10 Sure Ways to Spot a Shill


1/. They conveniently avoid mentioning the joooos

This is the most obvious tell tell sign. Especially when they are long term Truthers and keep bringing up those evil nasty NAZIs. And terms like NAZI Obama.

And when I say not mentioning Jews. I’m not talking about the nice clinical acceptable term zionist, or Rothschild zionists, but JEWS. Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews. Behind EVERYTHING. And none of the other euphemisms or distractions, such as globalists, banksters, jesuits, elitists, etc, etc. [please see John Kaminski’s excellent article The Hitler Test below]. A classic example is Brian Gerrish in England. He talks a lot about his favourite subject Common Purpose, whilst dissing those evil NAZIs.


But this doesn’t necessary mean there are not shills hiding amongst us in the Jew-wise area of the Truth movement. These shills are on every post.



2/. The company they keep

Watch out for who they hang around with. These shills all seem to be bed with each other. Promoting each other’s work. Icke would probably get away with far less accusations of being controlled opposition if he didn’t hang around with mighty mouth Jones. These two people and their style of work have absolutely nothing in common, but they cling together because they have to. It isn’t just because of self promotion and getting the numbers. But it’s not just these two fat shills. It’s all the shills who cluster together on the half-Truth circuits.


Here in Britain we have some half-Truth circus act which travels the country. One of them being Truthjuice. It’s like a festival type set up. People go along to this event for a big social. Which is understandable, to be alongside people who know something is up in society. But all these people go home at the end of the weekend not having a clue who’s really pulling the strings, who’s at the root of all these problems. They have a dance, have a good feed up, listen to key note speakers on their specialised subjects who talk all about problems and never ever tell the audience that International Jewry are behind all these problems. And all these half-Truth agents go around selling their snake oil.



3/. Often flying around the globe to various destinations

Who can afford to fly around the globe several times a year now in a recession(?) I can’t even afford the petrol for a 6 hour car journey across the country. You often hear them saying “Yes, I’ve just been to Puru for two months.” and the next month it’ll be Mexico and the next month Cuba wherever. They never seem to actually work like you and me; yet are always globetrotting.



4/. They get a lot of promotion

They always happen to be in key places at the right time. Pretending to cause aggro. A classic is the Jew Luke Rudkowski who always happens to get an interview in exclusive places, asking awkward questions.


I was staggered that people could not see how blatant it was that Icke and Jones were allowed to do their gig at the Bilderberger meeting outside London; whilst all the sheople were hurled in a big pen. Incredible that people could not see how organised and controlled it was.


These people are always ‘allowed’ to get to prominent positions in the so-called ‘alternative’ Truth movement. They are just puppets most of the time in the controlled opposition circuits.



5/. They’re antagonists

They hide amongst us, but create divisions. Classic divide n rule. Always seem to be getting into punch ups therefore creating more separatism within the ranks. And we keep falling for this ol trick every time.


We all have our disagreements, but we get over them and agree to disagree; trying to work as a team for the bigger picture – for the Truth. But these people spit out in a nasty, aggressive fashion with unnecessarily childish name calling and personal abuse to anyone who does not agree with their point of view.



6/. They have a specialised theme which they aggressively promote

We all have our particular fortes in whatever field of work we do. However a lot of shills are specifically in place to push a particular theme. For example they may be there to crush religion in order to help bring in the new world religion. Or they may be positioned in the political arena to confuse people. Or they may be pushing a particular race agenda. Whatever, but it’s focused and relentless. And after a while becomes obvious.



7/. They advertise dodgy products on their website

This is a real tell tail sign. I often wince when I see some of the products promoted by these people. Icke once had an advert for Caterpillar, the company which bulldozes Palestinian homes. Yet he claims to be exposing the genocide of the Palestinians. These blatant incongruences we need to watch out for.



8/. They’re obsessed with wonga

Money in it’s present state is poisonous! Perhaps it always has been. Is it just the greed of money, or the energy of money/usury itself?? But these dis-agents have sold out. Of course it also maybe that they are threatened. But I would suggest, many know what side their bread is buttered on and go with the theme which pays. Even if they aren’t necessarily plants/agents from the off-stead. It’s just they sniff the wind and see which way favours their self interests. So they will almost sell their mothers for a good deal. They always put a price on the Truth. If they’re not flogging their DVDs at $19.99, they are selling you their specialised packaged subscriptions. Disgusting behaviour. Fuckin disgusting. I have no problem with donations. But the Truth should ALWAYS be free to everyone.



 9/. They don’t provide an open platform for debate

As lately I have closed down all debate on my “10 Reasons Why Hitler was one of the Good Guys” I am no longer prepared to play mind gymnastics with ignorant people, who are not prepared to look at the overwhelming evidence, but just keep repeating the same old worn out nonsense. I’ve given enough opportunity and done enough back n forth with these clowns. Obviously many are jewish trolls, pretending not to be Jews, just trying to create confusion and drain our energy; but many are plain idiots. And its not worth burning out over them. So at some point you need to have a cut off.


