Actors vs Activists


Whenever you have to deal with the police, and all members of the legal system; try to bare in mind these following areas below. When you are dong any activism, in a non-violent way. When all you are trying to do is help the planet and confront this beast. Try to remember that you are dealing with people in costumes, who are ACTING out their roles in this drama: the role of police enFORCEment ‘officers’ of the sea, under maritime law, or ACTING out their role as a judge/magistrate. Or ACTING out their role as solicitors (soliciting themselves like prostitutes), or lawyers (liars). All roles in the judaic drama.




  • are doing wrong!
  • are ACTing unlawfully
  • are ACTing under legislation, acts, bills and statutes – legal/legislation, which are only judaic criminal oppressive gangster laws
  • are ACTing out criminal behaviour
  • are private corporations, under the guise of public servants
  • are ACTing against nature and all things natural
  • are working within deception/duplicity (fraud and mind control)
  • are ACTing against God’s/Universal laws
  • are helping to destroy all our freedoms (including theirs) for their short term pavlovian rewards (self interests)
  • are traitors
  • are ACTing against the interests of their country, their people
  • are coming from a place of non-spirituality/unconsciousness






We (providing we are acting ethically, from a place of righteousness)

  • are acting lawfully
  • are serving humanity
  • are acting as sovereign beings within our sovereignty
  • are serving nature and natural laws
  • are serving the Truth – the bigger picture – our brothers and sisters who are suffering amongst us and around the planet
  • are responding within common sense principles
  • are serving God’s/The Universe’s laws
  • are engaging in our duty for prosperity, the future of our children, our lands and the planet
  • are naturally engaging in righteous indignation – standing up to the bully
  • are responding organically to oppression
  • are acting within our spiritual duties
  • are honouring our ancestors and the struggles that they had to endure and for the efforts they made for our freedoms
  • we are coming from a place of consciousness
  • are working within the boundaries of ‘Do no harm’
  • are only doing what is right!





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  1. UK Police now carry business cards so ask them for their business card and explain that you do not wish to do business with them today as you operate in the private as a man not in the public as a corporation, OR If they straight way ask for your name you tell them that that is private property with a value but you are prepared to negotiate a fee for them to use of your name. Nothing personal it’s just business. LOL

    • Good call – great contribution.

      However we must snap ourselves out of this ‘Newspeak’. It ain’t UK. The UK is another made up corporate entity. It is Little Britain. I realise it is just habit that we all term Britain as the UK.

      Yep, a demonic business.

      • Thanks. It is UK for them, though, they’re all employees of the UK Coporation and as an example assume we’re driving on the roads doing commerce like a taxi driver. Traffic is commerce hence The Road Traffic Act. It doesn’t apply to travellers. LOL

      • Thanks! Point taken.

  2. It’s us versus US.


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