Self Police State


So according to the alternative media, we’re heading for a police state. But aren’t we already there? 


Do we not already have our own self-policing state in place(?) The sheople controlling the sheople. Making sure we conform and keep in line.


If you don’t believe this – try stepping out of line. Try a bit of non-conforming and just experience the backlash you get FROM NON AUTHORITIES. When I say non authorities, I mean your neighbours, your work colleagues, you family, your friends, your spouses, your fellow so-called alternative friends. They just can’t handle it. It makes them feel very uneasy. But, but ….you can’t do that – this will happen to you and that’s no way to behave. Pa-the-tic individuals who are always happy to moan about their lot and slag off the government. Yet they’re always the first to come down on another slave who dares to challenge the dirty system, which these people complain about. Quite remarkable and disturbingly sad.


These people deserve the oppression they get. They ensure we all pay our UNLAWFUL (but voluntary) taxes, they self regulate the hours we slave, by making sleight remarks to anyone who dares to have time off during the week, or who are not a good little slave like them. You’re late for work. What, you’re not going to do overtime!? You’re having three weeks holiday – my word! And they frown on those who are activists, by commenting on how awkward these people are. Even though it has only been awkward difficult people who have ever made any positive changes in society.


It’s staggering that people can’t see that they are their own worse enemy. Tacit consenting slaves, self-motoring neighbours, obsessive managers, control freak foreman, and all the numeral self-police individuals in this compartmentalised control grid.



Then there’s the snitchers.

Ohhhh dear. These have got to be the lowest of the low in this whole self-policing apparatus. Those that snitch on their brothers n sisters. Often through vengeance, or a financial reward, or just for a pat on the back from an ‘official’ government agent. Saddos. Pathetic, sad creatures of the lowest order. Snitchers are always amongst us – they are our neighbours, work colleagues, general public and sadly in some cases family members. These turncoats have zero integrity and can never be trusted. Them and us and they have chosen to help them out.


They would contact the tax inspectors to report on someone who is not paying taxes – despite all taxes being voluntary and unlawful. They would report on someone breaking a piece of legislation, even though this nonsensical piece of legislation is nothing to do with ‘do no harm’ and only benefits the authorities. The authorities who are ruining these same snitcher’s lives, yet they try to assist them. Slaves assisting the slave masters. Try and work their logic out. Total traitors.



Then there are the PMTs [Professional Myopic Traitors]

Just like the menstrual pmt, these creatures are a bloody pain. Excuse the blunt metaphor, but these professional traitors are effectively professional snitchers in society. They directly and forcefully keep the whole oppressive system in place.


These are the sellouts in our society, who have chosen to work for ‘them’. They have chosen to sell their souls to assist our slavery and oppression. And what for? For short term pavlovian rewards, just to get the mortgage paid off, to have a secure income and in many cases, for the perks and kudos. Fuck’n traitors.


The police, the social services, the tax inspectors, ticket inspectors, traffic wardens, the bailiffs/debt collectors and the plethora of government ‘official’. SELL OUTS the lot of them, whilst pretending to themselves they have chosen a vocational occupation in order to help society. BULLSHIT – they have chosen a self-serving role in life because they are deeply insure traitors who need to either wear a uniform to have a title in order to fill their insecurities. These people warrant zero respect from us. They are our number one enemy. Because there will also be evil in the world, and tyrannical oppressive governments ………. thanks to these sell out myopic traitors.


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  1. Thanx Digs, and this is why, like I commented yesterday to a friend on FB, I DO NOT commune with these BRAIN DEAD POS in any way shape or form. I have nothing but CONTEMPT for the majority. I cannot relate, and do not WANT to relate to them. I don’t care what they think about me. I feel like an alien on Earth, but being sovereign is ok by me. I prefer it that way. I like my solitude.

    • We hear you Russ, we hear you. yes, one can easily feel isolated with the Truth. But I’ve found the more you share, the more people you open up. I now personally know many people who are totally Jew-wise. They are great council.

      Thanks for contributing.

  2. anon

     /  April 15, 2014

    Yes this is a police state.
    When Tony Blair was in power, the police and intel services had their remit changed from servants of the public to servants of the state.
    There was high level meetings with all the intelligence services and not all wanted the changes and saw them as sinister, it was put on the table that they accept the changes or resign.
    These changes meant the general public were now seen as the enemy and to this effect Tony Blair and his handler Lord levy made almost one law change every day Tony was in office, and Cherie Blair set up Matrix chambers to mop up all the cash she could from the changes. Since last July teams of israelis round the world have closely monitored what went on the net, and trolls would attack, change the subject or ridicule anything anti jew NWO.
    In some cases high profile whistlebowers have been driven frrom their homes.
    understand this it is a police state and they are no longer your freind

  3. Reblogged this on NFOTAINMENT.

  4. NotOnMyWatch

     /  April 15, 2014

    Yup Digger…we now have tons of teens, thanks to Infra-Guard, who are ripe
    for the yid motherpluckers to pollute and recruit….marching to satanic Lady (?)
    Gag Bag and slobbering for their next I-Phoney fix.


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