Your hiding place

 Essay by John Kaminski

The effect of faraway mass murders  on your ability to dream

It’s impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can delude yourself for a time, for years, even, and think you can isolate yourself from the world, indulge yourself in your preferred pastimes, console yourself with platitudes that you can’t control the world and never could, but the rot eventually overtakes you, infects your whole life with embarrassment that you are living in the country whose underlying principle is ruthless murder and deception. Among other things, this means that everything you tell your children is a lie, and that humans are savage animals who construct all these phony rationalizations about morality and compassion which are nothing but self-deceiving lies. Eventually, if you possess either a mind or a conscience, these things catch up with you in the most disturbing ways.

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  1. Thanks Digger… did you happen to notice the two comments left for John on the Rebel site? I am sure it’s meant to be a dig at him… at least it becomes abundantly clear after having a look at the website they linked to:

    ^^^ It’s like Christianity on LSD, having a bad trip at that. The Profits have spoken !!!


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