Clobbering the agents


This was one of my first books I read about five years ago, under the umbrella subject of Freeman-on-the-Land/lawful Rebellion. It still is a stimulating and educational read; and the principles hold true to this day. The author has been criticised by many for not providing distinctive solutions, only the theory. I don’t agree, she has indirectly made enough suggestions what to do. Anyway people shouldn’t be asking the question “What do I do?”, because it’s obvious; we do the opposite of what these tyrants want us to do. We become naughty slaves. Non compliance in every way we can.

Also I think it matters not whether this author has or has not provided solutions. I think to a degree, it’s up to individuals to find their personal solutions; not to be sheepishly guided what to do. This is our own spiritual journey.

[p.s. heads up to Patty for prompting me to post this book]

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  1. I read it… it is very good. Very truthful and very logical.


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