The Solution

The remedy to our oppression is as simple as 1 2 3 



1/. Share the real Truth

Actively propagate the Truth to as many new people as possible. You have to do this actively. Not casually, just when you feel like it, every now n then. It has to be weekly, even every other day. Take time out of your work schedule, make the effort. What on earth could be more important in your life right now!(?).


And it has to be to new blood. Stop the endless bickering and loitering on chat rooms and forums. Get out there in the real world with your fliers, posters, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs, etc. New blood, new blood, new blood. It is only going beyond the choir that we are going to spread the word. At times I think I get more done in my outside of the internet activities than online,


Conveniently leave your Truthing info on trains, buses, waiting rooms, wash rooms, cafes, churches, mosques, and anywhere you can. Lots of little each day is the key.


No time for procrastination, backburner mentality. No excuses. You can create and print a basic flier in less than an hour. You could probably get a 10’000 black n white A6 fliers printed up in a day. Come on, get away from that internet, and all your unimportant hum drum distractions. Get out into society… are needed. This is your spiritual opportunity.



2/. PNC

Peaceful Non-Compliance. Say “NO” to evil. Say “NO” to slavery. Say “NO” to duplicity. Say “NO” to theft. Say “NO” to all their shenanigans. Just keep saying NO NO NO NO and NO. FUCK YOU!! BOLLOCKS. Whatever language/terms you want. But for crying out loud – be defiant. Stick with it too. When they say “BOO” don’t buckle. You are doing this for a thousand ethical reasons. Mainly your soul.


It is you who is in the right. It is you who is on the side of law. Not these criminals and all these unconscious sell out traitors serving up to these criminals. Please; no more passively lying down with our tails between our legs whimpering like cowards for these bastards. That is why we are in this mess in the first place. Have some self worth – stand up for yourself and your family and what is right.



3/. Embrace true spirituality

This probably has to be the foundational piece to activate the other two areas. We have been conditioned to have little self worth because we have been conditioned to be insecure. Spiritually insecure. Because most of us are spiritually void and therefore cling to artificial replacements such as religion, materialism, ego identities and of course deadly separatism; therefore we have lost our way. We haven’t got a clue who we truly are and what our spiritual role is. Our life purpose is twofold:

(i) To truly know ourself – connect up, tune in to who we are, go within, experience the stillness. Rid the I AM labels. Know we are not the body. Recognise the synchronicity of life. The oneness of everything. The Light and omnipresent electromagnetic universe.

(ii) And when we recognise we are all one – we can then serve others when we can. All of our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Not one of us are free unless we all are free. In altruistically serving others, we are directly and indirectly serving ourselves and expressing our self worth.


By knowing we are not the body. That everything is a spiritual opportunity. We then can begin to drop the fear and all the artificial insecurities and attachments associated to this fear. Our spiritual duty, our three pronged defence – 1 2 3.


Share the real Truth ~ PNC ~ Embrace true spirituality


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