Ohh shut up


That’s my initial response these days when I hear people ramble on about social reform, local and global politics. Be it the talking heads, so-called experts, Jack up the pub, or well meaning individuals phoning in to talk radio shows – whoever.


I hold back from outright saying “Ohh shut the fuck up – because you haven’t got a clue what’s going on.” 🙂 Sorry, I know that sounds snotty; but it’s true – most people haven’t got a clue. Not an inkling of an idea of the bigger picture.


Unless individuals are relatively knowledgable on, and expressing these four significant subjects, I’m not interested in what they have to say:


1/. Usury

2/. The Babylonian Talmud

3/. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

4/. True spirituality/consciousness


Because without these four elements behind ones knowledge base, one is coming  from a place of ignorance (without knowledge).



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  1. The level of dumbing down and control of people’s thoughts and mind, even their bodies, is terrifying. The sad thing is that the ‘general populace’ look up to the so-called intelligentsia – the doctors, police, lawyers, teachers, religious leaders, media gurus, writers, artists etc and have no idea that these are the most controlled, brain-washed idiots and perpetrators of inhumanity. Sold out to fit neatly into the system. None aware that they only have to look outside of the box they are trapped in to know they are forcibly held in a perpetual judaic prison. The jailers are the goy ‘intelligentsia’ who are rewarded for trapping the sheep into slavery never knowing there is a way out.

  2. galen

     /  May 28, 2014

    I’d like to add a fifth “significant subject” if I may: Animal abuse. It’s vary difficult for me to go into any political, historical, philosophical, or even spiritual discourse with another while they’re eating a steak, err, I mean a cow, that has probably suffered greatly so that person could indulge. I hear people breaking down the JWO in great detail and then it’s: “Hey, let’s go get some ribs.” Total disconnect. It just makes no sense to reach for lofty solutions while advancing this inhumane cruelty. But Digger, I know you already know that.

    • I hear you Galen, good point. However, it’s a tough one. Because I know some really sound Animal Rights activist, who know all about the JWO and refuse to do a thing about it. Yet I know some amazing beautiful souls in this Jew-wise movement who are devoting their life to this cause – who eat meat.

      In addition, does consciousness not automatically include compassion for animals?

      I just tap away and hint as much as I can, in hope that at some level they can see the connection. I feel consciousness will push this up to the surface, so that it will be so obvious to all. Last year alone at least 10 people told me they were either giving up meat-eating or considering it. This to me is sure signs of consciousness.

      Thank you for contributing.



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