Clobbering the agents


This was one of my first books I read about five years ago, under the umbrella subject of Freeman-on-the-Land/lawful Rebellion. It still is a stimulating and educational read; and the principles hold true to this day. The author has been criticised by many for not providing distinctive solutions, only the theory. I don’t agree, she has indirectly made enough suggestions what to do. Anyway people shouldn’t be asking the question “What do I do?”, because it’s obvious; we do the opposite of what these tyrants want us to do. We become naughty slaves. Non compliance in every way we can.

Also I think it matters not whether this author has or has not provided solutions. I think to a degree, it’s up to individuals to find their personal solutions; not to be sheepishly guided what to do. This is our own spiritual journey.

[p.s. heads up to Patty for prompting me to post this book]

Truth Blitzed


Juggernauts are hitting us now hard n fast in terms of Truth overload. Can we keep up this insanity? Just look at the volume of information we are taking in now. Are these indeed end times? Bang, bang, bang we are being slammed with negative news. Information overload is too light of a term. We are being blitzed. Truth blitzed.


“Heaven knows what seeming nonsense may not tomorrow be demonstrated Truth.”
~ Alfred North Whitehead (1925)

Arthur’s fight is our fight


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Here is the latest with Arthur Topham’s court case:

Anyone in a position to help Arthur, be it financial or otherwise, please do.

We are with you in spirit Arthur.

Five Fascinating Facts about the Upcoming Blood Moon Lunar Eclipses

3.Blood Moon: History


Another terrific article compiled by another terrific real Truth-teller….Whitewraithe aka Pragmatic Witness

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Adolf Hitler!

“Even under the most favourable circumstances no mortal can be asked to seize the Truth in its wholeness or at its centre.”
~ George Santayana (1921)


The Test



Nice one Mr B

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Do yourself a favour


And make one of the best investments you have made in your entire life. A time investment. An education investment. Please embrace this golden opportunity to spend just four hours of your life to watch this incredibly well-produced film, on the Truth of Adolf Hitler.