Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Adolf Hitler!

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  1. The storyline has become something like: Adolf Hitler was soooo charismatic that he was magical. He was able to speak and have thousands raise their hands, at one point, the vast majority of Germans (and a good bit of Europe) in some drone-like subservience to this hidden power.

    He was able to gain their dedication, then CHANGE into some sort of maniacal beast intent upon the slaughter of anyone NOT of Germanic heritage (at least 6 MILLION of the Jews). He was so good at covering up his real plan that the world celebrated him and the German people for tearing apart the Great Depression, while most of the others starved and suffered.

    And the HORROR that he and his party wanted people to WORK, for God’s sake.

    I would say that today, 4/20 (weed day), the man’s birthday and Easter on the same day would give us some sort of hope for a change. A miracle of sorts.

    I am not sure if a Hitler would work now, but the ideas (the 25 points of the NSDAP) couldn’t freaking hurt.


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