Science and spirituality reforming.

I’m don’t usually like these types of presentations, I find them a bit gushy and new-age/alternative. They never mention who is behind the shenanigans of what is going on in the world. However, I do recognise that consciousness is the solution to our ills. Hopefully this may sow a seed for some people who have never considered the concept of consciousness. This isn’t new; consciousness is spoken about all the time in the Eastern scriptures.

The video promotes Einstein as a genius. He wasn’t, he has just been promoted as a genius by you know who.

Please note – I am not promoting the link to this video. I know nothing about it.

Science and spirituality has been divided. It it is now re-joining that’s all.

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  1. How about this guy? Is he worth listening to?

    • I guess he’s just another shill then.. Sad, because a lot of what he says speaks to me..

      • Unfortunately, this seems to be the case. We all love our comfort blankets ;-). I do. I want Putin, Icke, Jesus, whoever, whatever to come and save us. But then I wake up and smell the coffee. It’s only gena be us. I know you did not send the video in this light, it was just an interesting video. But I do think in general terms we tend to lean on certain characters in the movement – it is natural. Santos has a lot of great info. He ticks many boxes for me. But that is the trick, it draws you in and then one is easily distracted. I am not saying he is a shill. But I think he is being used as a tool. I appreciate you sending this anyway. But J feel another cul-de-sack.

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