Get used to it


You want to put an end to this misery?

You don’t want any more suffering?

You are sick of seeing your loved ones suffer and prematurely die off?

You’ve had enough of the BS?

Then you have to do the following:

be rebellious

stop conforming

have a tad of courage

say NO

do something

be awkward

be difficult

embrace your spiritual opportunity

be defiant

daily lots of little

actively propagate the Truth

stand up for others

stand up for your ancestors your heritage

stand up for yourself

stand up for your family

stand up for the little ones

stan up for nature and natural laws

stand up for everything you believe in

drop the obedience

tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine

be a naughty slave

be proactive

be a dissident

make the effort

challenge this corrupt evil system

dare to be different

no more the aquiescent slave

recognise you are at war

become an activist

Whatever your position is in life, you cannot deny that things will never get better if you continue to remain passive. Positive social changes will only happen when YOU do your bit and …


And if you choose not to fight back, 

then get used to …….

the increasing levels of poverty

lack of employment

blatant divisions in society of the haves and have nots

perverse sexual education being foisted onto your children

watching your loved ones suffer

watching friends and family be murdered by the state

drone attacks on your city by your own government

many more false flag attacks

untold amount of immigrants in your neighbourhood

your children being forcefully vaccinated or taken from you

your parents being unnecessarily euthanised

your pets prematurely dying off

a noticeable destruction to nature in your environment

more and more ridiculous Orwellian legislation

big brother intrusion into your life

and a total destruction of everything you cherish



you better get used to it



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  1. Bob McDonald

     /  April 19, 2014

    Exactly where I am at, I am doing a lot and will continue until I am shot in the head or have molten steal poured down my throat ,whatever , the Illuminai / jewminati are gonna pay bigtime Pass me that gun ! Love this post .

    • Thanks for doing your bit Bob. It is also HOW we do our bit too which counts. This was Hitler’s stance. Never to fall prey to lowering one’s soul.

      We just have to try and keep soul conscious and lose the body consciousness.

      Thanks for contributing.


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