However, I’m specifically talking about these dis-agents having no open, sane discussion about important issues. Sorry for keep pointing out Icke, but he is a classic example of not having an open discussion. He needs to be asked awkward questions in an open debate, such as why he keeps demonising Hitler and the SS and much more.


Or if you do challenge their views, in a respectful manner; they get very very nasty. I’m not just talking about getting frustrated and calling idiots idiots; but really quite aggressive. Unnecessarily so. Almost shockingly. This behaviour is unacceptable and we need to watch out for these people.



10/. The Look

I can’t explain this very well at all. It’s a weird one. But only now I can see a common denominator in most (all) of these shills. They have a certain presence about them. The nearest I can describe it is in the film They Live. This film by John Carpenter was clearly describing the Jews. And I’m not necessarily talking about having a Jew-radar. I’m talking about having a shill-radar. I know this seems whacky. But much of the time many of us can tell instantly. I still trip up and get caught out and we need fellow Truthers to help us see them (thanks Spicegirl|). But generally we can pick up on their Look. And we get a whiff of them too. Our intuition tells us something ain’t right here.


I’m sorry I can’t be specific about this Look. It’s more of an overly-confident presence. They are never shy, reserved, apologetic, humble, willing to be flexible and back down. They are completely bee line in their approach, like they are programmed, or have a specific role to play. But it’s their demean, body language, arrogance, overt confidence. There’s nothing wrong in having focus, or quiet confidence, but these characters have something much different. They have ‘The Look




1/. They conveniently avoid mentioning the joooos

2/. The company they keep

3/. Often flying around the globe to various destinations

4/. They get a lot of promotion

5/. They’re antagonists

6/. They have a specialised theme which they aggressively promote

7/. They advertise dodgy products on their website

8/. They’re obsessed with wonga

9/. They don’t provide an open platform for debate

10/. The Look



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  3. aj

     /  May 15, 2014

    Damn, Digger, you came back from Tea Break without warning and have been posting like a warrior! All I’d add is that they just can’t stop talkin’ bout Nazis and fascism. It’s in their blood.

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    Reblogged this on News For The Blind and commented:
    Spotting a shill and an agent should be much easier these days…

  6. Exhibit 11 The RACKETEERING J00ish criminals at Google will likely delete this comment; get it while it’s HOT!

    Mathematical evidence of Jewish Conspiracy that cannot be debunked!
    Menorah Massacre

    Playlist of their plans inserted into popular media
    Their plan put in your face 3 times!

    Boston Finish Line showing ALL religions in sequence w/almost dead ‘White Unicorn’!
    Showing Erased ‘White Unicorn’ logo and physical sequence of runners showing Jews setup/corrupted the others which can be corroborated!

    Regards from California,

    ps: 95% of “Anti-Zionist” and “Anti-White-Genocide” websites are JEWISH owned, bleeding those waking up!

    Jews are the parasites of the world, like TrueTube.TV is JEWISH, so take care with your money!

    I solumely swear I’ve NO JEWISH blood or conflicts of interest!

  7. Posting details about historical white genocide, via internal JEWISH TREASON,and outside allies, of Aryans in Persia(633), and Spain(711), shortly after Islam was hatched, BY JEWS, in a comment, is an easy way to see if the forum is Jewish owned! (They will NOT approve those comments or comments about their BLOOD RITUALS! See “Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited” and “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” about their Russian genocide of Christians.

    NO CAN DO!

    Another great book on Jewish TREASON is: “The Jew as Ally of the Muslim:Medieval Roots of Antisemitism;Cutler” Just like with 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, Jews are the TRAITORS of the world, who deal in pedophilia, porn, children, blood and their organs!

    See “Gosch Brand Broken” for how Jews brand children with 9th Sepheroth! youtube.com/watch?v=36BU30u6T_0

  8. Phil Solesky

     /  October 16, 2015

    Great article. Your number one reason is just about all that’s necessary. Freeman Fly, Mark Passio, Alex Jones..they all love to distract people with Satanism and all the bullshit pedophile Vatican crap, but never the JEWS!!

  9. kerberos616

     /  December 13, 2015

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  10. CanCan

     /  February 18, 2016

    I might be with you except for your blaming Jewish people for everything and stating that Hitler was good…psychopathic people are the problem, as are all the rest of us who let them get away with their bullshit. Psychopaths come in all shapes, sizes and colors as well as races and religions. They also are among us in all walks of life, not just in the highest positions of power. I have no idea what we can do about them, because, sadly, I think the worst of psychopaths also happen to be heading up all the governments and corporations, and they have tailored all laws and rules to benefit themselves. They will NEVER care about anyone, or will only care so long as that individual serves the psychopath(s) purpose – whatever it may be – and once they determine that resource is no longer viable, they’ll simply discard it/them. So, just live the best you can, don’t watch TV/movies or read crap popular novels, and don’t make the choice to believe anything or anyone without doing your own research. Above all, love and protect your children, because they are the only truly innocent victims in the sewer of modern civilization.

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