Humanity came unglued


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Just look at this positive response sent to me from John Kaminski, from having viewed this video:

“I spent most of my life thinking how unlucky I was. Now I find myself able to cope with both dogmatists and skeptics, with a firm sense of both the beauty and rightness of life. Humanity came unglued by believing in the individual, who consistently became corrupt and eventually ruined the planet. By truly believing that working for each other made the most sense, we could have saved the place. But by trying to defeat death, rather than accept its inevitability in the scheme of things, we brought it to us more quickly and needlessly. Humans deserve to go extinct. They have blown the greatest opportunity ever conceived. So we have no choice but to soldier on and keep pointing this out, so that if any vestige of our confused civilization survives the coming maelstrom, it will be this: 

If we don’t live up to how bright our lights can truly shine, we don’t deserve to survive. And I think that’s the rule of every living thing. Knowing this makes me think I’m luckier than any person I know.”

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  1. I wonder, is John a VEGETARIAN or just another of the BILLIONS of TOXIC HYPOCRITES?

  2. galen

     /  May 11, 2014

    To me, Russ’s question is a most important question, in fact a question amongst questions. As I think it through it all leads back to what we each visit on the creation. The question is ALWAYS with me: Is he a veggie? Is she? Do they see? And it all ties in. If the cow is harmed, I suffer; the chicken beheaded, I die a little. Try as I may to grant leeway, to give time, I falter, because I hear the cries, I see the confusion in the innocents’ eyes. I cry.

  3. galen

     /  May 11, 2014

    Okay, now I understand. I thought you meant that Russ’s question was irrelevelant. Thanks, for clearing that up.

  4. Those individuals for whom the flame of the spirit runs high are the extraordinary expressions of human life. It is the tortured spirit that reflects the spirit… the others are the status quo. ~~ An outtake from this video… well worth the listen…


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