Beyond the threshold


Canada passes a law to ban all criticism of israhell.

You have got to be fuckin kidding me!!!???


And there are some idiots out there who say we are not entering a tyrannical world government – ha.


What did Voltaire say: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” 

We have to acknowledge how serious this new piece of legislation (non law) is as a movement.


This is HUGE. And we cannot let this just slip by as just another one of those threads amongst all the rest of the threads.


Because this is about these tyrants effectively saying WE CAN DO WHAT THE HELL WE LIKE FROM NOW ON.


Not only to the Palestinians, but the whole world. That includes your life too. What we allow to happen to the Palestinians, will undoubtedly happen to us. This is unquestionable.


Why this new so-called law is such a quantum leap and threshold in their agenda, is because this is all part of their incrementalism. Once we accept this bullshit for Canada, they will sneak this into every country.


Then – because we collectively accept that, they will try and push their tyranny further, by setting a law that we cannot criticise anything connected with judaism. Then its game over for everyone.


We in the Truth movement, must make as much noise about this one within our potential. We must clearly express that WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS PIECE OF BULLSHIT LEGISLATION.





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  1. Salvatore

     /  April 15, 2014

    That’s why I’m loath to criticize BMan. Especially this week as BMan reverently and solemnly prepares for this Sunday’s upcoming satanic jew kike-kabala-sufi-hindoo Nietzsche-Blavatsky-god-is-dead-Aleister-Crowley Tavistock/CIA/Jew-Kike-PTB-induced-inspired-orchestrated Holy Blessed 420 Holiday!!!! Straight from Jew-Donmeh -Bektashi-Shidhilite Turkey/North Africa! Jajouka Rocks! Long Live Boujeloud and Pan and Dionysus! And Hindoo Savitri Devi!

    So many crocodile tears from so many in the “honest’ ‘alternative” media. They cry about the jew PTB while promoting the agenda of the jew PTB. It’s a fuckin’ hoot. And yes, promoting drugs, including the promotion of 420, satanic music, promoting the whole culture/”religion” around 420 and built on 420 is satanic, and is EXACTLY what the jew PTB wants promoted and encouraged. The whole 420 culture/”religion” comes to us from jew satanists, the satanic Tavistock/CIA. Some rebels. “rebels” my butt,

    Search Terms :

    ” Tavistock + The Hippie Movement”

    ” Operation Paperclip + The Hippie Movement”

    ” Savitri Devi + The Lightning and The Sun PDF”

    “Savitri Devi + Hitler’s Priestess PDF”

    “Nazis and The New Age”

    How telling it is that the numerical designation for 420 is the very same number as Hitler’s birthday. I’m absolutely certain the Operation Paperclip fellows started that meme and are the ones who first equated Hitler’s birthday with 420*. So much of the 420 culture/”religion” comes to us from Nietzsche’s “god is dead” Germany. Heidegger’s mentor in the New Age Existentialist “faith/religion” was the satanic Sabbatean Jew Husserl. Not that it makes Heidegger innocent. Heidegger was also a Satanist.

    The jew PTB wants a population of stoned zombies. Very easy to rule and control stoned zombies. BMan gladly pushes, promotes, encourages, drug usage and getting immersed in drugs and satanic music.

    Excuse me, but if the PTB jews are satanic, how exactly can we defeat them if we share the very same satanic culture/”religion” the satanic jew PTB originated and foster and encourage? If we indulge in the very same 420/drugs the satanic Jew PTB foster and encourage us to indulge in?

    * Very same Operation Paperclip fellows were involved in the Assassination of JFK. The hippie movement and the subsequent promotion of 420 and other drugs taking off immediately after The Assassination. How telling. Shitloads of Jews involved in Nazism in Hitler’s Third Reich and in Operation Paperclip, by the way. Shitloads of jews involved on promoting 420 and the whole culture surrounding 420 and built on 420. BMan promotes same. Some “rebel”.

    Sometimes I think the we’d all be better off without the “honest” “alternative” media, considering so many in the “alternative” media push and promote what the satanic jew PTB want pushed and promoted. So many crocodile tears. Enough to flood the Habiru and Sagiz Rivers of Mesopotamia Babylon. With shitloads of croc tears to overflow the Nile and the Bosporus and the beaches of Morocco and Marrakesh, or wherever, whatever beaches the swirling dervishes of Jajouka go to lounge like the chameleon lizards they truly are .

    • I struggled to make sense of this rhetoric. I can only say in the years of correspondence, out of all the people I have correspond with B’~man has got to be one of the most sound-minded, balanced, sane individuals out there. A true solid character. His excellent posts and research put mine to shame. This is a man who strives for Truth.

      • Thanks Digs. This nutcase needs some electrodes mounted to his temples.

        He was all pissed off because I used a graphic of Jesus with a cannabis leaf in one of my posts and was relentless in accusing me of all sorts of shit. It took me three or four prods just to get him to actually discuss the gist of the post and I tired of having to deal with him any more.

        I gave him a chance to apologize, but he refused.

        His IP is banned from my site, so he must be making the rounds to my links to stir even more shit. He has been banned from several and was the reason Kenny decided to monitor all his comments.

        He is a well known troublemaker and I suspect even worse.

      • Cheers B’Man. It did not seem a balanced comment. But it’s there for all to see.

  2. Salvatore

     /  April 15, 2014

  3. Matthew/Boston

     /  April 16, 2014

    Say it ain’t so! I read it here first. I haven’t done an internet search yet, though I will. I believe I read it was coming on NTS’s site. Outrageous! I don’t want to sound cliche, but this truly is something out of Orwel’s 1984. I just finished listening to a (dated) podcast with Canada’s Greg Felton. Wow, have the damned Jews ever screwed-up a country!

    The cancer appears to be out of control!

    • Yes outrageous! And I can’t seem to hear the Truth movement screaming about this. This is enormous and a one of their most blatent levels of hubris. And the world cares more about their pretty flowers in the garden and their football.


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