Bring on the JWO


That’s what I increasingly catch myself saying these days. Bring it on. After all, what are we trying to save anyway?

Just look at us, look the mess out there. 98% of people have been damaged by this judaic system – and in the most part beyond repair. Most people honestly care more about popping up to their favourite garden centre now its spring, than they do about what’s happing over there to their brothers n sisters. Sure some people will pretend with passionate words how much they care and how SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, whilst they trundle along in their selfish la la land.


Even most of the people we meet who are aware of this agenda don’t REALLY care. Again, wonderful rhetoric, but when it comes down to it, they’re as conformists as anybody out there.


So why should we care? Hadn’t we ought to ask ourselves as a movement this important question.


Well I’ve written a lot in the past about all the reasons why we should fight back, but when you’re in such isolation and nobody cares what will happen to us individuals who do stand up, then what is the point?


Years ago when spending the time to discovering lots of different spiritual groups, there was a common meme which was present within all the groups, which used to irritate the hell out of me, which I would feverishly detest. Which was that everything is perfect.


I used to snap back at this one all the time and like a dog with a bone (Digger the dog), wouldn’t let it go. But decades later, with a whole lot of reflection, I must concede that they were probably right. Indeed all this insanity is perfect. After all, we’ve all had an opportunity to do our bit to reverse the trends. But most of us haven’t, we’ve all gone along with this madness.


Consuming, snatch n grab, selfishness, greed, thoughtlessness, all played our roles in the cruelty of it all. We deserve our just and perfect rewards. Everything is perfect.


I kinda see where we’re at now in this evolutional process, as in the last spin in the washing machine. The last cleansing stage. The getting rid of all the scum and dirt. A global, spiritual cleansing. Like gutting a house or garden for a total transformation. And doesn’t the garden need a good clear out.


I can’t see people snapping out of their selfish slumber until they loose the lot. And they wake up in a decimated waste land starving, before they dare to reflect. Before they consider or question themselves what role did they play in all this.


The Jews. What about the Jews? Are they perfect. Absolutely. They are part of the world drama on the world stage. They are playing the perfect role as the antagonists. To provide us with a spiritual opportunity. What choice did I make? Did I succumb to their demonic ill-spirited ways, or did I make a stand? All an opportunity. All perfect in the bigger scheme of things.


Well try explaining that Digger to a mother that has lost her entire family due to a drone attack. Well, I would of course struggle. I would not say to her things are just perfect. But as harsh as these realities are, I do now think this is the case. Their suffering is ultimately our suffering. We are measuring time in a false way. What is happening around the world is really only nanoseconds in the bigger scheme. And we are falling for the trap of seeing all this suffering in terms of body consciousness.


We are all souls, just experiencing this inverted reality in glimpses of moments, with perceptions and trained conditioning. Ultimately none of it is the realty we perceive it to be.


It’s is all a drama. Be it a frightening drama if we lock at this insanity within the body conscious realms. And all of it perfect.


So perhaps we ought to reframe this dooming agenda and welcome the JWO??


p.s……I still feel, reality or non reality, perfect or not – I’m plan to continue still doing my bit. But just from a more detached position.

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  1. Reblogged this on NFOTAINMENT and commented:
    I care brother. Nick the Chaldafrican American cares.

  2. We will stand up together and fight these powers and principalities until the end. These words are the product of our labor. They will not be forgotten.

  3. Chuko

     /  April 18, 2014

    “Somebody else will take care of it”.

    Infamous last words.

  4. I just discovered the allegory of Plato’s Cave. There are a number of YouTube videos to convey the meaning of the allegory. Highly recommended … Plato’s Cave

  5. Bob McDonald

     /  April 19, 2014

    Funny that’s exactly what I say bring it on I will not live as a slave , so I will stand up and be counted no matter what The NWO are Sorry the JEW World Order are gutless cowards paedophiles and traitors ,,so I don’t take orders from them , to hell with them Coward subhuman Scum ! Great work digger !

  6. Fret not brother, our Holy Father has given us the victory already. Stand tall and never surrender your faith, even until death, for this life is but a blink of an eye in the whole scheme of things. YHVH has blessed us with what we need to survive here through all of this, even though we sometimes don’t realize it and he will never, ever abandon us. We live in a time in which prophecy is fulfilled before our very eyes sometimes noticeably, sometimes not, but is happening just the same. Celebrate, for Jesus Christ defeated death-which is the devil, satan on the Cross but YHVH allows satans children to work the “negative” part of our Holy Fathers plan. The Heavenly Father is still on his throne and Jesus to his right hand awaiting the day that he will return to take what is rightfully his and to cleanse this planet of the evil ones who rule over the nations today. There is no
    ‘rapture”- we will all be here to witness the cleansing of the world. And, do not be deceived for the antichrist will come first claiming he is the true Jesus and deceiving with signs and wonders, believe it not for our Savior Jesus returns again at the 7th trump and every eye shall see him throughout the planet. Praise be to YHVH. Peace in Jesus Christ Holy and Precious name.


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