“The people who are the most closest to us, are the ones indirectly killing us with their apathy, wilful ignorance and subservience to this judaic beast.”

~ Digger

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  May 25, 2014

    You’re right on the mark here, Digger. I can’t get my immediate family interested in the true culprits behind 9-11. I may take breaks, but I won’t stop.

    • Good man. Tis a hard slog.

      We need heaps n heaps of tenacity AND PATIENCE 🙂

      Why us we cry? Why have we ‘got it’ and people who are more intelligent than us can’t grasp it?? Well they may be intelligent/academic, but very little spiritual wisdom. Are they just new souls, yet to evolve. And us old souls, having been through all this before; therefore we resonate immediately with this Truth vibration?? perhaps we’ll never know.

      Thanks again for contributing.


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