“I don’t really care that this agenda is instigated by International Jewry.

To an extent it’s irrelevant. 

It would not matter if it was two-headed aliens from another galaxy. All I really care about; and what is important – is that we stand up for ourselves. That we really care. That we stop allowing ourselves to be bullied by any force, any entity, any race, any ideology, any form of evil.”

~ Digger

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  2. pg56

     /  May 25, 2014

    If you eradicate every Jew from this planet, we would still have evil people. People make it seem we would have peace and love on earth if only the jews were gone but this is a fantasy. The reason the jews have amassed such power is because there are millions of gentiles willingly and happily colluding with them because humanity is as greedy, rapacious, and predatory as the jew. The jew is humanity’s mirror. If it wasn’t this way we would have taken down this criminal tribe a long time ago and in an instant.

    The tyranny of the jew over the gentile is OUR CHALLENGE for today and yes, Digger, we must resist. We must tell them to take their holocost lies and shove it up their asses, we must forbid our children to be taught historical lies, we must expose their crimes against humanity especially the takeover of Russia in 1917 and the mass murder of 60 million Russian Christians that followed. we must call the jew what it is–a pure predator, without humanity. What happened to the Russians and now the Palestinians IS PLANNED FOR US!!! Mass murder is all they know – PREDATOR.


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