“There are givers and takers in life. Sadly, we seem to be at point in society, where 98% of people are me me me takers. True giving has got to hurt us materialistically – otherwise we’re not really giving.”

~ Digger

“Sadly, I sometimes have moments when I actually respect these elite Jewish families, more than most people in society. When most people deserve their enslavement. Especially those who hang around the Truth movement, who are not willing to fight back at any level.”

~ Digger

“Sadly, romance and the desire for romance, is just nature’s trickery – a short-term chemical sedative; primarily to get us to reproduce.” 

~ Digger

“Sadly, the dire state with our health care systems, is that most people who work for the modern day health service, should logically be sentenced for manslaughter.”

~ Digger


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