Busy being busy


“Whilst we’re all too busy being busy. The agenda just marches on. The beast is never too busy. Whilst all of us are busying ourselves, just carrying on with our humdrum lives and whilst we’re sleeping tonight; there will be psychopaths in think tanks designing and implementing our death and our children’s deaths. These demonic madmen are pushing ahead with their imminent plans for WW3, to kill off all your loved ones and to utterly destroy every aspect of your life.

Hadn’t we better get busy(?)”

~ Digger

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 25, 2014

    Digger, and all…

    Here is a link to a must listen podcast. Kevin Galalae is a Hungarian-Canadian who is an expert in the subjects of chemtrails, flouride, GMO tainted foods, etc., and the planned depopulation. He’s very bright and knows his subject. Scary!

    Scroll down to 4-30-14 for Mike Harris interviewing Kevin Galalae.


  2. Trouble is Digger, it’s very hard for them to get off the tread mill when they think there is no other way and even if we explain the other way most don’t want to know because of fear, as you know.


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