The Test


We have been trained to adopt this separatist mindset from birth and the numeral layering in our social conditioning.


Every day in our environment, this separatism is reinforced; to a point where in 99% of cases it is almost irreversible.


But in every single conflict, in every single generation, in every single region of the world – separatism is and always has been the root cause of it all.  I am this and you are that mindset. IAMism. And IAMism always stems from us falling for our false identities. That we are this label, this group, this special club, with all of its artificial, superficial identity traits: Colour, religion, sex, age, ethnicity, etc.


Then in turn sub-labels of these main labels, such as uniforms, dress codes, ascents, income brackets, breeding, etc. Such nonsense, all ridiculous myopic superficial divisions. All of them traps that most of us fall for time and time again. And on a daily basis.


None of these labels or sub-labels are anything whatsoever to do with our true identity. Nothing whatsoever. It’s all conditioning. Learnt traits. And to the absolute benefit and necessity of the dark entity/force which we allow to region over us.


Because so long as we are trapped in body consciousness, we are able to be kept in FEAR, divided and consequently controlled.  


This is the dark force which has been spoken about for eons in every culture. Yes, we in the real Truth movement bang on about those pesky Jews…….and we should. But in our hearts, with a bit of honest reflection, we have to concede that they ain’t the root cause of all of this mess. Both the Jews and us alike are both being used and manipulated by this dark force. I’m no way letting ‘the Jews’ off the hook with their track record of criminality and demonic ways. But we have to be honest and objective and acknowledge International Jewry is just the antagonist in this global spiritual drama. With all of us playing our role to keep this energetic beast alive.


All of us falling hook line and sinker for the age old trap of false identity.


So where does false identity stem from? Why do we keep falling for it? What is the solution to it?


There is a painfully simple answer to all of these questions:


body consciousness vs soul consciousness. 


It is only because the world in general is so deeply entrenched in body consciousness identity that we have our issues.


Whenever I indulge in the luxury of detachment, and are able to look at the bigger picture and the commonalities in all conflicts, be they one-on-one rows, or major wars. In these moments it is obvious to see what is going on. Each time individuals are falling for this body consciousness identity trap.


And it is completely understandable. Completely. How on earth can we not be body conscious with all our little personal identity tags(?) We are loaded with them from all the people we naturally trust from the second we are born (and maybe before). Who themselves are entrapped in their conditioned body consciousness. Our parents, family members, schooling, religious grouping, further education (further mind control), media and social programming, work, sports, our social clubs and environments. And much more.


All of it IAMism. All of it reinforcing that we are this identity or that identity. And more importantly, we are different from those people’s identity. Separatism, separatism – dangerous, toxic, lethal, poisonous separatism. The eternal social disease.


But, if we are ever to make any personal and spiritual development and global peace, with freedoms for all – we have to start to chip away at this monster within our psyche. Trying hard to undue this destructive programming. Trying hard to peel back our personal false identities. The multiple layers of body consciousness conditioning. To fight this demon within.


In every situation in life, almost in every moment of our day, the universe will present us an opportunity to test our soul consciousness position. WHO ARE YOU? We will be tested through our ego, through our patience, through our levels of personal loss. Look what he is doing to me. Look what they are doing to us. Look how much I am paying for them. Totally understandable comments and reactions. But all reactions from a body consciousness mindset. Of course we shouldn’t be trampled on and used as door mats. We have to have self worth and stand up to oppression and injustice for ourselves and others (which is the same). But we must be spiritually disciplined not to keep biting each and every time to these tests.


Each time, with a bit of trained detachment, with self discipline we can respond instead to these situations; knowing we are not the body. Instead that we are all connected eternal souls experiencing this thing called life. It’s all an opportunity. A big spiritual ongoing test. We have to keep objectively asking ourselves How am I doing in my test?













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