To give the perception that the government needs capital to fund any of their operations. This tricks the high level investors, the corporations, the voters, all those who are intrenched in the trance of the matrix. But also most of us red pills, who are aware of the agenda. We too fall for this perception. We say “Don’t pay taxes, it only funds wars and keeps the agenda going.”


But nothing could be further from the Truth. In reality not a penny, not a dime pays for any wars. It is just an illusion and more importantly – to keep up the illusion.



2/. The second reason is very deep. If we do not come to this understanding of how this whole agenda operates, we will forever be chasing our tails trying to deal with the particular issues and mechanics of this agenda and never really working out how the whole thing actually functions. Because this agenda is way above and beyond politics. This is one of those areas where we have to just accept it is a knowing and kind of beyond just academic logic. But as soon as we get this, it all falls into place. It’s that “Arrhhh right” moment when we can have some clarity and and a real understanding of how this insanity works.


First we must realise we are not dealing with a ‘them’ and ‘they’. We are ultimately dealing an ‘IT’. That’s the bottom line. A demonic entity, a satanic/archon-ic force. Tough as it is to accept this reality, we have to, or we will never ever get what’s going on.


So, with this level of objective understanding, we can begin to break down how and why things work the way they do. Because now we can see that we are not only in a spiritual war, we are in an energetic war.


Hence this is the second reason why we pay taxes. It is the same reason why we are being fleeced for extortionate bills and outrageous legislation and unlawful fines, etc. It’s all the same energy. That is what this dark force is all about – to trawl our energies. That is what it feeds off. Off of our fear energy.


These CEOs for satan are just the conduits to keep this life line of fear energy to the dark force. The endless wars, the fear-monger media, the struggle to survive, the angst of crime and perceived crime, the horror-themed movies, the constant social depression. The ever present darkness. Fear, fear, fear.


This is what the NWO is really about. Fear harvesting.


So if we accept this. And it may take some while before this concept fully resonates with us. But when we do, when we really get it. Then we can be mindful of how we respond to the insanity of what we are experiencing.


Having this new awareness, even on a superficial/academic level, we can begin to be mindful of constantly reacting to ‘their’ (it’s) threats, their intimidation, their constant dark oppression. Every time we experience these learned (conditioned) fears, we will know we are feeding the beast. Giving it sustenance – energy.



I can see two+ distinctive ways on how to defuse these fear triggers:


1/. Knowledge  

Knowledge is our power base. Becoming aware of how their duplicity works. Dissolving our individual and collective ignorance. Learning about their various scams. Getting to know the tricks of these criminals, how they work.

Here are some examples of essential areas of knowledge we all need to know about:


  • Wise up on how money works, what money ISN’T. Have an understanding of usury.
  • Get to know about your ‘Bond’ (secret trust fund) through your birth certificate [the person] and how EVERYTHING in life is free. And how they are double-dipping with all our utility bills, taxes and all of these fraudulent payments. And how we are being duped into paying for things in life which are ours anyway.
  • Having a full understanding that nobody in your life has authority over you unless you consent to them having authority over you. All they have is perceived authority……which we keep reinforcing through ignorance, conditioning and fear.
  • Knowing that all these authoritative bodies, including our actual governments are private corporations (gangster companies) who have as much authority over us as Warmart, Sainsburys and Asda.
  • Learn about the principles of Lawful Rebellion/Freeman-on-the-Land. The difference between legal and lawful. The mechanics of exactly how we are being fleeced, again through the legal entity known as ‘the person‘.
  • Fully grasp that there is never scarcity. God/The Universe/Source can only provide abundance for all of us. Scarcity is just another one of their/it’s manufactured fear triggers.
  • Learn to become independent from big bruv. Adopt a sovereign mindset with alternative means of obtaining energy, fuel, food production, health care, home schooling, survival skills, etc.


These are all empowerment skills.


All this knowledge will give you a quiet confidence. Confidence in knowing that YOU are in the right and they are clearly in the wrong. You are not bad, it is them. You should not feel guilty for their criminality. It’s all a criminal/mafia scam. And that the cats out of the bag and we are now beginning the process of exposing this fraud and oppression. We are going to have things our way from now on. Get this into your mindset. Let this winning defiant attitude penetrate your core belief system.


Armed with this knowledge you will definitely become empowered. The power ratio will flip. But it is crucial that you actively share this knowledge. Even if most do not want to hear this. Still, you must regularly go out of your way to give others the opportunity to also empower themselves. Together we will exponentially power ourselves – and that is what they/it are paranoid of.


