We are all consenting to this evil


Every time we buy a product, without thought (unconsciousness) of what process it has gone through and how it affects others and our environment – we ultimately affect ourselves.


For those new to the subject of vivisection, please be brave and research into it. Learn about the futility of it. What it supports – the evil war industry, the evil pharmaceutical industry, etc. Vivisection never benefits humans – it only destroys our souls. Exactly what this demonic force wants.


We cannot tacitly accept this evil.


Respect and thanks to Jon White the producer of this short but powerful video.


Here is an alternative to this nonsense:





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  1. Thank you Digger for this film link. This is mild compared to many films, but even one second of it and I am in tears for the sick, gut-wrenching unnecessary cruelty to living, feeling creatures. The vile idiots who consent to work in this disgusting industry have sold their souls to yet another jew industry of death. So-called medical science and commercial science, nothing of value to any of us, ever came from vivisection. All jew-owned companies’ products drip poisons into us one way or another day after day, physically and emotionally.

    http://www.gocrueltyfree.org has lists of cosmetic and household products that are supposedly cruelty-free. But be aware the products may still include known harmful chemicals and toxins to us – e.g. Marks & Spencers and Superdrug are listed as cruelty-free suppliers – but I know they invariably contain methyl parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate in body products along with other toxins, lead in their jewellery etc etc. They’ll get you in another way if you aren’t aware – so please avoid buying from household brand names.


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