It’s gotta go


this divisive force in our lives

it’s gotta go

no more the haves and have nots

no more the debt slavery

no more the control grid

money has got to go

this artificial entity built on nothing but perception


the cripling compound interest

the grease that keeps this evil machine running

it’s all gotta go

we can pretend to ourselves we need, we want it

that at some level it has value

but who are we kidding?

this is like saying we have to give up heroin

but a little every now n then is ok


money has to go

every last dime, every last penny

zero currency society

no opportunity for pseudo alternatives either

bic coins – just diluted heroine

Islamic dena currency – just diluted heroine

silver, gold – just diluted heroine

it’s still money

and it’s gotta go

but then how can we trade?

we don’t!


we give

and give

and give

and give

no more the snatch & grab

no more the hoarding

no more the wealth through materialism

that’s now all gotta go

it’s all been a huge mistake

all part of the illusion

now we’ll have a different type of wealth

wealth of character

wealth of persona

wealth of qualities

wealth of abilities

value as usefulness in society

value as experience

value of beauty and charisma

value as heritage

value as of authenticity 

value in just giving for the sake of giving

value of a truly altruistic society

money has just got to go



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  1. Girl With A Dirty Mind

     /  May 27, 2014

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    My thoughts exactly, Digger.

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    Im down.

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