Our Institutions


Aren’t you just sick of these controlling institutions and governing bodies. All of them designed and usurped for our demise. How about we create our own institutions – which actual serve us and the universe.

1/. Institute Of Truth  IOT

2/. Institute Of real History  IOH

3/. Institute Of real Science IOS

4/. Institute Of Free Energy  IOFE

5/. Institute Of Spiritual Development and Consciousness  IOSDAC

6/. Institute Of Compassion For Animals  IOCFA

7/. Institute Of real Medical Research And Human Development  IOMRAHD

8/. Institute Of Sustenance And Wellbeing  IOSAW

9/. Institute Of Natural Law And Justice  IONLAJ

10/.  Institute Of Natural Environments  IONE



There is no need to place descriptions for any of these potential institutes. They’re all pretty much self explanatory. We all know these are desperately needed in society. To serve us, to serve mother nature; not demonic psychopaths and their minions.


All of these institutions could probably be contained within one umbrella institution. It’s only that we are so used to everything being divided into regions in this society. Science, spirituality and human development are really only one interconnected element.


This is what we must demand, this is what we must project and manifest for our future.


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  1. That would be lovely Digger… here’s one to add to the list: Institute of Logic and
    Comprehensive Knowledge IOLACK

    • Good one.

      The theme of this quirky post Wanda, which I’m sure you’re aware of; was to get us into the mindset of putting out to the Universe and getting into a mindset of: contemplating what exactly is it that we want? What kind of world and conditions do we want? We must move away from just complaining and screeching about what they are doing to us. This is the energy they wish for and all we are doing is reacting in the exact way they want us to. We must set the tone and direction/focus that we want from now on. Hope I’ve explained my point.

      We have got to move on from just being surveyors of the damage and instead architects of our future.

      Thank you for contributing.


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