You do not have to pay ANY of your utility bills. You do not and should not be paying any taxes as much as you can get away with. So begin to gradually remove the fear of not being able to pay up this fraud – now or some time in the near future.



~ M. Gandhi




2/. The second area in trying to defuse fear, is to embrace spirituality

True spirituality. Not structured conformative and divisive religion, nor new-age crap. But a true connection to the bigger picture from within. An inside job.


  • Know you are most definitely not the body.
  • Have a full understanding that you are a unique soul having a journey, experiencing a spiritual training. That every experience – every person you interact with, every situation you are faced with is part of your spiritual development, your training.
  • That you can never ever die! And that death is the biggest illusion of all. How on earth can your soul die? It can get tarnished, and corrupted; which of course is part of this forces’ MO, if we let it. But the real you, your true identity can never ever die.
  • It is vital that we understand that when we indulge in negative non-spiritual traits such as getting drunk, using pornography, gambling, allowing ourselves to get addicted to the plethora of materialist traps, becoming engrossed in ego/kudos, putting our identity into the mirage of false I AMs (I am a …….this or that title/label)…………that all of this is handing over our energy to this dark force and is the antipathies of true spiritual development.




The + Plus

Well if you are new to this whole agenda and the previous areas were hard to grasp. I warn you – this next part is the hardest of all. But it is essential we try and grasp it.


In a nutshell, that everything in our lives is not only energy; but …………an illusion. Everything that we recognise as matter, is just energy. Packets of spinning atoms giving the perception of matter. Everything we touch, feel, experience is nothing but motion. The only real thing in our lives is what is not in motion – stillness.


And if that doesn’t blow your mind ………….not only is everything energy, but everything is projected energy. Nothing actually exists. It is all an illusion. We manifest everything in our experience we call life. We are responsible for everything in our existence which we perceive as real – both individually and collectively. This is the ultimate spiritual responsibility which has been expressed in the scriptures for eons. This is true science. And what real scientists are now discovering within their electoro-magnetic universe (energy). Science and true spirituality are reuniting again, because they can never truly be separated, because there it is only one science, called spirituality.


So this is why it is essential to get a grip of all of this fear-based Truthing information we load on ourselves. We have to of course observe it. But we must also try and detach from it. Because ultimately none of it is real and we are collectively manifesting it. So in turn we must acknowledge we have the ability to manifest goodness, Light, positive energy; to literally design and manufacture the realities we want to experience in our lives.


That is why we must try hard and not let them/it pool all of our energy. We must re-direct this energy into what we want. What is needed to heal. We must try and focus on exactly, specifically, in finite detail what we want in our lives. We must create images in our mind – use the powers of imagination (image) to create our reality. Just like any inventor first does before they create a concept. Like any architect does before commencing construction.


Meditate on this daily, focus on it when you have a quiet moment – waiting for a train, sitting in a traffic jam, going for a walk, before nodding off to sleep, when we’re sitting quietly on a park bench. Positive, directed, manifestation of the life and experiences we want and deserve. That is our empowerment. This will be double-bubble, because not only will we be defusing our worries (fear energy), but creating our positive energy.


When we truly acknowledge this beyond a theoretical, academic level – then we can begin to dissolve the fear and in turn dissolve this tyranny.



And I would suggest, that is their biggest fear.



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  1. This is a great post Digger… i will share it. As an aside… i recently figured out why you don’t have to pay an invoice. Here goes… prior to the 1600s all law was spoken… and it was simple… it was common law that had its basis in common sense. You would go before the magistrate and state your claims… the defendant would state his/her claims.. the magistrate would rule fairly and justly… and it worked.

    So… with that in mind… law is spoken. What is an invoice? In Voice… well it’s not in voice, it’s dead ink on paper… there is no voice, it is a lie.

    • Good one! Thank you for that. It’s almost every week, I realise a new word or term and it’s significance and origin.

      The only thing is I tend not to lean too much on Common Law these days, as they’ve cottoned on that we (Freeman/woman) use this term/law; so they include this in their legislation now. Many police officers of the sea now saw “We are working within Common Law”. It’s the same with the Magna Carta. That was just designed to assist rich barons, not the people, so likewise we should not lean on that too.

      All we need to stick with is natural law, and do-no-harm and of course, like you say common sense law.

      I’m sure you’re aware of all of this. But just thought I’d point this out for others to see.

  2. This is John Lash’s latest interview on Red Ice Creations Radio, from 3 days ago. It’s VERY interesting…especially from 32min….would love to hear your thoughts on this…..ta


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