Compliant Outrage


Please watch these videos first before reading my notes.


By all means this is not one of those shocking police brutality videos which we’re increasing seeing more of. This is much more subtle. But in a strange way this hit me more. Rather than the shock factor, I think this was more of a sad factor on many levels.


Good on this guy to stick up for what is right. For his children and social values. Good on him to dare to be arrested. But just look at this sad pathetic situation. So we have a school which is supposed to be caring for children’s education, responsible for their wellbeing and thought process – and they have allowed deliberate subliminal pornography to slip in as part of their education material.


So not only have they seriously failed – but typically with this filthy system they somehow think that we are the ones in the wrong for challenging this, even mentioning it. How dare we interfere with their demonic corrupt agenda. The presumptuous nature of them, that they are going to get away with this filth. Protected by the filthy judaic system.


So lets look at this microcosm example of what is going on everywhere across America and many parts of the westernised world.



The Police officer 

Let’s get the obvious one out the way first of all. THIS OFFICER (of the sea) working in maritime/contract law IS A FUCKIN TRAITOR. I’m not going to be polite and respectful, why should I, why should we at this stage(?) Let’s tell it as it is. This guy’s job and role in life should be to protect the people. He has completely failed. He is doing the opposite. Like all these useful idiots, he is serving only the beast. He is only protecting the criminals who are installing this filth and depravity onto our society. Under the guise of social respectability and vocational responsibility. Utter nonsense. He is a traitor to his community, to his ancestors, to his family, to himself and his soul. Sell out insecure myopic traitor hiding behind his uniform, nothing more.



The School members

More traitors. More myopic sell outs serving their own selfish interests, whilst helping to bring in this evil agenda. Knowingly or unknowingly. Well always knowingly, but with heaps and heaps of cognitive dissonance. These traitors have totally let these children, parents and community down. More failures in society who are being financially rewarded.



The Parents

OK at least they cared enough to attend this meeting and were awake enough to notice the problem in the first place. And obviously this guy who was arrested was outraged enough to speak up in the manner he did.


But one thing that hit me was how ridiculously polite everything was. How organised and civil everyone was. Why was there not complete anarchy, chaos and bedlam in and around that school? Why were the school teachers allowed to sit there comfortably and be in control of this situation? Why oh why was things so damn clinical? Those teachers should have been torn apart (metaphorically speaking). They should have been completely shamed by their community and trembling in fear of the parents’ outrage. Pretty much ran out of town. Never to be able to ever get back into teaching again. Every one of them. No excuses for not not knowing or acquiescing to this filth.


Yet what did they do; they sat there like good orderly citizens, nice and humble, nice n quite – not a peep out of them when some brave soul dared to suggest that their filthy material needed burning. No support when he was taken away to be arrested by this non-thinking subservient goon in a uniform. Not one of them gave this man support. Compliant fearful sheople.


Why on earth did these parents accept the schools’ conditioned policy of a 2 minute discussion? There should have been no discussion, no debate whatsoever. But that’s how this filthy system works. We always accept this nonsensical implied authority. They kick us in the shins and then we have to politely ask their permission to complain. Incredible. Incredible.


And fair play to this guy’s daughter who spoke up for her father (at the end of the video). She too has the X factor her father has. That oomph in her to stand up to this perceived assumed authority. The poor girl was rightfully pissed off. Imagine that injustice happening to your father.


But did you notice what happened when she went to speak? As soon as she began to express her understandable outrage; the programmed bitch on the school board butted in to ask this young girl’s address before she was allowed to speak. This was sneaky and outrageous. How dare that woman. This was a sneaky way to not only take the wind out of this young girl’s sail, but to indirectly let the girl know who had authority there. The girl only had a ‘conditional acceptance’ to speak her mind. So long as she provided information that they wanted. And why should she give her address out in front of the camera for the world to hear? The school had her address anyway via her father………………………But I am suggesting there was an even more sinister reason why this girl first had to verbally give her address before she spoke. It was a sneaky way of getting her into a verbal contact. Contract law.


Whenever we give these bastards our name, date of birth or address, we are handing over our legal entity ‘The person’. This girl in her innocence unfortunately complied. BANG – CONTRACT. That’s how easy and covertly it is done to us.


Ideally she should have just burst in there and spoke up and said “NO” when asked for her address. Free speech is free speak, not conditioned free speech.


My point in all of this is to try and highlight what went on psychologically in this school meeting, is going on in every aspect of our lives. We are politely accepting their bullshit, with all these sellout traitors getting us to conform and comply to their presumed authority. Nobody nobody nobody has authority over us …………UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO HAVE AUTHORITY OVER US. 


And to top it all. If we look at all these people’s roles. Everyone one of them are serving and complying to International jewry. The sheep controlling the sheep. All insecure, scared sheep. All selling out their souls and hurting their brothers and sisters, helping to destroy their community on behalf of judaism.


We have to stop being so gentlemanly, so polite, so orderly and confirmative. Either we are outraged or we are not. And we have to stop playing within their rules, within their game. Who always wins in the game of monopoly – the bankers. So the game is rigged. So it is futile to even consider fighting under their conditions.


I accept it is easy for me to espouse this on a blog. Nice and comfortable in the background. But sometimes being in the background we can view things more objectively. We have to have that spark of anger; complete unconditional outrage and stop complying within the compounds to which they allow us to express our outrage.




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  1. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAtheist and commented:
    Madness Devours, The Police State, The Military Industrial Complex, The Gulag Educational Complex, and The Prison Industrial Complex. All part of the same Corporate Government. To hell with it, bring on the apocalypse.

  2. Reblogged this on NFOTAINMENT and commented:
    Digger says it best!

  3. I AM the Judge!

     /  May 18, 2014

    Regarding the daughter’s “address” (no pun intended)…

    The fastest way to pull off the mask of the Judeo-Masonic establishment is to:

    Always answer their question with a question.

    For example:

    Programmed Bitch on the School Board:
    (Using conditioned programming intimidation techniques btw)

    What’s your address?

    Young Girl:
    (pointing/staring bitch down like a royally pissed off “Stone-Cold” Steve Austin)

    No! What’s YOUR Address? ! ! !

    Programmed Bitch on the School Board:

    Young lady, now I won’t have that kind of disrespectful talk here- please state your full address to the board if you wish to speak.

    Young Girl:

    No- I’m dead serious- You give us YOUR Address if YOU wish to speak to US- your EMPLOYER. We’re all PRIVATE CITIZENS- you however are OUR PUBLIC SERVANT – It seems to me that it should be YOUR ADDRESS that should be entered here into the PUBLIC RECORD- not OURS! ! !


    You get the picture…

    Mask of Zion pops off every time- guaranteed.

    You’ll get either fined (financial/indirect violence) or the fist/gun (physical violence).

    Prepare beforehand how you’ll handle either.

    If you’re a coward- but still lean towards the little girl- at least back her old man up with a “Hell Yeah!” and a nod in agreement while he speaks. If your a total pussy then walk over towards him and just silently stand beside him- don’t stare at him though- lock on stare (without blinking) the cops that are watching him- or the bitch, whichever is meanest looking.

    On the other hand, If you’re an anti-American cowardly Judas- just stay in your chair and be polite. That’s what the Jews that secretly rule over you are betting on that you’ll do- they programmed you that way. Don’t laugh- remember, you did it last time. And also the time before that.

    • Thank you very much for this accurate response.

      Apologies for belated reply, have been away from the internet.

      Great contribution.


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