Global Strike


Every job is slavery. EVERY job. 


Some jobs we can kid ourselves that we half enjoy them, or that they’re useful for society, or it helps us develop, etc, etc. But this is just cognitive dissonance. Self trickery, self help recordings going round and round in our mind, trying to convince ourselves that our ‘job’ is good for us. That working for debt-ridden money is somehow healthy. When it ain’t and never will be. Our self-programming just helps ease the pain. The pain of knowing deep down that we are debt-slaves and that every day we slave for this artificial entity known as money, and knowing a little part of our soul is being diminished.


These days whenever I hear people boldly say “I enjoy my job!” ………..I just hear another happy slave. You always get happy slaves. They are indeed happy in their little slave position. But there is not one paid job on this planet which can fulfil our deeper spiritual needs and allow us to fully develop as spiritual souls. Not one.


Even these happy slaves, aren’t truly happy, they’ve just conditioned themselves to adopt to a contented outlook adjust ~ adapt ~ adjust ~ adapt “I enjoy my job, I enjoy my job, I enjoy my job”. Sad somaised sheople. As long as they can keep re-framing their slavery, they can pretend to themselves they’re happy slaves.


This is the trap of usury and even working for any currency. It is not in alignment with true spirituality. It burdens us in every way. It holds us back from our true purpose in life – spiritual development. That is our only job in life.


The work we do, repackaged as slavery could be and should be practised in a completely – COMPLETELY different manner. We should be helping and serving each other with a brotherly/sisterly outlook. Full of altruism, compelled to give for the sake of giving, serving for the want of serving, automatically helping others for the sake of togetherness, just for the synchronicity of the social machine. Now that would be a truly successful society.


As ludicrous, unpractical and idealistic as this may seem ………the only way we can bring this filthy de-spiritualised system down; is for us to down tools. A mass global strike. The sooner we do this, the sooner we are going to end our misery.


Down tools, not pick up tools – is the solution



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  1. dianrazak

     /  May 11, 2014

    I just wanna tell you Digger that right now I really can say I love my job right now, I mean I do enjoy it I feel aware abt this just these past few days.. You know why I enjoy it n love it, becoz out of 5 days work my bosses only around for 3 days and then always travelling. Ha ha every day for thiese past 2 days or 3 I keep talking to myself “I love my job right now” 😀 it’s still a SLAVE, I KNOW! But I am clear now too becoz of this experience that I can never go back working like ROBOT OR SLAVE myself working 5 days a week from 9 to 5, I CAN NOT LAST. I will loose my mind! For real.


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