Nice one Mr B


I now see this whole struggle as a spiritual opportunity. Something I feel compelled to do. I could not NOT do what I do, despite my long tea breaks and inconsistency. I don’t enjoy the energy around blogging. Like I don’t enjoy work. But just like the slavery of work, I try and make the best of it and have the odd laugh, whilst trying to do a good job.


And its often the case that in the shittiest situations we find ourselves in, we can stumble across the most interesting and impressive characters, some of whom become long term friends. It’s the dire situation you find yourselves in, that you are able to capitalise on and make these bonds. Through the adversity and hardships, goodness and positivity seems to seep through.


Similarly, I feel that has happened to me in the Truth movement both physically and on a distant cyber level. I have had the fortune to meet some sterling people over the years. And there is one character who has proved themselves to be a remarkably sound individual and made a great impression on me – and that is Buelahman from Buelahman revolt


Most of you have heard of this character before. But despite him being a filthy redneck anti-semite; you probably haven’t realised what a damn good soul this fella is.


I owe quite a lot to Mr B as I call him. Because apart from his support for my ramblings with his sane comments, ‘likes’ and reposting my work; he of course has created some terrific creative videos of my ditties (poem-like posts). Not to mention is wise counsel in my times of despair and confusion.


But even beyond that, what has impressed me the most with B’Man’s character is his ability to stick at the Truth under all this adversity, with zero compromises. And he still manages to keep it together whilst doing so. He is in fact one of the sanest Americans I have interacted with in the years I have been on line. He is always respectful in his communication, you can always have a laugh with him and pull his leg, he will always give a balanced but true perspective on things. I have only known him to be almost gentlemanly in his communication, and although he may not want that old-fashioned label, or agree with it, it is a unique and fine quality to have these days.


And to top all of that, he presents a terrific website. Just have a look for yourself. Probably one of the most underestimated real Truth sites out there. It is often comprehensive, ranging from serious topical events, awkward/controversial issues, to historical events, to quirky satirical videos – all highlighting the Truth and the insanity out there.


So in a nutshell, a good all round egg and decent courageous Truth teller. Thank you for all your support Mr B. Thank you on behalf of all of us for all your unrecognised sterling work for the Truth. Please keep going, please keep inspiring us.


Your colleague and friend in the fight for Truth.




Some examples of Buelahman’s videos


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  1. Shucks, Digs. This was a wonderful end to a tough day (I attended a funeral for my wife’s uncle).

    So many times we get beat down in life and this crazy cyber-world. I can’t tell you how many times I almost pulled the plug at my place, but I have this notion that people like us make small strides towards getting at the truth and sharing that with others. My journey has been one of constant change and what you see at my place is much different than when I first got started. It amazes me how much I have learned.

    I have been told by just a few people that they enjoy what I do (or learn from it). To hear it from you, when I have the same mutual respect for you and what you do here, means so very much to me. It really does!

    So thank you, Bro.

    Positive vibes are sent to you, my friend.

    • STOP man STOP. I well-up too easy.

      Listen my friend, this is from all of us. It’s a collective respect towards you, your mannerism and the sterling work you have done and continue to do.

      Just keep going mate – YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD!

  2. Thanks for this info on BMan. I’ve now bookmarked his website and will be a frequent visitor to it. Great information.

    • Thanks Patty – he’s def’ one of the good guys. More of a superhero than Putin 😉 SuperB’man


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