Truth Blitzed


Juggernauts are hitting us now hard n fast in terms of Truth overload. Can we keep up this insanity? Just look at the volume of information we are taking in now. Are these indeed end times? Bang, bang, bang we are being slammed with negative news. Information overload is too light of a term. We are being blitzed. Truth blitzed.

But isn’t this part of their tactic. To overwhelm us. One has to be almost robotic to be able to handle this quantity of information – and mostly negative information.


I often ponder to myself that they don’t care about most of the Truth sites out there, because all they do is report the negative news. And if we accept it’s not a ‘them’ we are dealing with, but more of an ‘it’; then this indeed serves it. And the agents of this it feed of this negative energy. We are in an energy war. That is there power source – the dark energy.


But what do you do? Either way they have us. If we don’t at least document it, then what are we as humans? Yet if we perpetuate this energy by putting it out there, it feeds this entity. A tough one.


So for example, if we go to Alex Jones type sites, they bombast you with news, but have you measured/observed your energy level before and after visiting that site? Try it. It doesn’t have to be Jones’s site, even Icke’s site. Quite okish informative in some ways, as far as the problems of the world – but again, check your energy level before visiting it, then monitor how you feel afterwards. What has that done to you? It has brought you down. Exactly what ‘they’ or ‘this dark entity’ wants.


I know one could argue, that’s just the nature of the Truth, it is brutal and ugly. But I feel there is more to it than that. These half-Truth sites are feeding off of our energy. They do not motivate people. And I find they almost put a spell on people. Like an addictive substance, even if people get off their fix, they are left with long-term damage. That’s the the problem with these sites, it has damaged people to remain long term passives. There is no hope, we are doomed mindset. Even if people don’t actually say this. Most of the X Icke followers never seem to get around to actually doing anything about this beast. They’re great talkers, they’re great philosophers, they’re great browsers – but all of them I have met have never been capable of organising anything. Perfect for the beast.


Could there be a third option?

An alternative to delivering the doom and gloom information, keeping the harsh reality; yet at the same time motivating us all to get off our arses and do something about it? Is this possible?


To find some way that we can objectively look at all this cruelty, all the insanity; whilst keeping it together, remaining strong, detached and energised to fight back without the fear. Because despite Icke talking about dropping the fear, and non conforming – there is no incentive to do this. The subconscious mind has already locked into this fear mode. Most of the A’Jones and Icke fans have been almost put under a trance. I would also suggest that people who read Icke’s books have had subliminal NLP-type programming. In order to keep them passive and loyal. And aren’t they loyal.


So how do we get round this one – deliver the hard Truth, yet keep the fear out and be self-motivated to act? I would suggest number one stay well away from these major half-Truth gurus. The ones with glitzy presentations. The shows with music presentations, the national Truth presentations, the TV presentations. Press TV, RT, The People’s Voice, etc. All of ’em. Apart from them never giving any real information on the root causes, and creating confusion. They are literally training people NOT TO ACT. To remain in fear mode.


I would also suggest, visit a plethora of real Truth sites. So you’re not locked into this main stream memes of the truth movement.


I would suggest branch outside of the Truther circuits to other inspiring sites, such as spiritual sites. Ones that uplift. The non-fluffy ones, avoiding new-age crap.


Visit sites which inspire you, where people are achieving things in their lives. Such as rebuilding abandoned vehicles, vegetable gardening, sites that educate. Maybe a site that teaches you how to weld, or first aid, survival skills, etc. All these are useful, but more important they will be uplifting for your spirit and motivate you.


Try not to get locked into one subject matter. It is ok to have our points of interest and know our subjects. But there is a cap off point. Knowing enough of the comprehensive picture, far outweighs only knowing about one area intensively.


“If a man fasten his attention on a single aspect of Truth and apply himself to that alone for a long time, the Truth becomes distorted and not itself but falsehood.”
~ Emerson (1841)


Have a life. Try and have a life outside of this Truth world. We have to do our bit, but this stuff sucks you in. So try hard and have an outside interest.


Ensure you do some non-online Truthing. This has got to be the most stimulating and rewarding part of Truthing. Actually talking to people eye-to-eye. It can be very frustrating mind you, but you always can guarantee you are sowing a seed, even if they are diametrically opposed to you. The beauty and importance about this type of Truth telling, is you can guarantee you are informing new blood. people outside the choir. It gets easier too, you learn lots of tricks. Its more what you don’t say, than what you do. [I have a link/page above on this subject called ‘Truthing’].


Try not be too serious about the seriousness of all of this. It is easy to become down about it all. But don’t be ashamed of having the odd laugh. It will save you from cracking completely. Also you can use satire as a truthing tool.


But most of all, I would try and concentrate on the bigger picture. Try hard to have a philosophical and spiritual outlook to all this chaos. There has to be some natural order to this. I refuse to believe a few pesky Jews can take over the world and overrun the natural order, if there was no purpose to it. There is more to it than this. There is a bigger spiritual meaning. Perhaps things are just perfect. Perhaps this is a spiritual lesson, a test, our apprenticeship. Our opportunity to face our demons, embrace courage, realise we are not the body. To become soul conscious, to care about others who are suffering. All an opportunity. With a deeper spiritual observation, things don’t seem so unfair, so dark or without meaning.


Whatever your approach, please try and not fall prey to these dark energy, these blitz attacks.












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  1. PK

     /  April 22, 2014

    Hey Digs, I read the Urantia Book because it is a vast source of truth and reality that is overlooked by the masses and gives a new vision of the past, present, and future. Check it out, it is not new age mumbo jumbo, and this is coming from a person (me) who has surfed and built with wood for over 40 years.


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