Grass is green!


Imagine a friend had treated you to a voucher which entitled you to a weekend’s retreat in a health spa. Where everything was FREE. All the facilities, all of the services, all of the healthy food and beverages – not a penny to pay.


So off you went for a weekend of healthy indulgence and relaxation. Your treat, to be pampered.


You wallowed in the hot natural spas, you soaked yourself in the epsom salt baths, you indulged in the professional relaxing massages. You sweated it out in the hot saunas. You nourished yourself with the nutritious super-foods and juicing beverages. And pampered your body with mineralised muds.


Then at the end of this rejuvenating weekend, having enjoyed all of these pre-paid luxuries, the management handed you an envelop. To your surprise and outrage it was an invoice for all those services you had enjoyed.


But, but ….you say to yourself in frustration. There must be a mistake!!??


The management of the health spa had itemised all your activities and services with pricing alongside each activity and consumption; with a final summary price to pay.




Well this is exactly what happens every week/month when we receive our so-called utility bills.


The ‘management’ are pulling one over us. Just like the health spa management, they are double dipping. All of our services are FREE. Because we have all pre-paid them. Yes, I kid you not. This isn’t one of those conspiracy theories. You have paid and paid and paid and further paid for all these services your entire lives.




How comes??


Well, when you were registered as a wee baby, a trust fund was formed under your name known as your bond. For example, somebody named Sandra Jenkins who was registered by her parents, who were duped into registering their baby Sandra (handing over ownerSHIP), a corporation (dead entity) would be created titled SANDA JENKINS ltd or plc, whatever. This is known as ‘The Person’ – a legal entity which is associated to the human being Sandra. Sandra is not this ‘person’, she is a human being made of skin, flesh, blood and bone. Having a soul. Not a private corporate dead entity. Not a dead vessel.


This is maritime/admiralty/shipping/contract law (which is not real law), it is of the legal world. They presume we are vessels because we have passed through our mother’s birth canal (berthed) as in any vessel. And a DOC(K)tor in charge of the berthing DOCK has administered our berth in a ward. Therefore we are a ward of the state – unless we say otherwise. Our tacit consent.


Sandra has a person, she is not the person. Just like Sandra may have a bank account, but she is not that bank account.


Yet, from now on in this corporate system of duplicity/deception, every aspect of Sandra’s life will revolve around this artificial legal entity known as ‘the person’. She will be tricked into associating herself as this legal title. Every legal form, every legal registration, every government legislation, education registration, boat registration, gun registration, passport application, bank statements and on and on and on and on. It will never end. This legal deception will be ubiquitous in Sandra’s life.


Hence she has to fill out her forms in black ink (black representing dead blood – a dead entity) in CAPITAL letters or pre-fixed by a Miss/Mrs. The person corporation. Always a dead entity, never the living breathing Sandra.


And all the time her bond/trust fund is secretly accumulating wonga in the background. Her secret bank account so to speak, whilst she struggles to scrape through life worrying about things such as these duplicate bills (statements). Little does Sandra know she is a multi millionaire.


And this is why the utility companies can only ever send you A STATEMENT, never A BILL. Because just like the crafty spa management, they know everything has been pre-paid and all they can do is present a statement of the services you have rendered. A statement is like saying “Grass is green”. The spa management is really just sending an itemised statement of the facilities used over the weekend, but – under the guise of a bill.


Likewise your utility company is sending you a statement informing you that they have deducted X amount from your trust fund, your secret bond. But in a deceptive way that it appears to be a bill which we are duped into paying for again. The friggin hubris of these parasites. But as with all of this madness, duplicity is our fault. And there is always remedy……so long as we wise up, brave up and make the effort to create remedy.



The bully can only bully, so long as we allow the bully to bully.



That is all these crafty bastards are doing to you each month. Like all this illusion, it’s just trickery. Just more deception. So long as we are stupid and lazy enough to remain in ignorance and allow them to keep deceiving us…….they will continue to keep deceiving and fleecing us.



Roman Maxim: “Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.”



So please. We have to wise up to this humungous scam on humanity. We cannot just keep complaining about how they are ripping us off, then passively pay these pre-paid statements like good little obedient slaves.

1/. Wise up – learn about this scam. Get knowledgable on the subject of ‘The Person’, your Trust fund/bond. Legalise (legal deception language). There is no excuse for ignorance of the law and your rights as a human being. Especially for those people who have been around the Truth movement for many years. You have to know this vitally important part of the Truth (or deception).

2/. Make a stand. For God’s sake fight back. Non compliance. Rid yourself of your cowardly passiveness and all the ‘what ifs’ mentality. Stop being so acquiescent. You know the long term price of being obedient to this beast: pain, suffering, hardships, premature death. So why tolerate it just for a bit of short term inconvenience(?). There is just no logic to not standing up to the bully.

I promise you, this filthy deceptive evil system IS crashing. It’s just up to us how long we prolong our collective suffering.

So if you truly stand for Truth. You have to stop double paying these statements. Send them back with “NOT RECOGNISED” stating that you will pay them providing they send you a true bill and not a statement. Never say you are not going to pay – avoid dispute……avoid engaging lawyers (liars).  Always claim that you will pay – under your conditions. A conditional acceptance.

You cannot keep pretending you are a Truth-seeker if you are consistently complying to the beast. What are you waiting for? Some magic wand? Your guru, saint, or God going to save you………so you don’t have to do a thing other than watch endless hours of youtube videos of others who are suffering?

Every day that you do nothing to oppose this bully, you are supporting it. Your cowardly complicity is actually assisting the destruction of your lives, loved ones lives and your brothers and sisters across the globe. More importantly, every day and week that goes by that you are not doing your bit to fight this dark energy, a piece of your soul is dying off. This is your spiritual opportunity – embrace it.



Fight back for crying out loud

Stop allowing yourselves to be bullied

Rid the victim mentality

Know that statutes, legislation, acts, and bills are not law and never will be

Snap out of your conditioned habitualised complicity

Release yourself from body consciousness and brave up

Spit on the legalities and embrace your true law

You are not the person, you have a person

Know the difference between legal and lawful

Stop being a mushroom in darkness and ignorance

Embrace your true sovereignty 

Do everything to no longer be a ward of this oppressive state



Only you can release yourself from your slavery




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  1. I don’t get this “freeman” and admiralty law thing at all..
    That we are subject to oppressive, idiotic and sometimes criminal laws is no secret, but when Rome, jesuits and the british admiralty is put into the equation I simply don’t get it.
    personally I don’t regard myself to have any rights or universal human value. Rights is something given to a slave by his master and I am no slave and recognize no owner. And since I am free and not owned, noone can attach any kind of standard value on my existence.

    But this freeman on the land thing I really dont get.

    • Thanks Ribbung, what a smart response. Good on you for your attitude. It is a simple subject, but also needs a bit research on. It’s more about undoing the conditioned mindset. And exposing their fraudulent deception. In a nutshell, it’s based on their presumption you are a vessel/slave under a title ‘The person’ which is an artificial entity.


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